Jason Dufner rips Johnny Miller, NBC broadcast team

Jason Dufner sent some angry tweets, showing some disgust against the NBC golf broadcasters, Johnny Miller in particular about how they handled the coverage of Shell Houston Open winner Jim Herman.

Dufner was mad because Miller treated Herman as if he was still in Q-School. Herman may not be known to most, but he recorded eight top 25s last season.

In the last couple of years, Miller was voted by fans as the most popular golf broadcaster in Golf Digest’s annual media evaluation. Nick Faldo of CBS surpassed him in 2015 however.

Miller, a two-time major champion in his playing days, has famously been known for his controversial broadcasts as well as his emotional passion for the U.S. Open (He won with the 1973 U.S. Open at Oakmont in remarkable fashion). It seems as if it is a love-hate relationship between fans and Miller as he gets ripped by fans but is always one of the top ranked broadcasters.

As for Herman, he hit a beautiful chip-in on the 16th hole to practically seal the deal for his first PGA Tour victory. The win would also punch his ticket to Augusta National for the Masters.

Can’t script it any better for Mr. Herman.

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Source: GolfDigest.com

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Jason Dufner hilariously taunts Rickie Fowler during Match Play

When you hit your tee shot farther than one of golf’s biggest hitters, you can help but pose and that’s what Jason Dufner did after hitting his past Rickie Fowler at the WGC Dell Match Play.

Dufner did a short flex while walking to his ball, to taunt Folwer. Can’t blame him when when he outdrove Fowler, who ranks 29th in driving distance while Dufner himself, ranks 90th.

Dufner has always been one of those guys who plays it cool, has a swagger and is quietly hilarious. He’s also better at golf than you or me so he has that going for him too.

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Source: CLICKON Golf 

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WATCH: Jason Dufner’s remarkable tournament saving shot

Wow, Jason Dufner. Incredible.

A video posted by PGA TOUR (@pgatour) on

Jason Dufner’s last individual win was when he won the PGA Championship in 2013 at Oak Hill. This year, he won the CareerBuilder Challlenge but couldn’t have won it without one of the craziest shots of the year.

He was on the rocks (Yes, the ROCKS) on the famed 17th hole at PGA West and hit a beautiful recovery shot that nearly landed in the hole. Chesson Hadley was in the same situation and ended up with a double bogey.

In Duf’s case, it was as if he practiced the shot his whole life. In the playoff, he defeated David Lingmerth to win his first title in three years.

He then took to Twitter to once again, burn the same fan that poked fun at him last month for not winning recently.

To put it simply, don’t mess with Jason Dufner. The former Auburn Tiger will hunt you down like a real tiger.

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Jason Dufner burns fan on Twitter with awesome comeback

I’m super late on this one but had to share it.


Jason Dufner was getting teased by a fan about not winning a tournament recently. Well, “Duf” made a comeback only he could make.

Some hilarious follow up tweets acme soon after.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is why Dufner is probably the coolest guy in golf. Sorry Miguel Angel Jimenez.

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Jason and Amanda Dufner are Getting Divorced


Well, this almost came out of the clear blue sky. Arguably, the most popular couple on the PGA Tour is getting separated as Jason and Amanda Dufner are getting a divorce according to GolfChannel.com.

Jason, as we know, rose to fame and grew a huge fanbase for his victory at the 2013 PGA Championship and for his cool, chill nature off the course. His cool attitude properly dubbed him “The Duf” and has been a fan favorite over the last few years.

His wife Amanda also grew increasingly popular after she was seen at the PGA Championship. Of course after the Duf won the tournament, he did the now famous butt tap on Amanda which also grew the popularity of the two.

Amanda has since enjoyed getting plenty of eyes on her Instagram page, hoping that she would post a picture of herself in a bikini which she has done plenty of times. She’s also closely followed on other social media and has been arguably the most popular wife on Tour among the men.

According to GolfChannel.com, the two were separated on February 17th and now it’s official. According to the court settlement filed by Amanda, there has been an “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage” and there was “a complete incompatibility of temperament that the parties can no longer live together.”

Amanda is suppose to get a whopping sum of $2.5 million while Jason will retain ownership of both his home in Auburn, AL and his home that is currently under construction.

Now, before you come out and say “Who cares?” or “Why is this a big deal?”, you got to realize how popular these two were. A very popular couple thanks to some cameramen and your viewing eyes.

So, it is kinda a big deal, especially since they were only married for three years. Plus, Jason has a big time following of fans and for good reason, the dude is freakin’ awesome so you know this is a big thing for his fans.

Let’s hope once this all gets settled, Jason will be back and playing well. Because, he sure was on the rise after that PGA Championship win.

One thing’s for sure, and we’ll keep this between you and me, I am NOT getting married. I think it’s just too much. I’ll stick with girlfriends (Which I don’t have at the moment. I’m such a geek) thank you!

Oh, and the Duf’s next tournament? Some event called “The Masters” I think. It has some golf course called “Augusta National”? Does that ring a bell at all? Because I have no clue!

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Source: GolfChannel.com

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Picture: Jason Dunfer’s New Look Will Shock You

“Everybody loves the Duuuf!” was a saying I heard on a commercial while listening to Sirius XM’s PGA Tour channel. And everybody does love the Duf, including myself.

Although I never thought he was fat, a lot of people seemed to pick on him a little for his small gut he rocked. Now, he decided to make a lifestyle change that could help improve his already solid golf game.

The Duf man lost quite a bit of weight and now looks pretty darn skinny.

Check it out in a tweet sent by the homegirl Stephanie Wei.

Now, I hear some people on social media saying “Oh, he’s too skinny now.”, etc. Make up your mind y’all! You make fun of him when he had a little weight and get upset when he loses it.

Merica ladies and gentlemen! Merica!

Congrats to Duf though, looking forward to seeing him play some more this as I know you are as well!

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Photo: Amanda Dufner shares topless photo then deletes it

Well then! If you were having fantasies about Amanda Dufner, then this is the closest thing to turning those fantasies into reality. Amanda, who is no stranger to Instagram (Like most women), briefly shared this picture of herself topless in a bikini with the camera facing her backside.

Oddly enough, the picture was taken down by her. Probably because she either came to her senses that it was going to reel dudes in like fish and cause them to leave some nasty comments or the almighty Duf himself (Jason Dufner) saw the picture and told her to take it down. Although, who took the picture? Was it Duf? Either way, this picture was by far the hottest on her Instagram.

Here you go, try not to look at it while you’re at work. Don’t wanna hear any comments talking about how I got you fired!





Jason Dufner, you are THE man!

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Credit: Next Impulse Sports

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Photo: This is what Amanda Dufner’s butt looks like up close

This pretty much sums up everything about the life of Jason Dufner’s wife Amanda. In this Instagram picture, she is seen lounging in the pool. However it’s not exactly her, where the camera is.

It’s on her booty. The one thing that brought her out to the world (Thanks to Jason Dufner). Her butt is featured right there on her Instagram. You already knew the dudes were howling!

Here ya go.

I’ll just leave this here too:


So leave your comments on the Duf Dog’s wife’s photo! You can also follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio because I’m a weird person that loves golf, other sports and video games!

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Jason Dufner Served “Butt Rubbed Filet Mignon” at PGA Champions Dinner

Remember this?

Remember this?

………. *Bursts out laughing*. Jason Dufner, you are the coolest freaking guy in golf I swear! Remember when he tapped his now super popular wife Amanda in the “bootay” after his victory at the PGA Championship? Well, at the traditional PGA Championship champions’ dinner, Duf created the menu, one of those items? A nice and freshly made “Butt Rubbed Filet Mignon”. Yes, you heard me right. A “Butt Rubbed Filet Mignon”. Now that’s a good sense of humor by the coolest guy in golf (Sorry Miguel Angel). Although he almost never smiles, he knows how to poke fun at himself and has a great sense of humor. Here’s your delicious and nutritious dinner menu!


Now that’s some good southern cookin’!

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PHOTO: Amanda Dufner Plays Golf in a Bikini Because She Can

So as we know, Jason Dufner and friends had a fun Fourth of July and there were many things good going on in the life of the major champion. He’s talented, rich, and has a hot wife that plays golf in a bikini. Here’s the picture. I see you drooling you nasties, you.

Daaaanngg Girl!

Daaaanngg Girl!

Here were some other pictures Mrs. Dufner posted on her Instagram of the festive weekend. Good to see the almighty Duf and his wife get some time off after all the Tour runs and the fast life. Although it IS a great fast life.

In the picture above, Duf isn’t smiling of course because he’s the most bada$$ golfer in the history of golf! What made me laugh was Amanda’s #boats&hoes reference on the picture! Then, there’s the dude with the long sleeve shirt. That’s Chicago mentality homie!

So, what do you think of Amanda’s festive weekend? Soaking in the sun, playing golf care free (And clothing free), hanging with friends on boats, come on, does it get any better than that?

Now go ahead and leave a comment while I sit and daydream of a trip to Santorini Greece. I’m always listening to comments!

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