WATCH: Luke Donald and Others Race on an F1 Race Track, Who Wins?

Courtesy of Back9Network

Courtesy of Back9Network

About a week and half ago, golf superstars, Luke Donald, Matteo Manaserro, Paul Casey and Sergio Garcia (Boooo! *In Homer Simpson voice) hit the race track in Abu Dhabi where normally the world’s greatest F1 racers compete for the crown on one of F1’s most recognizable venues. However, they didn’t shred the track with those world-famous F1 cars and rip the tires off their rims. They drove the track known for speed…in golf carts. That’s eight, they were racing on a track known for the fastest cars in the world but with arguably the slowest cars in the world but it’s only fitting and I think we can all agree that golf arts are very fun to drive. They started with a time trial, then they did a full race with all four drivers/golfers on the track. So, who won the time trial and the race? Heck, I’m not spoiling it for you! The video’s below so please enjoy and don’t forget to start your little engines!

Credit: Back9Network

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