Picture: Jason Dunfer’s New Look Will Shock You

“Everybody loves the Duuuf!” was a saying I heard on a commercial while listening to Sirius XM’s PGA Tour channel. And everybody does love the Duf, including myself.

Although I never thought he was fat, a lot of people seemed to pick on him a little for his small gut he rocked. Now, he decided to make a lifestyle change that could help improve his already solid golf game.

The Duf man lost quite a bit of weight and now looks pretty darn skinny.

Check it out in a tweet sent by the homegirl Stephanie Wei.

Now, I hear some people on social media saying “Oh, he’s too skinny now.”, etc. Make up your mind y’all! You make fun of him when he had a little weight and get upset when he loses it.

Merica ladies and gentlemen! Merica!

Congrats to Duf though, looking forward to seeing him play some more this as I know you are as well!

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