WATCH: Natalie Gulbis hits sleeping fan with golf shot

Natalie Gulbis is one of the most popular women in golf as you can always find her doing something interesting.

Well, she saw a lone fan sleeping on the bleachers and decided to wake him up. She hit a pitch shot that nailed him right in the leg, causing him to fall.

The caddie gave her the yardage and was spot on. Gulbis’ shot was pretty deadeye accurate too.

So kids, to make a long story short, don’t fall asleep in public or else Natalie Gulbis will get you. A high school somewhere will hire Gulbis to keep students awake I’m sure of it.

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Picture: Natalie Gulbis Rocks New Adidas Fitness Gear

The cool thing about today’s world is that we get to check out and wear some cool gear. Well, Natalie Gulbis decided to give Adiddas’ new sports bra a try and apparently, she’s obsessed with it.

She decided to take to Twitter to show off her know fitness wear. Check it out!

I think it’s fair to say that Natalie could make anything look good! But this is just a fine example of how important the proper gear is in today’s sports world.

I like Ashworth golf jackets, yeah, those are swagged out cool.

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WATCH: Belen Mozo Tries Her Hand at Miguel Angel Jimenez’ Stretch Routine

Belen Mozo is one the many attractive women on the LPGA Tour and she decided to perform Miguel Angel Jimenez’ unique stretch routine and yes she look very good doing it. Like Natalie Gulbis (Who is also in the video), Belen definitely isn’t afraid to show off her stuff and this is no exception. Please enjoy the video and stop drooling! Clean it up, NOW!

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PHOTO: Natalie Gulbis Looks Buff, Shows Off Her Impressive Abs in a Bikini

Not only is Natalie Gulbis a great golfer, she’s also a very attractive woman and has had some of the best golf model shoots in the game. In this photo from, Natalie shows off her abs as she no doubt has the muscle going. She also is in another gorgeous location as it always seems she’s in and looking good being there. Here’s the pic below.

Courtesy of Golf Digest

Courtesy of Golf Digest

It seems that Nats is slowly becoming one of golf’s true sex symbols while playing solid golf and also doing great things off the course as well but there’s not too many golfers out there that aren’t afraid to show off their bodies and Nats is definitely not afraid to do so as she’s done it for years now and she’s definitely gotten stronger over the years too as we can see. Move aside Serena Williams! There’s a new buff chick in town!

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PHOTO: Natalie Gulbis Shows Off Her Talent, Booty and Surroundings in This Beautiful Instagram Picture

Natalie Gulbis is at it again as she hits Instagram to show off her paddle boarding skills while being surrounded by some gorgeous scenery. For those of you who want to stare at her butt, there’s that too. What raises my eyebrows is the fact that she’s balancing so well on that board (Unless she fell right after the picture was taken). Unless that board is very good at handling water, that has to be a tough thing to do. DAT BALANCE! So, what amazes you most about this picture? The surroundings? The way she’s handling the board? Or simply her booty? Either way, Nats is a pretty lucky chick to be in that gorgeous location. JEALOUS! Come on y’all, we’re all going together! Who’s with me?

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PHOTO: Natalie Gulbis Plays Combination of Golf and Baseball With Kids at a School


LPGA Tour superstar Natalie Gulbis always seems like she’s staying busy both on and off the course and on Wednesday, it was no exception as she played a game that’s the combination of both golf and baseball that’s simply called “Golf Ball”. She played the sport with kids at Saddleback Valley Christian School and from what I see, it looks like traditional baseball except the players use clubs instead of bats and a big ball that’s on the ground instead of a baseball that’s getting pitched to them.

It looks like a lot of fun but just don’t let guys like John Daly or Bubba Watson play! They’d hit a home run every time! Just like footgolf (The combination of soccer and golf), golf ball looks like a very fun sport especially when you’re hitting. One of the things that definitely makes look awesome is the fact that you’re going to hit the ball every time even if it results in an out. Way to go Nats! Good choice of sport for the kids to enjoy!

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PHOTO: Natalie Gulbis chills with Santa

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Just in time for Christmas, LPGA superstar Natalie Gulbis was hanging out with a friend(No lie, her friend is fine) and they met a jolly fellow who happens to give presents to all of the good little boys and girls around the world even if they ask for rifles and Ford Fusions. I’m not sure what Nats and her friend asked Santa what they wanted for Christmas but just look how happy Santa is! If you’re a guy, who wouldn’t be happy in that situation, you feel me?


So let’s have a little fun with this. What do you think Natalie and her friend would’ve asked Santa what they wanted for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below! Nats probably wants Dustin Johnson back while her friend probably wants bigger heels or something. Who knows, but leave your thoughts!

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