PGA Tour Superstar Rickie Fowler Gets In Car Accident

U.S. Open runner-up, Rickie Fowler and a friend got into a car accident on Tuesday near his home in Jupiter, FL when the accident occurred. Thankfully, both Rickie and his friend are doing OK and sent out a tweet regarding the incident.

According to Golf Channel, there was no alcohol involved but more importantly, there was no serious injuries according to Steve Sands of Golf Channel.

“Fowler, who was driving, was treated for minor cuts and abrasions on his forehead (near his hairline) by doctors at JFK Medical and then released Tuesday night. The passenger was also treated at the hospital and released without any injuries.”

Now don’t do that again guys! Don’t scare us like that!

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WATCH: 89 Year Old Woman Beats Man Wielding a Sword…With a Golf Club

This lady is TOUGH! An 89 year old woman was about to get robbed at her store but she didn’t back down and threatened him with scissors, then the idiot robber pulled out a SWORD and she still didn’t give a crap so she grabbed a GOLF CLUB and starting hitting him in his legs. The coward ended up ripping the till out of the cash register and took off like a little biotch and poured the money out. Apparently he took off his clothes when he left which was dumb on his part because that’s all the evidence the police need to fight the bum. I salute that lady for being as brave as she was! USA Today’s video below.

I salute this woman, no doubt about that!

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Does sleep apnea make you a better golfer?

Study shows that golfers' performance on the course improve big time once they are cured for sleep apnea. Tim Thelan (pictured) doesn't have apnea but is a competitive in senior tournaments.  Credit: New York Times

Study shows that golfers’ performance on the course improve big time once they are cured for sleep apnea. Tim Thelan (pictured) doesn’t have apnea but is a competitive in senior tournaments. Credit: New York Times

A cure for sleep apnea that is. According to the New York Times, a treatment called the CPAP that’s helped cure people with sleep apnea helped improve their scores. There were 12 healthy golfers compared with 12 other golfers with the average age of 55 and they all had sleep apnea. Each golfer from both sides filled out a questionnaire about their health and their golf games and it turns out that the healthy group averaged a handicap of 12.2 and by the end they averaged 12.6. The group that received the CPAP treatment for their sleep apnea went from a 12.4 handicap to an impressive 11.0 at the end. The best players among the healthy golfers had an 8.4 at the start, which rose to a 9.2 at the end. The golfers treated for sleep apnea moved from an average 9.2 to a 6.3 by the time treatment was done, a 31 percent improvement according to the New York Times. That’s very impressive if you ask me.

It tells you that people who went through sleep apnea are better golfers than the average healthy player, of course after they get treated. So, that’s a nice bonus for getting sleep apnea treated, you get to play better golf! As we know, sleep apnea can be a dangerous thing to have as it can lead to many problems including disease and breathing issues. It’s amazing with all of this technology we have today, we can cure so many different problems and it’s great. I think it’s awesome that these golfers got they’re apnea cured with this great treatment and that they’re playing the best golf of their lives those are probably the greatest Christmas gifts they’ll receive this year.

Credit: New York Times

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Burglar Tries to Use a Golf Cart as his Getaway Vehicle, Bad Idea

Well then, this is an example of golf stupidity. On Wednesday in Australia, a 20-year old man was charged with aggravated burglary and stealing a motor vehicle. What does this have to do with golf you ask? Well, he busted into a storage shed at the Royal Fremantle Golf Club and stole one of the golf carts planning to make his escape. He was doing good for a while avoiding the 5-0 and thought he was on his way to freedom. Well boy was this idiot wrong because he ended up crashing into a bunker where eventually the dude was tracked down by a police dog and arrested according to Golf Digest. Let this be a lesson peeps. If you’re going to try to do something stupid, don’t take a vehicle that at best goes 35 mph or better yet don’t be an idiot at all unless you’re just an idiot to begin with but that’s all on you homie. Speaking of golf carts, I think you’ll all love the next story.

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Report: Tiger Woods Ex-Wife Elin Sent Fake Text Messages to Mistress, Caused the Mayhem

Tiger & Elin

I know that whole Tiger affair thing is as old as a dinosaur but there’s a new report on it that’s as new as a set of beautifully designed golf clubs. According to the Daily Mail, Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegrens sent text messages impersonating Woods to one of Woods’s mistresses Rachel Uchitel. Woods is known for having sleeping problems and that was when Nordegrens made her move. Uchitel had sent Tiger a text saying ‘You are the only one I’ve loved.’ so Elin sent her a text back as Uchitel thought it was still Tiger and Elin said ‘I miss you. When are we seeing each other again?’ Then it was reported by the daily mail that she called Uchitel and said something like “I knew it was you!” or something along those lines leaving a blank Uchitel saying “Oh f***” and hanging up in shock. After that, well you already know the rest.

Tiger woke up to a screaming Elin as he grabbed his ran into the bathroom and locked himself in there like a 5-year-old and told Rachel through text that he was getting a divorce and she saw that text that said ‘divorce’ and that’s when the club swinging, car crashing festival began. So, let this be a simple lesson to dudes and chicks that you shouldn’t be cheating especially if you’re one of the most well-known figures in the world because then well, you’re guaranteed to get busted to where us writer and broadcaster guys will get on your tail. Sure people are going to be like “Thanks Captain Obvious!” but then why do people do it then if it’s obvious not to? If the relationship ain’t working out, get your butt a divorce or don’t even get married in the first place if you can’t handle the heat.

People don’t HAVE to get married you know, then everyone wants to wonder why relationship don’t work out. Fortunately, there are a ton of people out there who are n good loving relationships and that’s great, keep doing what you’re doing! But, I guess Tiger can’t complain, he’s playing some good golf and is still one of the highest paid athletes in the world but still way to go Tiger! Such a great role model you were at the time! You could have at least been more diverse with the girls though you feel me? You guys are always free to leave a comment below. Love your inputs!

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Team USA Captain Couples Says Johnson is Good to Go

Zach Johnson, arguably the best control player on Tour is ready to go for this year's President's Cup.

Zach Johnson, arguably the best control player on Tour is ready to go for this year’s President’s Cup.


After Zach had suffered the flu, President’s Cup team USA captain Fred Couples says that Zach Johnson is ready to go and ready to help lead team USA to victory. Many wondered if Zach would be ready after suffering his flu like symptoms and now many American fans can rest easy now as arguably the king of accuracy is back on the course. Now, some people may think that he’s not a big part of the team but for one, you hope the guy is alright and two, he is a HUGE part of the team because although the US squad is loaded, you would have been missing your best control player and it’s very important to have a great control player in a team event. Without a great control player, your team will have to rely and power and that’s not always what you want.

You want guys who guaranteed fairways and greens on almost ever swing and that’s what Zach’s capable of doing. `He’s also a very solid putter and keep make birdies at will and when you have that on your team, the chances of you winning are even greater. So, having him on the team will be a plus against a young International team that although on paper, doesn’t look good, can potentially give a solid fight against team USA and it helps when you have Adam Scott, Ernie Ells, Angel Cabrera and the ever dangerous Jason Day on your team so I don’t think the International team will go down easy so that’s why having Zach for team USA is a boost. Freddy didn’t see Zach but did talk to him a few times and says that he’s OK so that’s a good sign plus, Zach told Freddy that he wants to head to the course and work on his chipping and putting and that’s a great way to start practicing.

It’s always best to start around the greens because it’s the most important aspect of the game because it can save you from total disaster if you hit a bad tee shot and have to hit a good recovery shot to reach the green. So, when you reach the green, you can get out of there with a par or bogey rather than a double or triple bogey. So, now that team USA is at full strength, will they run away with this year’s President’s Cup or will it be a battle? Let me know in the comments section and please share this post if you enjoy it! Here are the full President’s Cup rosters: Keep it real all, from Chicago with love.

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PGA Tour 2013: And the Winner of the BMW Championship is…..

Nick Watney Hitting a Shot From the Fairway During Sunday's Round at the BMW Championship.

Nick Watney Hitting a Shot From the Fairway During Sunday’s Round at the BMW Championship.

Zach Johnson Holding the Trophy After a Fantastic Display of Golf on Sunday at the BMW Championship.

Zach Johnson Holding the Trophy After a Fantastic Display of Golf on Sunday at the BMW Championship.

Accurate golfers have been the hot players at this year’s BMW Championship as we’ve seen Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker and Zach Johnson dominate the field but only one can come out on top. Many, including myself thought Jim Furyk had a legitimate chance to pull it out but it was former Masters champion Zach Johnson who came out victorious. Zach showcased his amazing accuracy off the tee and in the fairway as he is known for and finished strong with a 16 under par win. Behind him, almost coming out of nowhere was Nick Watney who finished with an amazing 7 under score for the day. Nick, who’s one of the more powerful hitters off the tee showed a great display golf which could have easily been his victory. Watney is also one of the best on Tour when it comes to hitting the greens from the fairway as he is 13th on Tour in that category and he was certainly taking advantage. I think Zach just handled the pressure better which he can do at times and being a player as accurate as he is definitely helps a lot. Zach was on fire all day and finished with a terrific 65 on the day while Watney shot a phenomenal 64.

Johnson looks to have the edge going into the Tour Championship after his stellar performance and to knock off a streaking Jim Furyk. Watney will also hae some moment as he had the best round of the day despite coming up short of the victory and Watney may have slightly more tools in the bag as he too is fairly accuarte and he has a little more pop in his driver however one main advantage that Johnson has over Watney is his putting. Watney is not very good on the greens but his accuracy with his ions and wedges help him get close enough to the cup for an easy putt but if he has a long putt then it could be trouble for him. Johnson has a much better chance to make putts from 20 or more feet out and that’s a huge advantage to go along with his incredible accuracy. Jim Furyk ended up collapsing, finishing with round of 71 falling three shots back of Johnson. So, the Tour Championship should be fun as there should be a ton of blood (Or Coca Cola) thirsty players looking to reedeem themselves after having a shot at the BMW. You can view the full BMW Championship leaderboard by clicking here, courtesy of Fox Sports.

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No Tiger Woods 15, HB Studios to Work on Golf Game

Could these guys be the Golf Video Game Saviors for 2014?

Could these guys be the Golf Video Game Saviors for 2014?

Well, it’s pretty much confirmed that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 is not going to happen in the March of 2014 and current game (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14) seems like it won’t get a patch anytime soon to cure some of the glitches within the game. So does this mean that this will be the end for the beloved golf video game franchise? Read on to find out more friends. The game has been very popular amongst golf fans pretty much since 1998 and has seen many unique features such as The Masters and the Ryder Cup. However, the sales of the game have ranged up and down with Tiger Woods 2004 being arguably the best of the series and one of the higher rated sports games of all time. One thing I hear from many people is that the game has been getting worse and worse year after year and like I’ve probably mentioned before, the game used to be more “fun-filled with game modes, features, mini games and a great soundtrack while also featuring very unique and beautiful fantasy courses along with the terrific real life courses. I still enjoy the game without a doubt and Tiger 14 is a very fun game, probably the best since Tiger 10. The lack of the “fun” factor though has really weakened the game from what it was. Some people can’t stand the fantasy courses which is absolutely silly to me because it’s ruining the extra fun in the game. Some people act as if the fantasy courses mess up the experience or that maybe it will screw up the chances of getting their favorite real course in the game and this is my assumption. I don’t think having fantasy courses would affect the list of real courses so I don’t understand the hate.

Don't Worry Tiger Woods PGA Tour Fans, the Franchise Will be Back for the 2015 Season (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16).

Don’t Worry Tiger Woods PGA Tour Fans, the Franchise Will be Back for the 2015 Season (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16).

Anyway, I think Tiger Woods 14 did a great job with the features they have and taking advantage of the “Battle of the Eras” and featuring great legends like Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino and they also did a spectacular job with re-creating the 1934 version of Augusta National but there’s just too many bugs in the game. So, for those of you wondering what’s going to happen with the legendary sports video game, you have nothing to fear because Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16 WILL in fact happen unless otherwise. EA Sports is simply taking a year off so they can adjust to the technology of the PS4 and Xbox One and that’s a very smart move for them as now they have time to make a terrific golfing game. Plus, imagine how beautiful it will look on the PS4 and Xbox One? The detail in each swing, the movement of the blades of the grass, the realism, the realistic look of the golfer after he hits a bad shot (Picture it in slow motion)? Sounds awesome to me. And I’m sure the environments on the course and the weather conditions will be breathtaking. So Tiger Woods 15 is going to happen but you guys are probably wondering, who the freaking frack is HB Studios? HB Studios is the same company that has worked with EA Sports on several games including NBA Live and FIFA, but they’re working on a golf game for 2014 and if there’s no EA Sports golf game for 2014 then…who’s HB Studios going to be working with? And this is why this is exciting news because we may see a golf game with a totally different angle and that’s something great to talk about. Because if they work with a company like 2K Sports and if they use the same engine as the legendary NBA 2K franchise then my goodness it would be a very good golf game and the one thing I absolutely love about 2K is that they really know how to catch detail so the graphics in the game would be phenomenal.

Is HB Studios for Real Luigi?

Is HB Studios for Real Luigi?

From I heard, the game will be a PS4 and Xbox One title so it will definitely look pretty and the technology and style of the game could be ridiculous because golf is the perfect sport to feature in a video game with unbelievable detail and mechanics. The one feature that really caught my eye and will really make it one of the best sports games ever is the course creator that is said to be featured and that’s a feature that golf gaming fans everywhere have been drooling for a long time especially since the Links series. Imagine that, all of the deep customization that can be done to create stunning golf courses in next-gen gaming style and I am someone who loves golf course architecture so this is a great feature for fans of great course architecture and even aspiring ones. So who is HB Studios planning to run with this golf game? Will it be 2K? Are they possibly going to release it themselves? 2K is the only real candidate I can think of so it’s very possible. The rumors are that the game may be on store shelves in 9 o 10 months so mark your calendars with your pencils just in case you have to erase it but let’s hope not! So what’s this mystery golf game going to be like? What’s the name going to be? Who or what will be on the cover? Will it be PGA Tour licensed or no? Only time will tell but I love the suspense. This is a journalist’s dream. Get excited my fellow virtual golfers! Here’s HB Studios’ website:

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