Picture: Natalie Gulbis Rocks New Adidas Fitness Gear

The cool thing about today’s world is that we get to check out and wear some cool gear. Well, Natalie Gulbis decided to give Adiddas’ new sports bra a try and apparently, she’s obsessed with it.

She decided to take to Twitter to show off her know fitness wear. Check it out!

I think it’s fair to say that Natalie could make anything look good! But this is just a fine example of how important the proper gear is in today’s sports world.

I like Ashworth golf jackets, yeah, those are swagged out cool.

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Lydia Ko Looks Totally Boss in Her LPGA Profile Picture


Yeah, I know I’m a tad bit late on this one but give me a break will ya? Yeesh!


For the 2015 season, one of the world’s most accurate drivers off the tee, Lydia Ko decided to make a change to her LPGA Tour profile picture. She for one, got rid of her signature glasses and is going with contacts instead.


The 17-year-old also seemed like she’s made a minor change in her hair style as well. Nobody knows if she’ll go with the more loose hair look or stick with her usual tied hair.


One thing’s for sure, she definitely is looking more mature now! Check, check, check it ouuuut!


Oh! Miss mature up in the hizay!

Oh snap! Miss mature up in the hizay!

Love her style of play. One thing about Lydia is that she will take advantage of your mistakes while driving with pure accuracy. During the final round of the CME Globe, Lydia hit EVERY FAIRWAY, going 18 for 18 including the fairways she hit during the playoff in which she won.

But my goodness, as mature as she looks, give that girl a suit yo!

Here’s the comparison thanks to Golf News Net:


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Picture: Lexi Thompson goes brunette in this picture

2014 ANA Inspiration (LPGA major) champion Lexi Thompson is known for her ability to crush tee shots. She’s usually ranked as one of the tour’s longest hitters each year.

She’s also known for her signature Red Bull visor with the blonde looking hair. Well, the blonde hair is now gone.

Lexi decided to make the change to a brunette look and took to Instagram to share the news.

Here are some pics!

All ready for #morganandfriends15 charity dinner 🙂 glad to be helping out for a great cause once again! #nofilter

A photo posted by Lexi Thompson (@lexi) on

Cool shot from today at @standrewsboca 🙂

A photo posted by Lexi Thompson (@lexi) on

Bye bye blonde! Wanted to try a change and I love it, thanks to my awesome godmother! ❤️

A photo posted by Lexi Thompson (@lexi) on

OK, no lie, she looks freakin’ gorgeous! Lexi, my phone number is….wait what? She wouldn’t call me because I’m just a loser golf writer from Chicago? OK fine….

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Picture: Michelle Wie takes perfect modeling picture in water

Michelle never ceases to wow us whether it’s her long drives off the tee on the course, the weird stuff she does sometimes off the course and the pictures she takes. This picture that was taken a couple of months ago shows Michelle in a complete super model like state. This is seriously the perfect picture you’d put on a travel magazine or website!

Check, check, check it ooooutt!

I mean, just look at that hair wave right round! I say Michelle is enjoying being a major champion on the LPGA Tour!

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Video: Paula Creamer takes off shoes, hits shot out of water

Hmm, well this is kinda reminiscent of Henrik Stenson’s shot now isn’t it? I know I’m a little behind on this but, Paula put on her big girl shoes (Or well, took them off) and went into the muddy water to hit her shot. It definitely looked like a better shot than either you or I would hit that’s for sure.

Check it out here:

See, this is why golf is such a tough sport. No other sport has to play the ball where it lies! Paula said “Screw it! Just hit it!”

We feel you Paula.

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Credit: GolfChannel.com

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Why Christina Kim’s Lorena Ochoa Inv. Win is so Great



On Sunday, one of the most popular players on the LPGA Tour and one of the biggest personalities in golf history, Christina Kim, won the Lorena Ochoa Invitational for her first title in 9 years. She now, at the young age of 30, already has an impressive 5 wins worldwide including top 10-finishes in four out of the five LPGA major championships.


Christina has long been one of the big characters in golf for her friendly, funny personality as well as her solid play in the Solheim Cup. Despite her humorous nature, style of clothing, and unique style of play, she had to overcome some dark times in her life.


Ever since her last win back in 2005, she had struggled to get a victory in the years that followed, eventually losing her Tour card. This led to depression as she was struggling to get by. She was so depressed that there were even times when she considered committing suicide.


This win was emotional one for her as she brought down to tears and even her best friend, Michelle Wie was breaking down herself and rightfully so. When your best friend is going through a hard time, it’s tough to stay focused and it’s hard to swallow and Michelle and CK have been homies for a long time now. No doubt that Michelle learned a lot from Christina with the experience she’s had on the professional level.


In a terrific article written by golf writing extraordinaire Stina Sternberg back in 2012 on CK, there’s a disturbing thought that went through her mind. In Stina’s article, chilling information about Christina’s suicide attempts arose.


“I’d be driving down the road and think, All I have to do is steer my car into the oncoming traffic, and I wouldn’t have to go through this; I wouldn’t have to deal with it.” Christina said according to the 2012 article.

The only thing that stopped her was the fear of the lives in the other cars as well as the thoughts of leaving her parents.

Another incident happened at a players’ function building for the Ladies European Tour’s Nation’s Cup where she was considering jumping off the building and into the sea.

“I looked down, and the water seemed very inviting, even though I can’t swim. The solitude and silence that I was seeking, which I couldn’t find anywhere in the building because everyone was laughing and living life and being happy, seemed to be in the water.” She said again according to Stina’s article.


Despite all of these horrible thoughts and things she had to battle, she conquered it and what way to do it then with a win at Lorena’s tournament? With this win, it’s safe to say she’s officially in the prime of her career and it’s such a feel good story in golf. By far, I believe Christina’s win and Charlie Sifford’s Medal of Freedom are the biggest stories of 2014. Both overcame unbelievable odds.


The reason Christina’s win is so great is because, not only of what barriers she had to go through to get it, but because of what she brings to the game. She has a personality that will make everyone cheer for her and it also makes golf look quite cool.


This win puts one of golf’s all-time biggest characters back on the map and that, I believe is huge. Because too often, golf is considered boring because of some of the players’ dry humor which is fine. Be yourself, don’t be something you’re not. However, Christina brings something to golf that’s been missing.


Sure, the PGA Tour has its unique characters such as Henrik Stenson, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Jason Bohn and even Jason Dufner who is probably the “King of Cool” in golf along with Miguel Angel Jimenez. None of them come really even remotely close to the personality of Christina (Hmm, Boo Weekly maybe?). If Duf’s the “King of Cool” then CK is the “Queen of Fun”.


The LPGA Tour doesn’t have too many characters. Michelle Wie is probably the biggest character on the tour as we know what kind of fun she can be. Christie Kerr is a pretty big character herself as she’s never shied away from showing her fun side.

Morgan Pressel is definitely another one. Despite that, with all due respect, they still don’t have the personality that CK has in terms of a fun, unique character to talk to. There’s no doubt that every time you talk to her, she’s going to probably make you laugh.


This is why her win is important because as sports fans, we love personalities. Of course we love the ones who just og out there and do their job and that’s it and we appreciate those players but Christina will engage with crowds (As do many of the other wonderful LPGA players), she’ll make you feel more than just a fan and I think that’s why she’s captured so many hearts.


There’s always a player on any tour that people love and hate. Give me someone who hates Christina Kim?……No answer eh? Well that’s because she’s so hard to dislike. When she’s playing well, she can be pretty tough to beat. She doesn’t have five wins for nothing.


So, in the near future, we can hope that CK can get into a groove and be in a lot of the tournaments she plays in because if she can become somewhat of a superstar on tour, then she will gain a ton more fans than she already has.


Congratulations Christina! Because, no matter what you go through, always remember that the sun still shines.


Feel free to leave a comment below. When do you think Christina Kim’s next win will happen?


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Picture: Morgan Pressel shows off her yoga skills

Ouch! I’m sure we’d feel quite uncomfortable in this position! Popular LPGA Tour star Morgan Pressel did a little yoga recently and well, let’s say that she was “Bent out of shape”. Check it out for yourself in the picture below!


Oh my!

Oh my!



So ladies, (Men too I suppose), if you wanna play golf like Morgan, you might need to be a little flexible (Not really)!


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Credit: Golf Digest


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Picture: Michelle Wie does the famous Jordan dunk

Michelle’s at it again! This time, she’s trading in her golf shoes for Nike basketball shoes. In one of her new Instagram pics, Michelle is seen doing a solid replica of Michael Jordan’s “Jumpman” dunk which became the logo of the world famous Jordan brand.

There’s absolutely no surprise that this picture was taken because as we know, MJ is one of the biggest golf enthusiasts in the world so why not have a major champ attempt to perform your dunk?

Plus, Michelle is pretty freakin’ tall too (6’1″)! Allen Iverson was dunking at 6’0″ so I don’t see why Michelle couldn’t throw it down. Here’s the pic below.

She practically nailed it! As a big Bulls fan, I can appreciate this and I know fellow Bulls fans will agree! All she needs to do is stick the tongue out!

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WATCH: Pro Golfers Play Golf in Bikinis in Show Titled “Bikini Golf”

You don’t see this everyday. Or well, maybe you do. If so, then you’re very lucky. In the video, three professional female golfers play golf in small bikinis and the show is simply called “Bikini Golf”. There should be a full show as the YouTube video is pretty much a pilot episode. It’s a “Skins” game as they putt it themselves and there’s no doubt about that! We’re not talking bathing suits, we’re talking small, kind of loose bikinis (You can see some of their bikinis blowing in the wind). A lot of guys will be watching that’s for sure. That’s smart business on their part because they know golf is a male dominant sport and most dudes can’t wait to hit on the married cart girl at the course because he doesn’t care. Here’s the video below, but hey, I ain’t cleaning up your drool again!

So be sure to keep your eyes on the lookout for this show, I’m sure the ladies can’t wait to show you their many talents both with what they wear and with their golf swings!

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What Standard is the Golf Fanbase in Today?

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have been the face of golf for the last 15 years.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have been the faces of golf for the last 15 years.

Golf is one of the world’s oldest sports. It’s been a symbol of greatness, royalty and full of rich history. We’ve seen some of the best players in the world play this great sport on all levels from high school to amateur to the PGA Tour. Although this sport is ancient and has survived for many many years, do we need to start questioning the golf fanbase? Although there are many dedicated hardcore golf fans out there, there are still quite a few who seem to only watch golf when a Tiger Woods or a Phil Mickelson plays and are both playing well.

That’s quite a lot to ask for considering those are two golfers out of many golfers that play in tournaments and they both will not always be towards the top. Rory Mcilroy is another one but, on the PGA Tour has been relatively quiet lately despite his European Tour win this year. If those three guys are towards the top of the leaderboard, everyone watches. But how many times out of 10 will we see Tiger, Phil and Rory at the top at the same time? Not often. Some people believe that if Tiger is winning every tournament and dominating the field, it’s very entertaining but when another player comes into a tournament and dominates then people think it’s boring and everyone rolls their eyes.

Why has it come to this? Why do we need that one big player to catch our attention? Because we have to realize that Tiger and Phil won’t always be towards the top every time. Is it because of some of the shots they hit? We’ve seen many players hit some impressive shots over the years though. Bubba Watson always seems to hit some amazing shots, Rory was hitting some great shots when he was on top, and Martin Kaymer at the U.S. Open hit some impressive shots and putts. How can we forget Bubba’s outstanding recovery shot at the 2012 Masters? Or Martin Kaymer’s unbelievable putt at this year’s Players Championship on the world-renowned 17th hole? During the 2010 Masters, the one that Phil won, Anthony’s Kim’s performance gave me chills and could have pulled it off.

Although I was happy for Phil, I thought Anthony’s performance was outstanding and being as young as he was at the time made it more impressive. Similar thing with Jordan Spieth at this year’s Masters. He played terrific golf but Bubba knew Augusta too well and pulled off the victory for his second Masters victory. That was some amazing drama until Bubba finally started to pull away a bit. When Martin Kaymer pulled away from the field at the U.S. Open, he put on one of the most dominant performances in U.S. Open history, but nobody cared. They wished that Martin’s clothes were changed to Tiger’s signature Sunday red shirt and Phil’s trademark KPMG hat.

They didn’t want to see the same dude with the white shirt and the Sap hat. On the women’s tour, last year, Inbee Park had one of the most dominant seasons in golf history. It was one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in my sports life. Nobody really cared though. They all wanted to see Tiger and Phil on the men’s tour. Even if Inbee’s performance did catch major attention, it took an unbelievable performance like that to do so. If Tiger or Phil win a regular tournament, everyone goes nuts.

Peter Kostis said it best in this tweet:

As much as we should appreciate what Tiger and Phil have brought to the sport, we need to look and pay attention to what the other great players are doing. Because if we feel that Tiger and Phil are above the sport then what’s the point of the hundreds of other players on tour? Just get rid of all of the players and let Tiger, Phil and Rory duke it out at every single tournament and change it to the TPR Tour (Tiger, Phil, Rory Tour). We always seem to want the next big thing, not just in golf or other sports, but in life. However, some don’t want to see the next big thing in golf. They just want it to be the Tiger and Phil show. Now that Tiger and Phil are slowly coming down the home stretch of their careers, we wonder who will follow in their footsteps. Rory was supposed to be that guy and still very well could be. However, we can’t think like this.

It’s great when there’s a player on tour that’s playing very well and dominating but when another player comes out to win a tournament, I feel they deserve respect, no matter who they are. No matter if they aren’t the big names that we want them to be. It should be exciting to see different players win because you never know if those players will come out and start dominating themselves and it adds to the conversation. I mean, wouldn’t it be boring if we just talked about Tiger and Phil all day? Look at Brendan Todd for example. He won the HP Byron Nelson tournament and he played well after that as it seemed he was always towards the top of the leaderboard.

He also played well at his first U.S. Open and there’s no doubt he could be in contention again in coming tournaments. So why is it like this? Why do we need that one big star to show up and play to keep our interests in the sport? I personally think it’s a shame. There are too many great players that we’re passing up on because we’re looking at the same guys. It’s the same song over and over again. We’ve seen some historic golf performances this year and last year but nobody really paid attention and missed out on some spectacular golf.

It’s awesome to appreciate greatness but the field of players we see today are some of the best we’ve seen in years yet we always come back to the same song and put it on repeat. The Tiger and Phil song. You want the next big thing? Well, they’re all right in front of us, we just have to take advantage of what we’re witnessing.

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