Review: Nomo Poster Creates Artsy Pine Valley Layout


Armchair Course Architects, rejoice!

Armchair Golf Course Architects, Rejoice!


Nomo Design is a company that creates different styles of art, whether it’s graphics on a shirt or poster prints. Well, they came out with golf course poster prints and they are beautiful.


The golf course prints started out as just a Kickstarter campaign and proved successful as they surpassed their goal in funds to release these beauties. Right now, there are eight course posters to choose from.


Those being, Augusta National, Pine Valley, Merion, TPC Sawgrass, Interlachen, Oak Hill, Muirfield and Pebble Beach. I decided to go with Pine Valley because who doesn’t want the layout of the world’s number one golf course?


My first impression when I saw the print is that I felt like I was steppingĀ into the brilliant mind of George Crump. George was the course’s designer who put practically his whole life into Pine Valley.


Laying the poster out and looking down at it, I felt like I was about to redesign the world’s number one course. That’s how terrific the poster is.


We all love golf courses. It’s the heart and soul of the game we love so dearly. These posters show you each hole, all laid out for you to study its strategic design.


The poster is fairly large at 24 X 24 and is the perfect size for hanging up on your wall at home. All you need to do is get it framed or laminated and you’re all set.


It has a rich, blueprint kind of look to it to bring you that much closer to the courses you love. They give you a great perspective of what the designers thought would make golfers make interesting decisions on the course.


The way the routing of the holes look on the poster look sick and the color of it makes it very unique. What makes the color so unique is that you can see that the fairways are in a whitish color while the rest of the land is in a darker, shady color.


This is one of the most unique course layout pictures I’ve seen based on the style and color. It also just pops out at you as well so it’ll definitely stand out in your living room, bedroom or sports den.


It has the look of something you would see in an art gallery. It reminds us that some of the finest art in the world are golf courses and the artists are the course designers.


Overall, I just love this poster. The style, the color, the excellent layout is what makes these posters from Nomo Design so special. It’s also a great chance to own a piece of a historic course as well because it’s pretty rare to get a hold of a great Pine Valley or Augusta item and these posters are perfect for any golf fan.


So, if you’re a fan of golf course architecture and design, then I highly recommend these posters. Maybe you want to use the poster as inspiration to draw out your own course designs?


Well, you probably already been there and done that I’m sure, haven’t we all? That’s why we’re “armchair architects” and yes, you should probably see if they have anymore posters before there’s “Nomo”.


Check out Nomo’s other beautiful golf course layout posters at NomoDesign.comĀ 


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