PREVIEW: These suit pants can be worn on a golf course


That’s right, suit pants are no longer just meant for business meetings.


These pants, called the “Suitable Pants” (Get it or nah?), are suit quality pants that can be worn anywhere, at anytime.


Peter Pevoto, owner of Journeyman Clothier, came up with the idea after wearing jeans almost daily, and realizing how restrictive they can be.


The yoga pants craze that women have started also helped him realize this dream because as we know, for women, yoga pants are about as versatile as they come.


So he came up with the thought that men’s pants should be both comfortable and professional at the same time.


The pants feature performance fabric which help enable you to do activities you otherwise wouldn’t really be comfortable doing in suit pants.


This includes, you guessed it, playing golf and with such a look, it may fit perfectly into the environment, especially if you’re playing a country club.


But the Suitable Pants are more than just fancy as you can wear them on the streets, hiking, playing other sports, and other outdoor activities as if you were wearing sweat pants.


There’s also plenty of room to put your stuff in with five pockets, including one with a zipper.


One of the big benefits that comes from the Journeyman Suitable Pants is that they stay wrinkle free which may be a plus for those of you who have to deal with this all of time when it comes to pants.


And back to Peter’s story, he would go to work, then go play nine holes at his local muni course, then go eat afterwards, all this while changing pants each time.


This is another reason why the flame was lit, and so now, Peter is a clothing designer and has put together pants that can be worn anywhere without feeling uncomfortable or that your boss may think they’re “inappropriate” for work.


There’s a Kickstarter campaign going on for the Suitable Pants and it’s already almost close to reaching its goal with 13 days left to go.


The Early Bird package on the campaign is already sold out, with 50 backers.


In total, there are 85 backers behind the new, innovative pants.


You can check out the KickStarter campaign at


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Ace the Golfer: A book for young golf fans

Children’s books have always been a child’s first way of learning how to read. They also are great for parents to read to their kids before bed.

So what about a cheldren’s book that helps introduce kids to golf? Ace the Golfer may be the answer to this question.

Ace the Golfer follows the story of Ace who’s a young boy that plays golf. The story goes through the many things that can b experienced on the golf course, both positive and negative, teaching great lessons through the sport of golf.

Author Miguel Garcia wanted to aim the book to kids from 3-7 years of age and for mothers, fathers, grandparents, etc to read to the little ones in their life. Portions of book sales will go to junior golf programs out in Southern California.


The book, as you can tell, has some very beautiful art and the colors just pop out at you. And Aces wardrobe is just too cool and you gotta love the visor!

The big isn’t out yet but there is a Kickstarter campaign for it currently, to help bring Ace the Golfer to life. You can check out the KS page here and pledge as Miguel is offering some great rewards:


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This Has to be One of the Most Brilliant Golf Inventions Ever, Golf Clubs in a Backpack

Pretty cool huh?

Pretty cool huh?

DV8 Sports, an Atlanta, GA based company came up with a brilliant Kickstarter campaign that features golf clubs in a backpack. No you aren’t dreaming, this is real, very real and it looks awesome. How it works? Well, a Full set includes all of your main clubs (Driver, irons, putter) and only ONE shaft, yup, one shaft. The clubheads for each club is in the bag and all you do is take the clubhead out that you want and snap it on to the shaft which takes only about 5 seconds. It’s that simple. Want a different club? Just take that clubhead off and grab another and snap that one on. Below is a video explaining the campaign which has already surpassed its goal and may hit stores in August.

This is fantastic for the sport. As we all know, golfers are heavy travelers and are hungry to explore the many amazing course the world has to offer, this is absolutely perfect for that and it will bring more people to the game. The reason being because it’s easy to carry on the course so you could just focus on your next shot rather than how you feel with a larger bag on your back. Yes, there are personal carts (Or strollers) for bigger bags which I also think are fantastic but this bag is perfect for travel and can fit anywhere. If you’re playing a local and want to use your regular clubs and bag, sure!

But if you’re going on that tropical escape and want to bring clubs with no hassle, this thing is perfect for that and heck, you can take them with you just for the heck of it even if it’s not a golf trip. You can have them with you just in case if you want to get a quick round in. This I feel is a huge step in the right direction for golf and DV8 Sports did a fantastic job of creating beautiful clubs in a beautiful backpack. Heck, use it anywhere! Out in the woods? Whip out those balls you grabbed from the range and hit a few. On top of a building? Same thing, let it fly! On a beach in Costa Rica? Why not work on your sand game? The power is in your hands (Or on your back)! Oh you can also put your tablet or Ipad in it as well!

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