WATCH: This Game Has Better Golf Than Any Tiger Woods Game

Sports Champions 2, the popular PlayStation Move game for the PlayStation 3 has been out for two years now and has six fun filled sports which includes tennis, skiing, bowling, boxing, archery (Archery was also in Sports Champions 1) and non other than the best sport EVARR!! That sport would be golf! Yes golf made its presence known its sticks and balls and made sure it stood out in the game and well, it didn’t disappoint. I’ll tell you first hand that the golf game in Sports Champions 2 from a gameplay standpoint is the best golf experience since Tiger Woods 2004 or the old Links games. Hopefully The Golf Club will become the best but only time will tell but right now, the golf game within a game that’s in another game surrounded by other games is currently the best and smoothest by far in terms of gameplay. John Daly’s golf game was excellent with the Move controller but was so blah.

Anyway’s here’s a video of me playing the game (And not doing so well). If you enjoy the video and if you or a friend enjoys gaming then please like and share the video and subscribe to the channel!

Expect a GP Golf report channel soon too where I discuss different golf topics with YOU! Just you and me!

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