WATCH: Is this the greatest mini golf putt of all-time?

“Hit it around the tower, sink your putt, and we will go to sudden death” … “No I’ll just beat him now” @foreplaypod

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WARNING: What you are about to see is a piece of mini golf trick shot mastery that will surely change the way you think about life. Viewer discretion is advised.


Behold, I present to you, one of the greatest mini golf shot ever hit. Somebody shared a clip of them hitting a putt that ricochets off a rock, and then makes its way to the cup.


This is certainly one of those “what in tarnation?” moments. How the ball just bounces its way off the rock, bounces backwards to a group of smaller rocks and then rolls on a perfect line to the hole is amazing.


See, that’s the cool thing about mini golf. You have a higher chance of hitting an amazing shot, although certainly hitting a great shot on a full course is sweet as candy.


Although this shot was simply absurd, the world of mini golf is full of interesting possibilities. It’s the one place where the hazards are actually your friends sometimes, as you saw in the video.


With nearly a million views, there’s no doubt a good chunk of you are going to head to your local mini golf track, grab those rainbow putters, and (try to) do something incredible. Just don’t leave a sea of tears if you fail at your trick shot attempts, that wouldn’t be nice for the course owners to clean up.


Don’t worry, I still have faith in you.


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Source: thanks to Swing By Swing for sharing the clip by Barstool Sports





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Kevin Streelman’s way to practice putting is awesome

Kevin Streelman hails from the Chicago area and we Chicagoans love finding new ways to practice our golf game and Streelman did just that by practicing his putting…on a mini-golf course.

Before the Valspar Championship, Streelman decided to take a more relaxed approach to putting practice by hitting the mini-golf course. Streelman, who is 158th in the world in strokes gained (putting), could also use this practice to get prepared for the Mini-Golf Masters which is held every year in South Carolina.

But, it’s awesome to see that players are finding new ways to work on their game. Well played Mr. Streelman, well played.

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WATCH: Dude gets hit in face playing mini-golf

Now how on earth can you possibly get hit in the face playing a nice, simple round of mini-golf?

Well, our friend in the clip above found out the hard way as he hit his putt a little too hard and the ball ricocheted and hit him in the face.

Not sure what he was trying to do but I guess the ball didn’t appreciate him trying to take such a hard swing.

He may need to get some pointers from the participants of the Mini-Golf Masters!

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Source: Swing By Swing

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Video: Dude has real bad luck in mini golf championship

OK, I think I was a little late on this one but this is just one of those SMH (Shake my head) moments.


During this year’s Crazy Golf (Or mini golf) World Championship in Hastings, England, one of the three final players hit a putt that looked like it would go straight into the cup.


Well, he was wrong. Here’s one of the most bad luck shots you’ll ever see in championship golf.


Jeez though, could that dude in the green be any slower??I can only imagine how slow he could be at a full golf course.


But, at least he did make the putt right?



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MUST WATCH: The Third Perfect Round in Mini Golf History

Ah, mini golf, one of our childhood favorite sports that everyone can enjoy. Some of us play it for fun and others play it on competitive level and take it to professional heights. Well, that’s what putt putt pro Rick Baird did as he accomplished one of the hardest feats in sports, nailing a perfect round of mini golf. A perfect round has only been recorded three times in the history of mini golf and this documentary by will make you love and appreciate mini golf a little more. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh! it’s just putt putt golf! Who friggin cares!”. Well I tell you what, you’ll be wowed after watching this short documentary and showing you the true pressure of one of sports trickiest skills. Putting. I found the feat quite amazing myself. Below is the video so please enjoy and thanks again to Grantland and thanks to CBS Sports as well!

This is such an awesome story no doubt and the one thing I love about mini golf is that it can be played anywhere at anytime and it’s a great way to get your golf fix if you can’t make the course that day. Mini golf works in different ways. Back in my old neighborhood, there were a few times where I went up to the local elementary school and putted in their parking lot and just aim for something. This was only just a few years ago when I did this and I would also would hit iron shots as well. Sometimes, the streets is your playground and I think mini golf is perfect for that environment and is quite a challenge if you’re rolling your putts on concrete. Big ups to you Rick! Amazing accomplishment!

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