You’re Not Going to Believe What Tiger Woods Told Billy Horschel at the Driving Range


This is going to go down as one of the best “LMAO” moments in sports this year. A few days ago, it was reported by my main man Adam Fonseca (@chicagoduffer) that Tiger Woods said something odd for someone who acts the way he does. Billy Horschel did an interview with my other main man Jason Sobel (Who I had the privilege of speaking with some months ago during an interview) about his “buddy ol pal” relationship with Tiger Woods. Billy has played some great golf and in this video below, he is showing off his workout routine which includes 42-inch box jumps.

However, let’s just say Mr. Woods had a laugh with him at the driving range.

“I’m out there warming up and Tiger is on the range, and he comes over and he’s got this big, goofy-ass grin on his face,” Horschel told Jason Sobel of “I said, ‘What are you effing smiling at? What do you got that effing grin for?’ He’s like, ‘It’s true.’ I said, ‘What’s true?’ He said, ‘White men can’t jump.'”

*Long applause from an imaginary crowd*

Good job Tiger! Honestly, I would never have thought Tiger would say something like this! Quickly! Everyone must run into town and tell all the land! today is a glorious day my friends! We shall dine like Gods! Oh, and white men can jump but it’s rare, most white dudes are terrific shooters in basketball. It’s like football, you don’t see too many white mobile QB’s out there. DON’T WORRY, don’t feel offended, it’s all part of the joke my friends (I’m half white and black mind you) but I had to write this because Tiger seems like the very last person on earth to say that.

Probably the funniest thing about this was that I was thinking to myself “Sooo, what did he do? Tell Billy that white men can’t jump and just walk away?”. Totally funny. Way to go Tiger, way to go! Oh and I LOVE Billy’s response to the grin. Shows the kind of humor Billy has. Love a story like this. Shows that these guys have some great humor out on the course. Somebody start the slow clap!


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The GP Links of the Week

Like the logo?  :)

Like the logo? 🙂

Links! Gotta Love Them! And the Other Links too (Golf Course) ;)

Links! Gotta Love Them! And the Other Links too (Golf Course) 😉

Hey all, hope you’re having a great week and are excited for the weekend! There’s some great golf going on at the Tour Championship with scores continuing to rise from different players and I’ll be sure to write a post about that before the day is done but right now i wanted to start something new and fresh. I’d like to welcom you to the “GP Links of the Week” where I throw links of stories I liked from different websites and blogs into the post for you to check out! This is a great way for you guys to get quick links to other great stories in the world of golf from some of the best sites in the world! I know today’s Friday but I probably won’t be doing these on Fridays but instead might do them on Mondays as Monday is the start of the new week and gets me the chance to read great stories over the weekend especially if there’s a golf victory on Sundays so Monday would be the perfect day to post links of stories about the winner of a tournament. So, without further ado, here’s today’s GP Links of the week!

The Daily Golf Stop

The Daily Golf Stop is a great new blog where people can get their fix and discuss great topics going on in the world of golf. This post was in discussion of the 9/11 attacks and how golf can get involved in a good way and it also features a phenomenal picture that you MUST see. This blogger is very talented and his writing is top notch. Definitely somebody to look out for on your radar.

The Sand Trap Golf Blog

The Sand Trap is full of great stories and is one of the most sought after golf blogs in the world. It also features a terrific community with a very busy forum and is truly one of the coolest sites I’ve seen, they’re fantastic and worth the look. Michael Hepp wrote this masterpiece of a post. has been one of, if not the hottest website for golf news for some years now and feature some incredible writers and as we know, GC is a part of NBC and NBC Sports’ website has some very talented writers. This particular post was written by one of the best golf writers in the business and possibly one of the greatest of all time, and a man I had the pleasure of interviewing, Mr. Jason Sobel who is very popular with golf fans.

SB Nation is one of the most popular websites in the world and features many great bloggers talking about many hot topics in the world of sports and this post was written by Emily Kay who is the lead golf writer on SB Nation and is truly one of best around, her work is a must read.

And rounding out this week’s GP Links of the Week is a website that ends with the word “week”. GolfWeek has a phenomenal magazine that is so rich and deep with information that you can sink your eyes into. They feature PGA Tour, LPGA, College, Amatuer golf news andn much more, it’s insane how much info is in it and if you love college and amatuer golf then this website is the site for you. This post was in regards to Des Moines, Iowa hosting the Solheim Cup and the potential of them hosting it again. The ppst was written by the very lovely and talented Beth Ann Baldrey and is a must read if you love the LPGA Tour.

Special Mention:
Great site if you’re an all around sports fan and Jason Sheckman does an excellent job with it!

Well, that does it for the first ever GP Links of the Week! Feel free to shoot me an email at and leave your thoughts in the comments below! Keep it real GP Nation, from Chicago with love.

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