Lexi Thompson reacts to the elimination of viewer call-ins

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The golf world can now breath a sigh of relief as one of the worst rules in all of sports has dissipated. Fans were able to call in if they noticed anything that may be penalty worthy in their eyes.

Famously, Lexi Thompson received a four-stroke penalty at the Ana Inspiration last season. Because of this, it prevented her from winning her second major in what was a terrific season. So Yeon Ryu ended up winning the tournament, defeating Thompson in a playoff.

More than likely, due to this incident which will go down in in the dark chapter of golf’s lore book of history, is where the change was finally made. So now, every pro tour will no longer allow call-ins.

If it weren’t for the Lexi Thompson events, this rule probably would still exist. She reacted to the news via Twitter.

As usual, Thompson keeps it classy. However, there’s no doubt that there’s a little weight lifted off her shoulder after the change.

Not only Thompson, but everyone who follows and loves the sport can enjoy it better now. You don’t have to tune in anymore to a golf tournament worrying about the possibility of a call-in.

Golf just got that much better.

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LOOK: Lexi Thompson gets an awesome new car with $1 million

So I decided to get a @nissan GTR 😎

A post shared by Lexi Thompson (@lexi) on

Life is good for professional golfers, especially when you’re one of the best on the planet right now like Lexi Thompson. Winning twice in 2017, she would also capture the CME Globe which netted her a cool $1 million prize so there’s no doubt that she is making it rain.

She used a good chunk of her million on a sweet all black Nissan GTR car. The new whip costs about $110,000 according to Golf Digest and with its sleek, slightly futuristic look, that doesn’t seem like a surprise.

It’s the type of car that looks like it belongs in a video game like Gran Turismo. And with Thompson being a fan of hip-hop music, don’t be shocked if she starts bumping some tracks rolling up to the golf course parking lot in her new ride.

While Lexi cruises in her new whip, I’ll be riding around a golf cart. Hey, golf carts are cool too!

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Lexi Thompson pokes fun at LPGA Tour’s dress code with savage photo

Got my new #LPGA dress code compliant ⛳️ outfit ready to go! 😂#throwbackthursday #kidding #funny #joke

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If you haven’t heard about the LPGA Tour’s random new dress code rules, it’s basically telling its players to replace skirts with pants and tank tops with more skin covering shirts. Major champion, Lexi Thomspon had a little fun with this new policy, by sharing a picture from last year, of her wearing old fashioned golf attire.


In the photo, she is completely covered, so this throws a little shade at the LPGA Tour. Keep in mind, it’s just a little joke, as Thompson is widely respected as a class act.


The picture taken was in celebration of golf’s return to the Olympics. The idea was to dress players in golf clothes from back in 1904, since that was previously the last time golf was seen in the games.


What’s head scratching about the dress code is that there was never a player who showed too much skin. What some of the ladies wear looks comfortable and probably helps them play their best golf.


What’s funny is that, in a time where PGA Tour pros are praying to be able to wear shorts, the LPGA Tour is going in a slightly opposite direction. PGA Tour players want what LPGA Tour pros had; a little more comfort in on-course dress.


I absolutely love the LPGA and what they do for golf, as well as the excitement of each tournament. However, I kindly disagree with this code, as do many others.


But, it shouldn’t stop us from enjoying one of the best professional tours in all of golf. Right now though, I must give a golf clap to Lexi for coming up with this innocent and savage Instagram post.


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Picture: Lexi Thompson goes brunette in this picture

2014 ANA Inspiration (LPGA major) champion Lexi Thompson is known for her ability to crush tee shots. She’s usually ranked as one of the tour’s longest hitters each year.

She’s also known for her signature Red Bull visor with the blonde looking hair. Well, the blonde hair is now gone.

Lexi decided to make the change to a brunette look and took to Instagram to share the news.

Here are some pics!

All ready for #morganandfriends15 charity dinner 🙂 glad to be helping out for a great cause once again! #nofilter

A photo posted by Lexi Thompson (@lexi) on

Cool shot from today at @standrewsboca 🙂

A photo posted by Lexi Thompson (@lexi) on

Bye bye blonde! Wanted to try a change and I love it, thanks to my awesome godmother! ❤️

A photo posted by Lexi Thompson (@lexi) on

OK, no lie, she looks freakin’ gorgeous! Lexi, my phone number is….wait what? She wouldn’t call me because I’m just a loser golf writer from Chicago? OK fine….

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Pictures: Lexi Thompson shows off her modeling skills

OK, I know you like Lexi Thompson both for her game and looks. The 2014 Kraft Nabisco Championship winner shows off her modeling skills with these photos below. You don’t see Lexi model too much but when she does, she does not disappoint. If I’m a female, I’d be like “Man, these dudes think I’m hot enough for a photo shoot and I get paid for it? Count me in!” Here ya go. Don’t look too hard.


What are you doing? Wake up, you’re dreaming, get back to work! Or go back to sleep, whatever works.

I’m sure y’all are like this:


Or like this:

Drool Rainbows HD

Until you realize….


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Credit: Yahoo Sports

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PHOTO: Jessica Korda Looks Like a Straight Up Awesome Nerd in This Pic After Win


The Airbus LPGA Claasic was a dog fight and the top of the leaderboard was filled with winners including Michelle Wie, Lexi Thompson and Anna Nordqvist who had the lead but eventually lost to the winner, Jessica Korda who felt right at home as the tournament took place in Mobile, Alabama and she hails from Florida making that south side connection. She decided to have a little fun and get her nerd on in this Instagram picture.

I think she looks awesome with the glasses on. She was definitely awesome out on the course that’s for sure. Them southern girls don’t be playin’ son! They go HARD! Congrats on the win Jessica!

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