David Feherty to work full-time for NBC/Golf Channel


In a not very surprising move, David Feherty has decided take his talents to NBC/Golf Channel. Feherty already had done some work with NBC/GC as that is the home of his popular interview show called “Feherty”.



“NBC Sports Group announced today that David Feherty will make NBCUniversal his exclusive media home, which will include adding Feherty to NBC’s golf tournament coverage team, including the Olympics; an extension of his award-winning series ‘Feherty’ on Golf Channel; and a slate of new ventures highlighted by a Universal Television development deal,” the network said on Tuesday according to Golf Digest.


Fox Sports was the other competitor for Feherty and to be biased as The GP Golf Report is a Fox Sports family blog, it would’ve been cool to see Feherty join Fox. However, it’s absolutely no shock he decided to join NBC/GC full-time.


He’s already familiar with the network, plus NBC does have “Golf” Channel after all. Plus, NBC gets a ton of golf coverage and they do a great job.


He’ll get a chance to cover the Olympics, President’s Cup, Ryder Cup, Players Championship, and the Open Championship in 2017. Not too shabby!


And since he’s at NBC/GC full-time, this means that the Feherty show will get heavier airtime, broadcasting across all NBC networks. There’s no info on the NBC deal but according to Golf Digest, Fehertwit (As he goes by on Twitter) was looking for a nice chunk of cash, much higher than the millions he was getting.


Can’t blame him! He was doing a little bit of everything and now his role is probably even bigger now than it was before since all of his energy will be dedicated to one network and as he continues to be in much higher demand.


It was a great run at CBS and it’s going to be fun seeing him break down some of the biggest tournaments around at his new/kinda old home.


“I’m really looking forward to this next step in my career‎, but I’ll miss a lot of people who have had my back for nearly 20 years,” Feherty said according to Golf Digest. “And to be honest, I’m on the verge of soiling myself.


Typical Feherty. Gotta love that guy.


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Source: GolfDigest.com



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Mark Rolfing out for NBC until next golf season with gland cancer


Looks like NBC golf reporter Mark Rolfing won’t be picking up the mic until next season. According to the NBC Group, Mark has a rare form of salivary gland cancer.


He will begin a second treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston according to the statement. Here’s a quote from Mark himself on the situation courtesy of the email from NBC:


“Debi and I would like to thank everyone for their incredible support and well-wishes, which have been incredibly valuable,” said Rolfing. “My doctors and I are confident that by the end of the next phase of treatment, this cancer will be cured. I fully intend to rejoin my NBC/Golf Channel team at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Kapalua in January and can’t wait! In the meantime, I will enjoy watching all the great golf coverage we have coming up from a fan’s perspective…of which I’m a big one!”

Mark also had informed me during PGA Championship week, before the official statement that he was leaving Whistling Straits early to come to Chicago for treatment. This was before we learned about the calivary gland cancer.

I remember meeting Mark a couple of years ago and let me tell you that he is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. I met some cool people in my life and met some jerks but Mark is definitely one of the best.

Really a happy dude. He can’t stop similing. Just someone who loves his life.

Let’s hope there’s a speedy recovery for this golf reporting legend. Definitely one of the under rated guys in the business!

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Golf Channel Changes Iconic Logo, Not the Greatest Looking One Either but Serviceable

The new logo (Right) will be the new face of NBC's legendary golf network. Via UnderConsideration.com

The new logo (Right) will be the new face of NBC’s legendary golf network. Via UnderConsideration.com

There’s a time in every company’s life where they feel that they need o make some visual changes. The folks over an NBC apparently wanted to make change themselves after they decided to let their iconic Golf Channel logo ride off into the sunset to make way for a more practical look, easy to understand type of look. The world-famous “G” which also represented a tee is now simply “GOLF CHANNEL” with the legendary and colorful NBC peacock feathers right by its side. The “G” logo has been a known symbol in over 120 million homes for many years and now that the logo includes the word “Golf”, that could help people become more familiar with the channel.

“The English word “golf” is recognized around the world and nearly in every language. And with Golf Channel’s evolution over the past two decades from a cable television business to a global golf business, using the word ‘golf” in our logo positions the business for further growth in the decades to come,” said Regina O’Brien, Golf Channel Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing according to World Golf.

This comes slightly as a surprise as it almost came out of nowhere but it’s the best for the network. Although it doesn’t look as sexy as the original “G” logo, it’s still serviceable and will definitely help viewers out by being straight forward with the new logo. So what do you think of the new GC logo? Do you think this was a smart move for Golf Channel? Do you think it’s boring? Or do you think “Who cares, it’s a freaking logo!”?

The only thing I’ll say is that I don’t know if the new logo will help bring people to the channel that aren’t into golf. What I mean is that if you keep the original “G” then people will at least click on the site or go to the channel in curiosity while being straightforward won’t make people want to click or view BUT it does help people who are already golf fans easily recognize the channel immediately.

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