WATCH: Justin Rose’s incredible 1998 Open shot recreated with Legos.

I had a lot of fun collaborating with the @golfchannel on this project. I can’t wait for @theopen to get under way. I will always remember this shot by @justinprose99

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Justin Rose hit one of the greatest shots in major the history of the Open Championship in 1998, holing out from the rough on the 18th hole. This moment was recaptured with the use of Legos.


When Justin Rose holed out from the rough at the 1998 Open Championship as a 17-year old, it was one of the great shots in tournament history. Rose would go on to finish in fourth, but go on have a legendary career which includes 18 worldwide wins, a U.S. Open, and an Olympic gold medal.


Not only that, he finished runner-up at this year’s Masters, losing to Sergio Garcia as we all know by now.


A man recreated Rose’s special shot in 98′ with a set of Legos. It was recaptured in a unique, and colorful way. And just to think, at the time, Rose wasn’t that far removed from the age of kids who played with Legos.


Only with Legos, video games and such can we see anyone hole out with one hand. This is what you see in the video as mini J-Rose is a god, making the shot look easy.


It was a shot for the ages, and little did anyone know Rose would become a legend in this sport. This clip is a fun way to celebrate the finish of the first round of The Open. It’s going to be a great weekend at Royal Birkdale.


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WATCH: Justin Rose rocks gold medal during putt at Barclays

Justin Rose became the first gold medalist in Olympic golf in 112 years. Stil proud by this historic achievement, he decided to wear his medal after his final round at the Barclays on Sunday.

His caddy handed the medal to him, and he rocked it when he was left with a tap-in putt. The crowd went bananas, and playing partner Phil Mickelson told him to leave it on.

Truly an unbelievable accomplishment by a potential hall of famer in Rose. A major title and an Olympic golf medal?

You simply can’t go wrong with that.

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WATCH: Justin Rose tries to hit driver from fairway

Ahh, it’s one of golf’s most interesting “stunts”. Drivers are made for hitting off the tee to start a hole but sometimes, when in the fairway, you may be too far away from the flag to go for it.

So, what do you do? Use your driver on the fairway of course. And that’s what Justin Rose attempted to do at the Zurich Classic.

Let’s just say it didn’t go very well. Rose duffed it.

We can certainly say he won’t be the master at it like Laura Davies is. So, if you really need to kids, remove the “S” on your chest and lay up if you have to. Don’t be shy.

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Justin Rose nearly holes out shot called out by broadcaster

Justin Rose nearly holed out a shot at the Open right after the broadcaster said “You’re probably thinking about holing this one”.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking “What’s the big deal? It didn’t go in!”. But it was very close.

Look at the video, and you’ll see how close this thing was.

Crazy, if the ball went in, then that broadcaster needs a raise! Either that or Justin needed to say “You’re welcome!” to him.

Speaking of the Open, if you enjoy are thinking of staking a bet on the Open it’s certainly worth checking the odds on offer at Paddy Power.

Place some bets on the Open, just in time for the weekend!

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Which Major Champion was the Best this Year?

Phil Mickelson Gives a Thumbs Up After Winning the Open Championship at Muirfield.

Phil Mickelson Gives a Thumbs Up After Winning the Open Championship at Muirfield.

All four major championships have been completed this year and all were very good without question beginning with a classic Masters duel between Adam Scott and former Masters champion Angel Cabrera, following by a U.S. Open that featured a course that literally tore the players apart with Justin Rose taking the crown and throne. Then came a great Open Championship that saw Phil Mickelson come almost out of no where to dominate the field in the final two days to finish off a course that had every other player finishing over par besides Phil, making it two majors in the row that had the majority of the players finishing over par. The only player that was even at the Open Championship at Muirfield was former Players Championship winner Henrik Stenson but other than that the second and third majors of the year were devastating challenges for the golfers, and then you just had a PGA Championship that was a great battle between great control players in Jason Dufner, Adam Scott and Jim Furyk along with a recovery master in Matt Kuchar. It was anyone’s tournament to win and looked to be a classic and who knows, it very well could have went to a playoff but, “Duff” shot a PGA Championship record on that Saturday and went on from there to take the Wanamaker trophy for his first major title. So, four great major winners this year in Scott, Rose, Mickeslon and Dufner, so the question now is, which major winner this year preformed the best or which story was the best? There are four great choices here in players as they all played very well to win their major this year. You have a terrific driver in Adam Scott, all-around players in Phil and J-Rose, and then a masterful approach shot artist in “Duff” so the choice is kind of up in the air but I’m not finishing this piece until I say who I think was the best this year at their major. Adam Scott winning the Masters was very interesting.

Justin Rose Points to the Sky to his Father after Winning the U.S. Open at Merion, a Classic Image.

Justin Rose Points to the Sky to his Father after Winning the U.S. Open at Merion, a Classic Image.

It was the first time an Australian won the Masters so it was a huge story and a great one for the people over the great country of Australia and that’s one of the reasons why we love sports, because of the touching stories and how deep it is, especially in golf because there are endless amounts of players with many different stories and walks of life. Justin Rose, winning the U.S. Open was the first major of his career like Scott and Dufner, but Justin was able to take on arguably to toughest test in all of golf and proved why he is one of the greats in the game and looks to add another major shortly because if he can handle Merion, then he can tackle almost any course and he had a great season up to this point. Phil Mickelson added another major to his legendary career. The hall of fame lefty took down Muirfield and made sure he put himself in a position to take home the Claret Jug and put himself just one major shy of the career grand slam which would make him only the seventh player in golf history to accomplish one of the rarest milestones in all of sports. And then you have Jason Dufner winning the PGA Championship this year. As I mentioned before, he was a guy coming into the year with high expectations, and although he didn’t live up to the hype, he ended the year of majors out with a bang making this a great comeback kind of story not to mention one of the greatest rounds in PGA Championship history on that Saturday. So, who was the best major winner of 2013? Let’s do a process of elimination. As much as I hate to say it but Phil and Justin Rose are out on this one and here’s why. J-Rose played great golf on a tough course in a tough field but it wasn’t all Justin the whole way, it was Phil who led most of the way and Justin made a terrific charge up the leaderboard to take the crown and I love J-Rose.

Jason Dufner Clelebrates his PGA Championship Title with his Wife Amanda After Making a Fantastic Weekend Charge at Oak Hill.

Jason Dufner Clelebrates his PGA Championship Title with his Wife Amanda After Making a Fantastic Weekend Charge at Oak Hill.

Phil is out simply because, if he won the Open Championship to complete the career grand slam then that would be the best story hands down and he could have got it if he didn’t collapse at the U.S. Open, then again his mind set would probably be different if he did win the U.S. Open because there would be so much more pressure on him at the Open Championship. Although he played great, I just don’t see it if it wasn’t for a grand slam, however it was his first Open Championship victory. So that leaves us with Adam Scott and Jason Dufner. Now, I know I said Justin Rose didn’t lead the whole way at the U.S. Open but neither did Adam Scott at the Masters but the way he was hitting his shots was incredible and he was MASTERFUL (See what I did there?) from the fairway and off the tee. He went into a playoff against a former Masters champ in Angel Cabrera who is familiar with Augusta so Adam had unbelievable of taking down Augusta, taking down a former champ, and winning it for his home country that has never seen an Australian win the coveted Green Jacket. So now we’re down to our last choice and that would be Mr. Jason Dufner who as wek now just won the PGA Championship. The reason why “Duff” is a finalist is because he had very high expectations before the year started and people were putting him high in the world rankings and had him winning a couple of tournaments. However, he was fairly quiet most of the season with his best finish coincidentally being at another major at the U.S. Open where he finished tied for 4th. Before then though, things weren’t looking good for Jason as he didn’t even finish in the top 10 all year until the U.S. Open.

One of the Best Masters Photos in Recent Memory as Adam Scott Celebrates his First Major with the Fans.

One of the Best Masters Photos in Recent Memory as Adam Scott Celebrates his First Major with the Fans.

Many people thought he had a shot to reach no.1 in the world rankings after having a great season last year finishing with two victories and finishing in the top 10 in the rankings. Plus, he had was so close to winning the PGA Championship just two years ago when, then rookie Keegan Bradley took the title who is now good buddies with Jason. The pressure he was feeling was probably crazy (Then again it’s Jason Dufner…) coming into PGA Championship week. It’s the last major of the year, you’re trying to prove that you are one of the best in the world, you’re not leading up to expectations and you have an amazing looking wife watching you the whole way, now if THAT isn’t pressure then I don’t know what it is and my life is full of lies! Also, can’t forget the record performance he had on the weekend. So, on that note, I think it’s time to see who is the winner of the best major champion of 2013. The winner is…..hold on a sec…..alright I’m ready! No wait…… let me just take care of something real quick…..I’ll be RIGHT BACK I PROMISE!…….Okay NOW the moment we’ve been waiting for…the winner is….ADAM SCOTT! This was a very tough choice.

I was leaning towards Jason Dufner a bit but the way Adam Scott has had the potential his whole career to win a major and for him the finally win one at the most famous golf tournament in the world is truly a great story and for him to be the first Australian is really remarkable and will be something he will embrace for the rest of his life and then this was just a year after he lost a heartbreaker to Ernie Els at the Open Championship at St.Andrews. I think all the emotions that went into the Adam Scott victory touched a lot of lives of the fans of this great sport. We love it because it brings people together from all over the world and Adam gave an entire nation something celebrate and for him to do it at Augusta National, at the Masters, a place with so much rich history is truly one of the most beautiful things we have seen in golf in recent memory and for it to end in a dramatic playoff is special. So big ups to all of these major winners, they all played terrific golf and I know we are all looking forward to next year’s majors and the Ryder Cup as well! But there’s still some season left this season to enjoy thankfully!

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“J-Rose” Wins the 113th U.S. Open Like a Boss

Phil Mickelson after years of heartache at the U.S. Open looks to regain himself at the British Open.

Phil Mickelson after years of heartache at the U.S. Open looks to regain himself at the British Open.

Justin Rose, one of golf's legends, wins his first major title as he raises his U.S. Open trophy to the clouds for a moment he soon won't forget

Justin Rose, one of golf’s legends, wins his first major title as he raises his U.S. Open trophy to the clouds for a moment he soon won’t forget

The 2013 U.S. Open is in the books and it was one for the ages as Justin Rose wins his first major title making him just one win shy of the hall of fame. Merion ended up being yet again one of the toughest challenges in U.S. Open history, with NO ONE finishing under par. Everyone, including Justin, was over par, nobody wasn’t even even for the tournament (See what I did there?) and this shows yet again why the U.S. Open is the toughest test in all of golf. The Masters is still the best major in my opinion but the U.S. Open is a blast year after year and Merion absolutely shredded these golfers to pieces. It’s incredible what one golf course can do to a golfer’s ability and mentality and Justin Rose was able to fight his way through and get to the finish line and hoist the trophy at the end. Big ups to Phil Mickelson and Jason Day as well as Phil had the lead the whole tournament but unfortunately for him, this is his sixth runner up at the U.S. Open, extending his record for most runner ups in a U.S. Open but as we know, Phil is a competitor and will surely comeback next year. Jason Day on the other hand has been incredible throughout his short career despite only having a few wins. He constantly is in the top 10 in the majors and eventually he will win a major title which will lead him to more majors because he’s just that good.

I have never seen anything like it, he’s in the top 10 or five in every major and it’s not like he’s some big superstar like Phil or Ernie Els who also finished in the top five as he was trying to capture his second major in two years.Jason’s approach to the game is very stealthy, sometimes you don’t realize he’s in the top 10 at the majors and then well, there he is! Phenomenal play once again by Jason Day and there is no question he will win plenty of major championships before it’s all set and done. Jason Dufner, who was a favorite by a lot of top golf writers including myself (NOT a top golf writer) going into the season to win a major as I had “Duff” winning the Masters but we know who took that crown (Some guy named Scott). He finished tied for fourth trying to get his first major title and trying to keep his expectations as high as many thought. Overall Jason has had an “OK” season, not bad but just not as good as many expected and getting a W at the U.S. Open would have boosted up his popularity although he’s already a fairly popular player.

Merion was a perfect fit for him too as he his one of the most accurate hitters on Tour. Control players had the benefit going into the U.S. Open with its narrow fairways and tight greens. Justin Rose, like Phil Mickelson has that great combo of power and accuracy off the tee and Justin is better at hitting shots with accuracy than power but still had plenty of pop which made him dangerous but it also made Phil dangerous as well. Billy Horschel finished in the top five as well and has proved why he has been one of the best players on Tour this year. Billy, who rocked those awesome octo shorts for Sunday’s round, has five top 10’s including a win quietly coming in to his own. he’s also a terrific control player who has amazing putting skills as well.

Just another great player on another stellar leaderboard. Another guy, who finished tied for 10th was power hitting Nicolas Colsaerts who overall for his career has been very good with nine wins on his resume. He’s just going to get better if he stays on the PGA Tour as this is the first time we have really seen Nicolas and anytime you see a bomber off the tee that can challenge Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson and Luke List, you know it’s going to be a fun time. He was the only power hitter to finish in the top 10 as everyone on the leaderboard was either a control player or an all-around player like Justin Rose and Phil Mickelson. Oh, and a shout to the guy from my hometown Chicago, Luke Donald for a great performance at the tournament! Overall, this has been a great U.S. Open and I bet next year’s will be just as fun. Thanks for the memories Merion!

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Guys to Look Out for Going into Sunday at the U.S. Open

Phil Mickelson's smooth world famous swing

Phil Mickelson’s smooth world famous swing'll give us beautiful memories...

Merion…you’ll give us beautiful memories…

The U.S. Open is arguably the most difficult test in golf. It features normally some of the toughest host courses in history, including Bethpage Black, Pebble Beach and now Merion which features extremely narrow fairways and and deep bunkers while also being a shorter course making it more difficult for the power hitters and more of an advantage for the control players. Most people will say the power hitters have a better shot but I’m going to tell you they don’t. The course is too short for them and they tend to hit their shots hard so they may over hit their shots on most holes while the control may be dead on with their shots. But right now, it’s U.S. Open Sunday, one of the best days in all of golf and only two players are under at the par at the moment but will quickly change as soon as this piece goes up. Phil Mickelson, a control player with excellent power is a great choice for Sunday (Even though, he’s the leader obviously) because as mentioned above, he has that deadly combination of power and control, he’s also one of the greatest short game players in the history of the game, maybe only the great Lee Trevino was better. He’s a hall of famer for a reason and he looks to get his fifth major title and his 42nd win where he ranks ninth all-time in PGA Tour wins, it would also mark as his 50th worldwide win. The kicker is, he’s been runner up in the U.S. Open five times which is a record.

But I believe the terror is over for Phil and he will rise above the competition to pull it out because he’s the only true all-around player in the top five besides Justin Rose. Justin, by the way, is another player to look for as he tries to become hall of fame eligible by getting his 14th career PGA Tour victory which would put him just one win away from accomplishing that feat. Justin has been a preseason favorite to break out and have a dominate season and he quietly has been phenomenal despite not winning any tournaments this year but has a shot to take the U.S. Open crown this year if he can tackle a tough course in Merion and to knock off a dominate Phil.Also, be sure t look out for Luke Donald who is only one win away from being hall of fame eligible as oppose to J-Rose being two wins away. The UK and Chicago native has been playing his best golf the last couple of years and is still playing at a very high level this year. He’s incredible from the bunker and is one of the best putters and golf as well as being one of the most accurate players the game has ever seen. Merion is a control players dream and if there’s one control player that will take advantage and make a charge on Sunday, it’s Luke.

When he’s hot, he’s red hot and point on with his shots. Lastly keep an eye on Charl Schawrtzel who is terrific in majors with his best performances at the Masters however, he’s been fairly quiet at the U.S. Open but he’s always licking his chops in these majors. He’s quiet in other tournaments but in the majors, he comes out like a shadow in the night and he’s also a control player that has plenty of pop in his driver which makes him extremely dangerous. He’s had a very good season, having four top 10’s and only one missed cut. He’s also third in Scoring Average. If there’s one person that lives for the moment at the majors then it’s Charl. So those are some guys to look out for today. Should be a classic finish at the 113th U.S. Open Championship.

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