WATCH: Michelle Parties and Twerks After Women’s U.S. Open Win

Daaang girl! Michelle Wie went in after winning her first major title at the U.S. Women’s Open. She pulled a Stanley Cup and started drinking beer out of the Open trophy and she also did a little wall twerking (Same thing as booty clapping). She’s also rocking the now trademarked hat of hers backwards like a boss! You can check out the short video below thanks to for this!

I for one, am not a drinker but it sure looked like a good time! I would’ve been the one trolling and filming all of the drunk rich people because that’s what I do apparently!

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Is Lucy Li The Future of Golf?


On Thursday and Friday, 11-year-old phenom, Lucy Li tried her hand at the task of tackling Pinehurst. no 2 at the Women’s U.S. Open after becoming the youngest player to qualify for the event. She ended up shooting a 78 on Friday which is a great score for anyone let alone an 11-year-old to shoot at Pinehurst. She has left an impression on the course that’s for sure and she will definitely be a story line for years to come because now she will be watched and scouted more at her tournaments now that she introduced herself to the world. So the question remains. Is she the future of the sport? She’s definitely confident in her abilities.

She had posted a video proclaiming that she was “The future of the game”. Only time will tell if the young golf prodigy will be the future of the game but her presence at the U.S. Women’s Open has already made a huge impact in my opinion. People may see her out there playing and playing well so they may want to let their kids try golf out and see how they like it and it’s hard not to get the golf bug. I for one wasn’t a golf fan growing up and now I write about it for a living. See what the sport does? So I think having her presence definitely has inspired adults and kids a like to try the sport out and this leads to major growth in golf.

Not only did she play well for her age on golf’s toughest stage, she handled herself so well and is definitely a very intelligent young lady. It blew my mind how she handled the media. She handled it better than most tour pros and that was awesome to see. Another thing that makes her presence special is the one thing that I always preach that golf needs. Diversity. Seeing a kid out there will catch the eye of a diverse group of kids because different kids will look at things they can get involved in and see if they like it or not because when you’re young, you try different things.

So for these kids to see another kid out there at the Women’s U.S. Open playing well and playing alongside a legend like Laura Davies is quite exciting for the growth of the game. She has a great swing, great personality, she’s very smart and she likes ice cream, what more do you want? Sure, some may say that her “I’m the future of the game” was a little cocky but come on y’all, she’s 11 years old! As smart as she is, imagine how mature she’ll be once she’s 15 or 16? It’ll be a good five or six years probably before we see her turn pro but let’s hope that nobody puts a ton of pressure on her like some did when Michelle Wie was a teen prodigy.

Michelle got her first major win at the U.S. Women’s Open on Sunday by the way. Just let the girl do her thing and she shall shine. She might like the attention though, not sure. Either way, she should enjoy her childhood before she goes pro. Enjoy golf at the amateur level and enjoy being an 11, 12 ,13, year old kid. If you asked me today though, I’d say yes, she is the future of the game and hope many other kids follow the same path then they’ll all be the future of the game. Way to go Lucy, the ceiling is high for you kid.

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PHOTO: Jessica Korda Looks Like a Straight Up Awesome Nerd in This Pic After Win


The Airbus LPGA Claasic was a dog fight and the top of the leaderboard was filled with winners including Michelle Wie, Lexi Thompson and Anna Nordqvist who had the lead but eventually lost to the winner, Jessica Korda who felt right at home as the tournament took place in Mobile, Alabama and she hails from Florida making that south side connection. She decided to have a little fun and get her nerd on in this Instagram picture.

I think she looks awesome with the glasses on. She was definitely awesome out on the course that’s for sure. Them southern girls don’t be playin’ son! They go HARD! Congrats on the win Jessica!

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PHOTO: Natalie Gulbis Looks Buff, Shows Off Her Impressive Abs in a Bikini

Not only is Natalie Gulbis a great golfer, she’s also a very attractive woman and has had some of the best golf model shoots in the game. In this photo from, Natalie shows off her abs as she no doubt has the muscle going. She also is in another gorgeous location as it always seems she’s in and looking good being there. Here’s the pic below.

Courtesy of Golf Digest

Courtesy of Golf Digest

It seems that Nats is slowly becoming one of golf’s true sex symbols while playing solid golf and also doing great things off the course as well but there’s not too many golfers out there that aren’t afraid to show off their bodies and Nats is definitely not afraid to do so as she’s done it for years now and she’s definitely gotten stronger over the years too as we can see. Move aside Serena Williams! There’s a new buff chick in town!

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WATCH: Paula Creamer Sinks One of the Greatest Putts You’ll Ever See in Your Life


Our favorite golf chicka continues to shine as she won the HSBC Women’s Champions in Singapore and how she did it is what was the amazing part. Paula nailed what any of us what have thought as an impossible putt as it was a massive 75 feet, that’s right, 75 feet! Dude, is you for real?! If I was Azahara Munoz (Her opponent at the time), I would have been like “No way! You have GOT to be kidding me?!?!”. This was Paula’s first win in almost four years despite playing solid golf. Here’s the video below so please be prepared to NOT understand the greatness of this putt as you stare at the screen in daze and amazement as your friends/family/co workers look at you like you’re insane as they reach for the phone as they try to call a doctor to help you..well, you know, here you go!

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LPGA Tour Star, Former College Golf Legend Dies in Drunk Car Accident


Some sad news as on Jan.31, LPGA Tour player Danielle Downey died in a horrific car accident after she was out with couple of friends at an Auburn, AL restaurant. It was reported that she had a few drinks and was driving at an extreme rate, crashing her car into a tree and causing it to flip several times before it eventually made a stop as she ejected from the vehicle according to Yahoo Sports and Her friend, Diana Ramage was trying to take the keys away from her as she knew that Danielle was wasted drunk but it was too late. Downey was only 33 years old and had one win on the LPGA Tour. She was most notable for her outstanding career at Auburn University as she was a three-time All-American, she mad the All-SEC team four times and also led Auburn to the SEC Championships in 2000 and 2003. Although it’s horrible what happened, why didn’t her friend Diana try to tackle her or something instead of letting her take off with the keys? See, this is why I don’t drink or smoke.

Look, if you don’t know how to be a responsible friend then don’t go out drinking with her if you know she’ll get drunk as a skunk. Also, if you’re going to drink hardcore like that, don’t be anywhere near a vehicle. It’s absolutely ridiculous that people are either getting killed by drunk drivers or drunk people are killing themselves. If there’s one thing in this country that should be illegal, it’s alcohol in my honest opinion and I don’t think anyone can make an excuse for it because the stupidity of making yourself drunk and looking like a complete idiot while potentially putting yourself and others in danger is foolishness and dumb. Also, if anyone is drinking hardcore to help “clear their stress”. well I have news for you, getting drunk isn’t going to solve your problem so please just grow up and live your life right and stop stressing out over stupid stuff. Because think about it, probably at least 80% of the stuff you’re stressing out over is based on YOUR OWN ACTIONS so basically, man up (or lady up) son, there’s many other things you can do to clear your stress.

So, although this story is sad, it angers me that Danielle was silly enough to put herself in that kind of risk and I’m not sure if Diana was a little drunk too or not but she COULD have stopped her. If Danielle didn’t have any type of weapon on her then I don’t see why she couldn’t stop her. It’s just one of those stories that I can’t feel completely sad about because Danielle did it to herself. She would have still been alive and her family would’ve been all OK but now they’re upset from Danielle’s stupid mistake and that’s an absolute shame and this is a grown woman we’re talking about. Yes, she was still very young but 33 isn’t 21 my friends. And just to think that teenagers are getting their hands on drinks and getting behind the wheel. Driving is already dangerous as it is without consuming drugs or alcohol. I hope nothing but the best for Danielle’s family but just letting you know that she easily could have been still alive right now. If the world wants to fill their lives with alcohol then the world’s stupidity level is on an all-time high. Rest in peace Danielle, you’ll be dearly missed.

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PHOTO: Anna Rawson Rocks Sweet Blue Sweater in This Picture

Dat chipping form!

Dat chipping form!

You guys love them, you guys wanted them and well you got more of them. Here’s another picture of one of golf’s talented and beautiful women as today we take a look at recent picture taken of the spectacular Anna Rawson. Anna is known as one of golf’s true beauties and she’s made 14 cuts throughout her career with one top 10. The Australian can not only swing a golf club and she’s not just modeling “just because”. She’s a professional model and a very good one at that. Come on, you didn’t think she was naked did you?! So, on that note, I’m just going to shut up and let you guys stare at this well taken picture and save it into your files or whatever it is that you do. Anna, thanks for being awesome! Hopefully this will make your Monday less gloomy all!


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Paula Creamer is getting married as announced on her Twitter account

One of golf’s fan favorites and one of the true babes in the game, Paula Creamer is getting married. That’s right, the once young childish girl who was tearing it up against some of the game’s best female stars will soon be a married woman. Next thing you know, little Paula’s will be running around. For real though, congratulations to Paula and her man and I hope they have a great life (She’s a rich golfer, of course they’ll have a great life!). I’m sure her man will be at her tournaments more often now too to cheer on his soon to be new wifey. Let’s hope everything goes well for the young couple and to Paula’s man, congrats dude, you got a good for sure! Check out the tweets below!

Michelle Wie, Others Featured in Golf Digest’s Bracket Style Hottest Golfer Contest

Well, looks like Golf Digest decided to celebrate the NCAA March Madness tournament a few months early as they put together a nice little bracket that features different seeds of golf’s hottest players and there’s a men’s division and a women’s division. This is the second year Golf Digest has done so and it has overall gotten its share of comments already. Some of the most popular golfers from both the PGA and LPGA Tours are featured on this bracket. Some choices may shock you, some seeding may surprise you as well. You may also be surprised by who and who isn’t on the bracket. So, feel free to view and print the bracket below ladies and gents and let the November Madness begin! To view the full bracket, click on the picture.


So, what are your thoughts on this bracket? I must say I’m very disappointed not to see my girl Paula Creamer in there. I would also throw Amanda Balionis in there as well but she’s a journalist, not a golfer so therefore, I declare a war of words with Golf Digest for the madness that is them not featuring the very gorgeous Paula Creamer on this bracket! Shame on you GD! All kidding aside, this is quite interesting although I’m not filling out the bracket because well…I don;t feel like it. But you guys could fill it out if you want! Who do you have in the final four? Who do you think should have been on the bracket who isn’t? You can either print and fill out the bracket or you can vote on Golf Digest’s website by clicking here.

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PHOTO: Michelle Wie Finding Success With Putting Stance That Some May Find Sexy and Some May Not

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here it is! What do you think?

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here it is! What do you think?

So, Michelle Wie has a new putting stance and she’s had for a year now but I’m bringing it up now because there was a slew of people who made fun of golf chicka’s stance and now she has the last laugh because she’s finding a ton of success with it. She went from 119th, yes 119th in putts per greens in regulation last year all the way to 26th this year. That’s quite a jump isn’t it?

“I started feeling a lot more confident with my putting this year,” Wie said according to “It definitely goes into your long game. You don’t feel like you have to hit it in to 2 feet to make birdies every hole. You get to 15 feet, and you go up and think, `Oh, I can make that.’ So definitely it runs through the entire game. It makes golf a lot more fun when you’re making putts.”

I think the stance is hot and it has that classic Arnold Palmer kind of putting stance in a way. If you put her putting stance picture next to Arnie’s then I think you’ll send the resemblance. I salute her for not giving a care about what people say about the stance because in golf, do whatever works. John Daly created the famous Grip it and Rip it swing which helped him win two majors. Sure he hasn’t done anything special since but he still has two majors under his belt. Michelle is a world-class golfer, she’s very talented so if she keeps up the great putting with that new stance then she’ll be a threat on the LPGA Tour. Now that she’s having success with the stance, I’m sure some people will come out and complain that she shouldn’t be standing like that and it’ll be a controversy just like the anchored putting deal but let’s hope not.

I mean it’s not like she’s changing the position of her hands, she just bent over a little bit is all. Still same grip so let’s hope nobody starts crying and moaning about this because just like in any other sport, athletes sometimes have to make adjustments to their games in order to take full advantage of their true skills. So Michelle, please, do what works best for you girl because you don’t have to listen to nobody! So, let me ask, what do you guys think? For those of you who are seeing her new stance for the first time, what do you think of the picture? As always, you can let me know in the comments section below!

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