WATCH: Jordan Spieth nails this no-look putt

Putting is one of the trickiest things to do in golf. Greens are usually the toughest tests on any golf course as you need to read the slopes to have a shot.

Well, Jordan Spieth makes putting look easy, sometimes too easy. A couple of days ago, he hit a no-look putt as the ball went straight for the hole.

Certainly, jealousy ensues in the minds of golfers everywhere as one can try a no-look putt but may fail a few times. Unless of course it’s a tap-in.

I will say, although I never made a no-look putt, I did make a 20-footer with one hand. That was after hitting numerous putts from that same spot though so no, it wasn’t nothing special.

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WATCH: Jordan Spieth was very angry about a tough break

Defending U.S. Open champion Jordan Spieth had one of the most unlucky breaks you can get. During the U.S. Open on the par-4 17th, Spieth hit his tee shot and went for the green.

As it landed, it had backspin on it and the ball kept rolling…and rolling and rolling. This left Spieth in a horrible position causing him to shout different things as he walked away angry.

So, Oakmont has proved once again that it truly is one of the toughest tests in golf. Have fun kids!

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Source: Swing By Swing “The Clubhouse”

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WATCH: Jordan Spieth’s Masters meltdown in Nintendo form

As you may know now, unless you drifted off into wonderland, that Jordan Spieth had one one of biggest meltdowns in Masters history by losing a six stroke lead on the back nine. Danny Willett would win it with a bogey-free round.

But, despite the shocking loss, the video above show a funny version of it. It’s a perfect way to show exactly how a lot of us play golf, after all, it always seems like a video game glitch for most of us.

Enjoy the video by The Kicker, and I hope it brightens up your Monday. Happy golfing.

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Danny Willett wins the 2016 Masters, Jordan Spieth collapses

Englishman Danny Willett has won the 2016 Masters with a bogey-free -5, 67 final round in unfavorable conditions. He becomes only the second player from England to win the Masters.

The only other Englishman to win it is Sir Nick Faldo who won it three times. Willett defeated Lee Westwood and Jordan Spieth by three shots for his fifth worldwide win and first major.

Willett began the round at even par while Spieth was attempting to go wire-to-wire for his second straight Masters victory. Spieth was -7 going into the back nine and five shots ahead of the field.

Spieth had the wire-to-wire lead, but the players in second and third place were switching like wildfire. At one point, even 58-year-old Bernhard Langer was just a couple of shots off the lead.

The 28-year-old Willett wasn’t even sure if he was going to play in the Masters as he was expecting a child in the same week. On top of that, this was only his second Masters appearance.

Last season, Willett finished in a tie for 38th at Augusta. His best finish in any major was at the 2015 Open Championship at St. Andrews where he finished tied for sixth (Zach Johnson won it in a playoff against Marc Lieshman and Louis Oosthuizen).

Willett is the 12th ranked player in the world and that ranking will likely go up after this victory. Spieth, who won the Masters last year with a record tying -18, was looking to become only the fourth player in golf history to win back-to-back Green Jackets.

But, the combination of a couple of bogeys including a quadruple-bogey on the back nine by Spieth, and a scorching round by Willett, lead to the end of what was a roller coaster of a Masters tournament.

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Jordan Spieth gets dissed by Nick Faldo, makes epic comeback


According to, Jordan Spieth and Nick Faldo pulled up next to each other in Augusta and the reported exchange was hilarious.

Spieth: “Hey, you know, I’m the defending champion.”

Faldo: “Three to one” (Faldo referring to his three Masters wins over Spieth’s one)

Spieth: “I haven’t even played in three.”

Nice comeback Jordan.

Speaking of Faldo, this year marks the 20th anniversary of his comeback against Greg Norman at the 1996 Masters. Many consider the loss by Norman as one the biggest collapses in golf history.

The 1996 Masters victory by Faldo was his sixth and final major title.

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You may be surprised who Jordan Spieth’s idol was, and no, it’s not Tiger Woods

Before the start of the WGC Dell Match Play, Jordan Spieth announced who his idol was growing up, and it wasn’t Tiger Woods like probably most players his age admired.

Instead, it was Adam Scott, who is on his way to possibly one of his best seasons ever. Spieth said he loves the 2012 Masters champion’s swing which he has become famous for as well as his putting ability.

Surely Scott, who never seems to age, may feel old after Spieth comment. Of course, it’s also flattering for the Aussie who’s really close to making his way into the Hall of Fame with 13 PGA Tour wins and a Masters title to his credit.

Can’t go wrong with that choice Mr. Spieth.

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Source: Swing By Swing 

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WATCH: This Jordan Spieth commercial is hilarious

Jordan Spieth is known as one of the nice guys in golf but he;s certainly hasn’t shied away from humor.

Spieth has become famous for his strong team effort with his caddie, Michael Greller and this commercial nails that friendship perfectly. Spieth is seen having a hard time choosing which utensil to use to eat a bowl of macaroni and cheese, but Greller is by his side, switching tools as if they were golf clubs.

At the end of the commercial, ESPN anchor Stan Varret is shown switching utensil like Spieth did before heading to his seat. Spieth is no stranger to funny commercials as he also did one with the PGA Tour a while which shows a man hanging out with him as if he were there (but he wasn’t).

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Source: Golf Digest

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Jordan Spieth gives amateur amazing, yet simple advice


During the final round of the Valspar Championship (2011 Masters champion Charl Scwhartzel won by the way), Jordan Spieth offered amateur Lee McCoy some simple, yet important advice and that was not to look at the money list.

The amateur had a chance to take home $292,800 and after finishing in a solo fourth place, he could’ve earned that money. But since he’s an amateur, that wasn’t the case, it’s just part of the life of an amateur on Tour.

“I looked,” McCoy said. “I shouldn’t have looked. Lots of money. Lots of money. I think I got like 350 bucks in my bank account right now, so it’s mostly gas money. It hurt, but there’s so much going great for me right now. I’m just trying to take it all in, just really grateful to be standing here.”

No doubt McCoy was probably looking wide-eyed when he saw the list, but at the end of the day, he seems thankful for the opportunity to even be playing in a Tour event. He’ll be playing 36 holes in a Georgia Bulldogs home tournament back in Athens, GA after his strong finish at the Valspar Championship.


Let’s be totally honest here, you would look at the list too wouldn’t you? Of course you would.


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WATCH: Jordan Spieth Shanks a Shot, Proves he’s Human

WHERE DID IT GO?? After coming off his worst first round EVER on the pro tour yesterday, Jordan Spieth is probably…

Posted by Fox 11 Los Angeles on Friday, February 19, 2016

Both Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy came off of probably their worst performances this past week at Riviera Country Club.

Spieth not only had a bad round, but even had a bad practice session that Friday where he shanked a shot. Yes, that’s right, the world no.1 ranked golfer hit a shank that made you and me feel better about ourselves.

This is also an extrordinary discovery as this proves that Spieth is human after all, and isn’t an alien. This is good to know, as the PGA Tour doesn’t have to worry about an alien policy and the USGA doesn’t have to create a new alien “playing by yourself” rule.

Oh, and the shank? 10 out of 10.

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WATCH: Jordan Spieth’s caddie shanks badly at Pebble Beach

On the iconic par-3 7th hole at Pebble Beach, Jordan Spieth’s caddie shanked a shot that makes all of us say “Hey, I was there!”.

During Pebble Beach Pro-Am weekend, Michael Greller, Spieth’s caddie, looked to simply get it on the green the 7th at Pebble but found out that golf is a harder game than his golfer makes it look. Greller’s slice just shows that, just because a guy caddie’s for the best golfer in the world, doesn’t mean he’s not like one of us.

For some reason, since he’s the looper for Spieth, I just have a feeling that Greller is a great putter.

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Source: Swing By Swing 

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