REVIEW: LoudMouth visors are as wacky, fun as their pants

LoudMouth Golf is famously known for their pants which offer unique designs that may blow the mind. LoudMouth also features many other great clothing items and accessories, one of these being their visors.

I had the chance of trying out the Boomerang design style visor which has somewhat of a cosmo kind of feel to it. The art is very beautiful like most of the clothing that LoudMouth offers and the Boomerang visor was no exception.

The comfortableness of the visor was great. Going out to the local course, I was hitting some shots in the short game area and the visor never interfered with my head, it was like wearing a feather while also blocking the sun with the thick bill.

Visors are a great way to rock a hat while letting your head breath. The LoudMouth visors let you do it with style that’ll turn heads at the course, range, etc.

They have a few other designs you can choose from as well. You can check them out at


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LoudMouth Releases Putter Grips With Magnetic Ball Markers

Pure Awesomeness

Pure Awesomeness

LoudMouth putter grips? WHAA?! Yup, the same company that created the wacky, fun, colorful pants, shorts, hoodies, etc is back and better than ever. This time, with one of the most unique putter grips to date.

They’re just as fun and colorful as the pants you love. They also include a feature never before seen on a putter grip but I’ll get to that in minute.

I decided to go with the Shagadelic color (Pictured) which has always been a personal favorite style of mine from LoudMouth for some time. I also decided to go with the jumbo size because I think it’s important to have some extra space for your hands while putting.

The first thing you obviously noticed is its wacky style which LoudMouth is famous for. Very beautiful and would stand out on any and every putter on any and every golf course.

The feel of the grip is spectacular. It’s very comfortable, stress free and has a nice scaly kinda feel. Almost like the snake skin feeling you find on some of the more expensive grips except it’s not.

The look and the colors of it just make it feel that much sweeter.

Now, to the coolest part of this unique flat stick grip. The grip comes with a custom ball marker.

Oh, no not just any ball marker though. This ball marker is magnetized on the top of your grip.

Yup, yup, that’s right. It sticks to the top of your grip, matching the same beautiful color of the grip itself.

It’s LoudMouth’s revolutionary TourMARK series of grips.

Yup, ball marker on top!

Yup, ball marker on top!

So, when you need to line your putt up and need to read the slope of the green, all you have to do is pull this beauty off the top and put it back on when you’re done.


So, long gone are the days where you have to dig through your pockets full of lint, coins, tees, dirty golf balls, etc just to pull out the ball marker.

Nope, all you have to do is pull the marker that firmly stuck on top of your beautiful grip.

And ball markers are more important than you think. As mentioned, you need one to be able to read the green design better or just to simply move your ball out of the way when others are putting.

Sure, you can read the green with the ball sitting there like I might do sometimes but the ball can block the starting point of the slope which is important to read in order to sink putts. And you want to sink putts right? I sure hope so!

So it’s nice to be able to just pull the ball marker right off of your putter instead digging through your bag or your pocket for it. Besides, if you’re playing with a partner, the last thing you want to do is start fishing out for a ball marker and wasting time.

I mean, what if you were playing with your grumpy face boss or you were on a date with a girl (Unless you’re a female then obviously you’d be with a man)? The boss will think you’re slacking like you do at work and the girl will be playing with another guy by the time you find your marker.

Sure, you can use a penny or a dime that’s “top of the line” but real ball markers are just sexier and the ones that are attached to these beautiful grips are just that.

Lost one of your markers? No problem, LoudMouth has recently started selling replacement markers so that way you don’t have to worry about getting a whole other grip so you can get the marker back.

LoudMouth never seisez to amaze with the ideas they come up with and to me personally, it’s terrific for the style of the sport of golf. This brilliant, yet simple idea is unlike anything in golf and the TourMARK grips leave their mark on the most important club in the bag.

Check out the grips at

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Review: LoudMouth pants are the most comfortable in golf

Just a model picture, not me wearing them.

Just a model picture, not me wearing them.

Had a chance for the first time to try out some LoudMouth golf pants (Yup, same kind John Daly wears). I decided to go with the Houndstooth design and I will tell you right now that it was probably the most comfortable experience I’ve had out on the golf course (I was on the practice course).

They’re not too tight at all and it has a nice baggy feel and went perfectly with my old FootJoy shoes. It almost felt as if you weren’t wearing any pants because they were so comfy. Yes, THAT comfy. The pants also did a good job of keeping my legs warm as it was a cold Chicago afternoon and these babies did the trick.

With the combination of my Ashworth outer jacket and the LoudMouth pants, I was able to take smooth, full swings (Although I didn’t play too well) without having to worry about my pants feeling uncomfortable. Not only are the LoudMouth pants perfect for golf, it’s great swag to wear off the course and will definitely catch the eye of others.

The houndstooth design is definitely one of the best ones from LoudMouth. When I look at them, the white parts of the pants look kinda like the spaceship from Galaga which is super cool.

It’s a nice blend of loud but fancy. That’s what makes these pants so wonderful. You can look cool, stand out, and feel great while doing so. I highly recommend LoudMouths for any of your golf rounds. They also sell knickers and coats as well!

Thanks a lot to LoudMouth and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below! Also, you can follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio (Yes, I’ll have a picture of me wearing the pants!)!

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