Tiger hits 172 yard drive, Allenby gets terrified at Sawgrass

As we know, one of golf’s greatest tournaments, The Players Championship is here and TPC Sawgrass is looking as beautiful as ever. There were some things that were not so beautiful at Sawgrass but I think we can all get a kick out of and say “That was me once!”.

Here are three things that happened at Sawgrass that probably won’t surprise you if you’ve ever been in these positions.

1. Tiger Woods, who overall played well during the first two days hit a gorgeous flop shot on hole nine on Friday which pretty much sealed his chances of making the cut. Well, earlier however was not so pleasant to former world number one as he hit a 172 yard drive on the first hole.

Here’s a little play-by-play chart of the shot courtesy of CBS Sports:

Also, here’s a tweet from the Golf Channel Tiger Tracker which includes comments from “Twitter comedians” and shocked Tiger fans:

2. Robert Allenby, who at one point won two tournaments in back to back years (200 and 2001) is trying to get back to top form. He also made headlines a couple of months ago about an alleged kidnapping.

Now, the Aussie is back and ready to rip up Sawgrass!….that’s if he avoids raccoons of course.

During the Friday round, Allenby was settling in, getting ready to tee it off until a furry critter decided to show its face.

This is when Allanby freaked the heck out.

Raccoons can be dangerous creatures and Allenby took notice right away. One of the things that make raccoons difficult to deal with is that they have similar characteristics like humans do.

For example, if they’re smart enough, they can open doors. They can also jump up and attack so the fear is real.

He freaked so bad though that he forgot he had a massive driver (whoopin’ stick) in his hand just in case.

3. Jonas Blixt who came close to winning The Masters last year, finishing in second behind winner Bubba Watson, decided that there’s a better way to clean his driver than simply wiping it with a towel. During the second round of The Players, the Swede somewhat casually tossed his driver into the famous pond on Sawgrass’ recognizable 18th hole.

Sadly, the Vine for the toss was apparently deleted so this picture courtesy of Next Impulse Sports will have to do:

He’s rich, it’s the 18th hole, so he just said “screw it!’ and tossed it. I’m sure he has a replacement set.

Jeez, and I thought golf balls were the only things getting lost on the 17th hole. Now we’re going to see clubs getting lost on 18.

This is probably what hole 17 is saying to hole 18: “18! Join the lost golf goods club!”.

Should be an exciting weekend at The Players!

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Bubba Watson Wins 2014 Masters For His Second Green Jacket


Bubba Watson won his second Masters in three years by defeating Jordan Spieth by two strokes. It was an amazing battle between Bubba Watson and Jordan Spieth through the first 12 holes but Bubba Watson with his incredible power off the tee on the 13th hole led him to a birdie while Jordan had to save par. That’s when the momentum went Bubba’s way. Jonas Blixt and Matt Kuchar put up an impressive fight to try to catch the two red-hot golfers but it the end, it was Bubba Watson winning his second Masters in just three years. Bubba had an unbelievable 10 one putts and that really helped him prevail as he had so so day on the putting greens on Saturday.

Bubba is now tied with Arnold Palmer for least attempts at The Masters to win his second time at six appearances and two wins. Despite Jordan’s red-hot start and despite Jonas and Matt’s impressive outings, Bubba who was hanging in there with Jordan who had a two shot lead at the time and eventually caught up to him with some key second shots and putts. Bubba was also very impressive off the tee hitting several fairways and Jordan was hitting incredible recovery shot after incredible recovery shot. Probably one of the best displays of escape in Masters history by the 20-year-old.

So, Bubba Watson wins his second green jacket in three years and that’s simply incredible. Who would have thought Bubba would come in and win another green jacket? It’s amazing what Bubba can do in this sport. No fear, takes gambles, and executes them very well. With his second Masters win, Bubba becomes only the 17th player in golf history to win The Masters twice.

So, what a battle between Bubba Watson and Jordan Spieth, a battle for the ages. What an effort by Jordan. Absolutely phenomenal playing. There’s no doubt he’ll win majors with that incredible skill. Some of the recovery shots were mind-boggling and he was dead on off the tee. So, a great effort by Jordan Spieth, Matt Kuchar, and Jonas Blixt and it was Bubba who came out on top.

Bubba Watson is your 2014 Masters champion!

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GIF: Jordan Spieth Hits Impressive Hole Out from Bunker


On the 4th hole at The Masters, Jordan Spieth hit an amazing jaw dropping shot out of the bunker to get a birdie. It looks like the 20-year-old was in big trouble but he nailed one of the better recovery shots we’ve seen at The Masters. The gif speaks for itself.


This is so reminiscent of what he did in Chicago last summer to get his first PGA Tour win. Remember this?

He’s on fire right now so let’s see if he can become the youngest winner in Masters history or if the likes of Bubba Watson, Matt Kuchar and Jonas Blixt make a charge. At this point however, it’s Jordan;s tournament to lose.

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