PHOTO: Amanda Dufner Plays Golf in a Bikini Because She Can

So as we know, Jason Dufner and friends had a fun Fourth of July and there were many things good going on in the life of the major champion. He’s talented, rich, and has a hot wife that plays golf in a bikini. Here’s the picture. I see you drooling you nasties, you.

Daaaanngg Girl!

Daaaanngg Girl!

Here were some other pictures Mrs. Dufner posted on her Instagram of the festive weekend. Good to see the almighty Duf and his wife get some time off after all the Tour runs and the fast life. Although it IS a great fast life.

In the picture above, Duf isn’t smiling of course because he’s the most bada$$ golfer in the history of golf! What made me laugh was Amanda’s #boats&hoes reference on the picture! Then, there’s the dude with the long sleeve shirt. That’s Chicago mentality homie!

So, what do you think of Amanda’s festive weekend? Soaking in the sun, playing golf care free (And clothing free), hanging with friends on boats, come on, does it get any better than that?

Now go ahead and leave a comment while I sit and daydream of a trip to Santorini Greece. I’m always listening to comments!

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Jason Dufner Has Ball on Fourth of July, Chicks, Boats, Private Jets and All

Looks like our friend Jason Dufner got wasted on “Merica’s” birthday. His wife (Who all the dudes drool over) Amanda posted pictures on Instagram of Jason enjoying the holiday. Enjoying he did, as he’s seen on a yacht and by a private jet. Duf is most definitely cash flow ballin. Check out the pics.

Don’t be surprised if we see more of this once he retires from golf since he said that he’ll play on the PGA Tour for five more years.

As I’ve said before, I’m no drinker but Duf, you sir, are awesome and the king of cool in golf right now.

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WATCH: Jason Dufner Hits One of The Best Shots of The Year

Jason Dufner hit an impressive 100 yard eagle shot at the Memorial and was nearly slam dunked but was a tad too far and backspinned into the cup. The Duf even cracked a smile!

The Duf continues to amaze us in many ways doesn’t he? Dude’s clearly an accuracy machine when he’s on top of his game and it showed in the video. Really, who’s more accurate than him besides Adam Scott and Henrik Stenson? Not really anybody, you can make an argument for Boo Weekly who’s also terrific but he’s been almost invisible lately. Could Duf possibly seek some revenge this week after losing in a playoff to Adam Scott last week at Colonial?


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PHOTO: Jason Dufner Takes Awesome Selfie With His Dog

I know, I know, you guys are like “Why is this a story?!”. Well, it’s not. It’a s picture. People take selfies with dogs all the time but this selfie Jason Dufner took with his dog Prince Louie is pretty awesome. Both Duf and Louie look like straight up badasses and there’s even a mysterious hand on Louie’s chest. You’d hope it’s his wife’s hand but who knows although why in the world would you cheat on one of the hottest wives in all of sports? Anyway, all kidding aside, this is a pretty cool picture. Just saying!

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WATCH: Man Wins a Car by Nailing a 95 Foot Putt at an Auburn Tigers Basketball Game

Wow, how good can it get for this gentleman? He’s already enjoying a college hoops game (I love college basketball) at a legendary school, and then he nails a massive 95 foot putt to win a BRAND NEW CAR (In radio promoter voice)! Did I mention that it was a $15,000 car? Yup, it’s the truth homie. My best assumption is that they had the contest because of Jason Dufner who had a successful golf career at Auburn. Either that or they just love their golf over at Auburn which is awesome!

Thanks to CBS Sports and YouTuber SportNews for the video!

Speaking of YouTube, congratulations to YouTube for becoming the second most popular website in the world (Behind Google)!

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WATCH: From Bama to Maui: Jason and Amanda Dufner go on an Adventure in Maui

From Alabama to Maui, the now very popular couple of Jason and Amanda Dufner (Thanks in big part to a very solid 2012 and a 2013 that included a PGA Championship title) decided to get away from the cold and the hustle and bustle of Tour life to focus on a relaxing hike which featured beautiful sites and species of animals. Of course, the almighty Duf was rocking a Cleveland Indians hat (Go WHITE SOX!) along with a t-shirt and shorts while Amanda o course was going to wear something to make herself look extra good for all men to fantasize about. Below is the video of their journey. Thanks to for the vid! I’m out!

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WATCH: Did Jason Dufner hit the worst putt ever?

Well then….this is awkward. During a round at the Franklin Templeton Shootout, the guy who’s received a lot of attention this year, Jason Dufner is back in the spotlight again only this time it’s more embarrassing.As he was setting up for a putt, supposedly he accidentally hit it but wasn’t trying to or so it seems. If that was a full stroke then that would give you the red cheeks of embarrassment but since the almighty Duff’s the badass that he is, he just pretty much ignores it LIKE A BOSS! video courtesy of

Weird right? You don’t see anything like that too often especially on the greens which is practically a rock solid surface while being in the in the fairway or rough, you may see more movement. So, is this the worst putt ever? You decide!

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PHOTO: Jim Furyk “Dufners” with Jaguars mascot

So, the Dufnering craze continues as now, the master of the accurate tee shot and golf course microwave (He can heat up anytime on the course which is why he’s dangerous) Jim Furyk was seen with the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson de Ville. The Jags played the Bills Sunday and Jimmy Furyk, who’s a Florida residence decided to take in a game to the two young NFL teams tangle in a battle by the beach. We can definitely say he had a nice view of the game there’s no doubt about it. Is that a golf club in the right corner of the screen? What do you plan on doing with that Mr. Furyk sir? Perhaps a little chipping and putting in the stadium? Or maybe you want to smash the ball like a boss? The choice is yours! I also love the fact that there’s a sign in the distance since, you know, we got some cool tour full of young talented players called the Tour? Yeah, that place! Jason Dufner, you sir, are a genius!

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WATCH: Jason Dufner gets interviewed at airport about Tiger Woods Tweet

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Hey, ya’ll remember that tweet Jason Dufner sent to Tiger Woods about not participating in the World Challenge because he wanted to watch the Auburn vs Missouri SEC Championship game? Well, the good folks over at TMZ Sports caught up with the almighty Duff to have a little chat about the tweet and his Auburn Tigers. Jason, who looked like he was in a bit of a rush was nice enough to walk and talk with one of TMZ’s crew.

PGA Champ Jason Dufner — Tiger Woods Won’t Let Me Watch Auburn Game!!!
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What do you think of his reaction? You know he wants to watch his Tigers so it’s obvious he’s probably feeling a little bummed but then again it’s hard to tell because Jason doesn’t really show expressions but he’s the almighty Duff! He doesn’t have to show expressions! One does not simply tell Jason Dufner to show expression! You’d only be foolish to such a thing. One would have to throw you into the puppy’s den full of angry puppies if you were to try such a move. I hope Jason understands these two things. ROLL TIDE and GO NORTHERN ILLINOIS! As always let me know what you think in the comments!

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Jason Dufner Sends Hilarious Tweet to Tiger Woods, Woods’ Response and Dufner’s Reply is Priceless

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Jason Dufner was honored at one of Auburn's games earlier this season.

Jason Dufner was honored at one of Auburn’s games earlier this season.

Well, the Almighty Duff is at it again as he sent a tweet to Tiger Woods that might not bid as well with the world number one golfer. As we know, Duff is a HUGE Auburn fan (Shame on you Mr. Duff! ROLL TIDE! Defending college football AND golf champions! Nick Saben’s a jerk though which sucks…) and I’m sure he would like nothing better to do than go to the SEC championship game between Auburn and Missouri. So now the 11th ranked golfer in the world sent a tweet to Tiger Woods in regards to his event, the World Challenge. Here’s the almighty Duff’s almighty tweet:

Probably the best thing to come out of this tweet is that Duff refers to Tiger as “Mr.Woods” and what did “Mr. Woods” do? Only reply “Petition denied”. Aw come on Tiger, you know you’d watch your precious Stanford Cardinal in the Pac-10 championship if you had the opportunity! Even Pat Perez who’s an Arizona State fan decided to join the party.

Duff’s response after the denied Tiger reply though? Absolutely classic.

Duff, you are one of the coolest, if not THE coolest guy on the PGA Tour. Very well-played sir! If he used one of those bags then it’ll be like those commercials where people are watching football everywhere they go. I can imagine him watching the game while playing golf, if Auburn made a bad play then he’d probably play great because some people perform at things better when they’re playing in frustration. One thing I thought that was cool that he did was speak the Auburn football team during one of the practices and it was really cool how all of the players were respectful and were listening very closely to everything that he was saying and that was very awesome and Duff’s a good speaker too! Below is the video of his words of encouragement for the Auburn Tigers.

Thanks to the Auburn Tigers YouTube page and USA Today for posting the video! Meanwhile I must brace myself for the for the Mac Championship between Northern Illinois and Bowling Green because if NIU wins then they look like they’ll be going to the Fiesta Bowl! Golf and college football, the perfect combination!

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