Nike to discontinue manufacturing of clubs, still will sell apparel

Nike has announced that they will no longer manufacture golf clubs due to poor sales. They will focus solely on selling apparel and footwear from now on.

“We’re committed to being the undisputed leader in golf footwear and apparel,” Nike president Trevor Edwards said according to Golf Digest . With brands like Taylormade and Callaway on top of the golf world, Nike’s sales in 2013 and 2014 were around $800 million.

Nike has only manufactured clubs since 2002 and has usually been outdueled by aforementioned brands such as Taylormade and Callaway. Even during the “Tiger effect”, the driver, arguably the most popular club in the bag, was where Taylormade has been king.

Many Nike PGA Tour pros will continue to use the clubs for now, and will continue to wear the apparel as Nike looks to build a strong reboot of their apparel. Nike Brand has always seemed to put heavy emphasis on clothing anyway, as no other sports really use Nike equipment.

For example, the NBA uses a Spalding basketball and always has and the MLB players tend to use Louisville Slugger bats and Rawlings gloves. In the NFL, the helmets are from Riddell, and the ball is from Wilson.

The jerseys are from Nike, but that’s apparel. Basically, let’s all just settle down here as Nike mostly is an apparel company anyway.

If anything, this move could help them open more doors of innovation in the golf apparel industry. It does make you wonder what clubs the players will use now, and that is a big question.

Some players will certainly change to Taylormade while others may change to the new, popular PxG clubs. Will Rory McIlroy continue to wear Nike clothing?

He was going to represent popular shoe company New Balance if he went to the Olympics (which he’s not) so that may be an interesting thought as well. However, there’s no doubt that Nike will continue to pay McIlroy more money.

Tony Finau, one of golf’s new stars and long hitters says he was “shocked” about the move according to Golf Digest, but he also understands that it’s a business.

“I totally understand it from their perspective,” Finau said according to Golf Digest. “They’re killing it in apparel. They’re killing it in footwear. It’s just business.”

Indeed they are, which is why Nike Golf will still be in good shape. They just weren’t meant for golf equipment like some of the other brands like Titlest, Callaway and Taylormade, who pretty much thrive on the success of their equipment.

In short, keep calm, and golf on.

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You won’t believe who Rory McIlroy’s sponsor will be for the Olympics, it’s not Nike


Rory McIlroy has been a Nike golfer for a few years now, but for the Olympics, it’ll be a new brand, and one you probably wouldn’t expect. New Balance will represent McIlroy at the Olympics.

Why the change, you ask? Well, Olympic Council of Ireland president Pat Hickey went to the UK Nike headquarters and told them that they may have McIlroy committed to the team.

Nike just dismissed it, that’s when McIlroy agreed to represent New Balance for the Games. According to Hickey, Nike was very upset when they found out that they missed on a chance to represent McIlroy at arguably the biggest stage in sports.

Not to mention, it’s golf’s first time in the Olympic Games in over 100 years, so more eyes may be glued to the old/new Olympic sport. As for New Balance, it’s a golden opportunity to help put the brand back on the map and to expand the popularity of their golf shoes.

So, let this be a lessen kids. If there’s a good opportunity in front of you, put your ego aside and jump on it.

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Source: Swing By Swing 

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Rory and Tiger star in epic Nike commercial

With the Masters upon us,  Nike decided to put together another epic commercial. This commercial stars two of the biggest names in golf, Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy.

The commercial shows a young Rory and his father (?) watching Tiger win an amateur tournament. Rory is then seen working on his game around the house.

As Rory continues to grow, he and his father continue to watch Tiger as he wins tournament after tournament.

Eventually, Rory grows and becomes the player he is today with Tiger right there.

Just a well produced commercial by Nike.

Check out the video below:

With Tiger back and Rory going for that career slam, as well the many other stories such as J.B. Holmes’ incredible comeback to top form and Jimmy Walker’s flamethrower of a season, this will be so amazing. Can’t forget about Jordan South, who like young Rory in the commercial is trying to make a name for himself and a green jacket will do it.

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Video: Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy Appear on Tonight Show

On the ultimate appearance of golf superstars on a TV show, Tiger Woods AND Rory Mcilroy appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon who is a golf nut himself (He played on his high school team).

No, they weren’t just there to chit chat either, they actually played a game. The game was called “Facebreaker” where a player hits golf balls at screens with different faces on them (Inlcuding Fallon’s face). This is quite similar to what the Big Break TV show does, when they break glass with their shots. Here’s the video courtesy of Yahoo Sports.

I’m sure Mr.Fallon loved when Rory hit him in the face! Snooping around Bookface (AKA Facebook), you see a lot of different reactions from Tiger lovers, Tiger haters, Rory lovers and Rory haters. Some in paragraphs, some in two to three words. Interesting how this is now.

However, this was a very rare opportunity to get two of the world’s most popular players on a hugely popular show. Great for golf! I’d say Inbee Park is definitely better than both of them right now though.

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