Review: Nicklaus golf balls are just as Golden as Jack himself

Aren't they beautiful?

Aren’t they beautiful?


Jack Nicklaus has been known to be more than just a golfer. He’s a businessman, golf course designer, and he has clothing items.


One other thing that he does extremely well is design a golf ball. The Nicklaus golf balls are a unique set that includes three kinds based off the tees you hit from (White, blue or black).


Trying the golf balls out, the first thing I notice is the beautiful design. It features the iconic Golden Bear logo within an oval that is colored in based on what ball you choose.


The ball meant for white tees has a white colored oval matching the ball color, the blue balls’ oval is filled with the color blue and the black ball’s oval is filled with the color black making for a unique golfing experience form whichever one of the tees you hit from.


They feel terrific off of the driver head and they feel amazing off the iron club face. I had hit a tee shot on one of the par-3s and I just loved the flight and trajectory of the ball. I wanted to hit it straight and kinda low to beat the wind and that’s exactly what happened.


Considering how hard it was hit, you’d think it’d go fly pass the green but amazingly, the ball rolled but stopped in a near perfect spot setting me up for a birdie (Sadly, I missed the putt. *Sigh*). It sounds very nice off the face as well. Golden Bear quality.


Since I was lucky that no one else was around, I decided to test the ball in other aspects such as hitting from the rough, etc. When in the deep stuff, the ball flies beautifully. If hit right and you’ll be out of the tall grass.


Although these balls are probably best known for their distance, they actually feel really good around the greens. They’re fantastic when in the position for a short flop shot which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful shots in golf.


You flop it, and it’ll stop on a dime, but of course it also depends on what course you play and the speed and hardness of the greens.


The ball also feels very good when putting. It rolls beautifully and you can choose to hit a little harder without the real risk of over hitting the hole.


Even on down hill putts, if you miss, it doesn’t go as far past the hole as you think it would. I hit past the hole on a short putt and thought it was going all the way down the green but nope, left me with a decent second putt.


Another unique feature is that there’s no alignment arrow like on most golf balls. The name “Nicklaus” is the arrow and m=gives you an interesting way to line up and read your putts. It’s quite nice.


Most importantly, when you purchase the Nicklaus golf balls, the money will be donated to both the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation and the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.


This is a very beautiful thing as not only will you get some terrific golf balls, you’ll also be helping a great cause for both of these amazing organizations.


If you feel like you’re ready to get some great golf balls and help an awesome cause, then check out


get yourself a dozen, and get out there and tee it up! Remember to choose the ball that fits where you tee off from whether it’s the white, blue or black tees.


Remember, tee it high and let fly! 


If you already have the Nicklaus golf balls, tell me your best memory playing one. Was it an ace? An amazing putt?

A miraculous recovery shot that landed beautifully on the green? What’s YOUR best memory with the Nicklaus golf balls and how does it make you feel that you helped such a great cause?

Leave your comment below!

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WATCH: Hideki Matsuyama Breaks Driver on 72nd Hole, Wins Memorial

PGA: The Memorial Tournament

Hideki Matsuyama won the Memorial Tournament, Jack Nicklaus’ famous event in a playoff against the always dangerous putter Kevin Na. However, before the playoff even began, Hideki broke his driver after hitting a tee shot on hole 18. Take a look because you’re curious and you know you want to.

What’s ironic is that it happened on the very last hole of regulation play. How often does that happen? How often would it happen at the moment when you need your clubs the most? Despite that, he ended up pulling off the victory anyway. I’m sure Kevin probably said “Crap! He beat me even after he busted his driver! He good!” Even if he didn’t need his driver in the playoff, it still could crash you a tad bit mentally you break your stuff in the middle of the round since you’re so zoned in.

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Credit: SB Nation

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Palmer, Nicklaus, Player Tee it Up Again to Open The Masters

OK, I know I might be a tad bit late for this but this is just so awesome. Every year, the likes of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player all tee it up to open one of the greatest sporting events in the world at The Masters. These gifs show off the still amazing swings of these great legends and their dedication to an amazing golf course. Please be careful and don’t get blinded by all of the greatness!


King Arnie

Jack "The Golden Bear"

Jack “The Golden Bear”

"The Black Knight" Gary Player

“The Black Knight” Gary Player

Pretty cool huh? What was one of the really awesome things about these gifs is that you can see a nice yellow sunrise in the background shining on these legends almost looking like a sunset. It’s shining as if to say that these guys are the greatest to play the game, the legends and pioneers of The Masters. Legends of The Masters such as Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Lee Elder, Billy Casper and of course the “masterful” creator of The Masters, Bobby Jones all left their marks on Augusta National and The Masters tournament and Palmer, Nicklaus and Player became kings there. Now go wash your eyes out and clean out all of that greatness! Rub the greatness on your arm or something as a souvenir.

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President’s Cup: U.S. Squad Wraps Up Victory with Strong Finish

U.S. captain Freddy Couples wins another President's Cup making it an impressive 5th time in a row.

U.S. captain Freddy Couples wins another President’s Cup making it an impressive 5th time in a row.

The U.S. team grabs its eighth President’s Cup title in 10 tournaments thanks to the clutch putting on the American side during the singles matches. Due to the great play of Steve Stricker all week and Zach Johnson today with an impressive win over Brandon Grace while PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner had a solid win himself knocking off Brandon De Jonge who is always a dangerous player on the course. Tiger Woods clinched the tournament winning match defeating Richard Sterne by winning 1 UP. It seems like the International team was trying to make a slight charge after they were making their share of clutch putts on the tough greens of Muirfield Village. Overall the day was won by the International team but they had to be nearly perfect today if they wanted to comeback and complete the upset. Jason Day was spectacular as he was able to beat Brandt Snedeker 6 & 4 and “Sned” put up a heck of a fight.

If Louis Oosthuizen had knocked off Webb Simpson and if Richard Sterne had beat Tiger Woods then it would’ve been 18 to 17 rather than 18 to 15 as both matches were very tight. This President’s Cup was much closer than many expected but thanks to great play of the U.S. team on Saturday’s foursome and four-ball matches which helped them stretch the lead out leaving the International team having to nearly have a perfect round of golf on Sunday. This was another great President’s Cup and it’s like the fun more laid back version of the Ryder Cup while still having some prestige to it as the U.S. team once again raises the President’s Cup in triumph.

Jason Dufner was a key factor in team USA's President's Cup victory.

Jason Dufner was a key factor in team USA’s President’s Cup victory.

There was some great golf this week and now we look ahead to the next season and what it will offer. Yes, there are still golf tournaments but the primary events are pretty much in the books so next season we’ll have a lot of cool things to look forward to like the rise of Jordan Speith, the comeback of Henrik Stenson, Jason Dufner looks to be up to par with his potential as a lot of people (Including of myself) thought he was going to have a stellar season but was quiet until he eventually won the PGA Championship. So now that the President’s Cup is in the books, what will we expect now? Let me know in the comments section below! Again, this was a great President’s Cup, especially after my beloved Northwestern Wildcats (Note: I did not attend Northwestern, just a big fan) lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes in a stunning football game on Saturday. Here’s the final scores of the President’s Cup: On that note, keep it real all and please subscribe to the site if you enjoy it and please follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio! By the way, my President’s Cup MVP is Steve Stricker. He was phenomenal all week.

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Why the LDA Should Get More Popularity

The Long Drivers of America Was Founded by the Great Art Sellinger Who is the Best Long Driver in History.

The Long Drivers of America Was Founded by the Great Art Sellinger Who is the Best Long Driver in History.

Jamie Sadlowski is Currently the Longest Hitter in the World. Despite His short Height of 5"7, it is Said That His Longest Drive   Was Around 480 Yards.

Jamie Sadlowski is Currently the Longest Hitter in the World. Despite His short Height of 5″7, it is Said That His Longest Drive Was Around 480 Yards.

Ahhh yes, long driving. Golf’s most showboated skill. It’s the one thing that we all love about this game is when we see guys bomb a beautiful 300 yard tee shot down the middle of the fairway. Some of the greatest players in history were hitting incredible tee shots such as Jack Nicklaus, John Daly, Sam Snead and Charlie Sifford who had a nice little blend of power and accuracy off the tee and today we have some of the best of the best like Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, Robert Garrigus and Luke List. These are the guys that make golf more fun more than it already is to begin with and the driver is arguably the most celebrated club in all of golf. Not only is it fun to hit a long tee shot down the fairway and shout “Boomshakalaka!” but it’s also that first shot of a round of golf, that first shot on that legendary course you may be playing on, the first time you see the sun rise that day (Unless you play on a par 3 course in the evening like I do *Wink Wink*). A tee shot is one of the true symbols of the game and it’s what makes this game so beautiful, hearing the ping of the driver is like music and poetry in motion (Unless you hit the rough then it’s like a scratched record or a poem of random letters). This all leads to my topic.

The LDA otherwise known as the Long Drivers of America and I’m here to tell you why it deserves more popularity although it’s already featured on “The Four Letter Network” known as ESPN. First of all, the LDA Championship only airs on ESPN2 and Golf Channel once a year and that normally lands on Christmas day or around it which is cool because it gives the golf fans something fun to watch on the holiday. However, I think more LDA events should be aired because there are several to choose from like some of the junior and senior events and the Texas Shootout. One of the problems is that although there are a decent amount of events, there aren’t enough and they all are pretty much in places like Texas and Nevada. If LDA events can reach big cities like Chicago (My beautiful home) or New York, then I think the popularity will grow in a hurry and more networks will want to air the events and more writers will want to cover them, giving the LDA more exposure and I don’t think you can find a finer owner than Art Sellinger who is arguably the most legendary long driver of all-time. They already have great players including the short but powerful Jamie Sadlowski who has well over 8,000 followers on Twitter.

They just need to expand and reach some of the bigger cities and then they will be on their way because as we all know, these big time cities love their sports and long driving is certainly entertaining. Now, the field that the golfers play on is the length of at least five football fields but there are plenty of spots in places like Chicago or New York that have a ton of space. If not, then the cities can make fields exclusively for long drive events and I’m sure it won’t cost much either, kind of like when they made Celtic Manor exclusively for the 2010 Ryder Cup, yeah remember that (BOOM baby!)? So the same can apply here but obviously the cities would have to allow it which I’m sure they would if they could (Oooh, nice rhyme!). I hope Art Sellinger and the crew can extend the LDA because although they have been around for 18 years, I still think it would really be great for the game of golf and introduce golf audiences all over the world to something fresh, fun and unique. Oh and another cool thing is, they do a lot of the LDA events AT NIGHT under the lights. How cool is that? That would be perfect for a place like Chicago. You can find the LDA’s website here.

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T-Dub 14 should be Happy Fun Times!!


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is coming out next month and it looks to be one of the best game releases of the year with legends beinng featured in the game such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer (Cover Boy) and my main man Bobby Jones.

I look forwad to seeing how the swing mechanics are as well because they are suppose to have the ACTUAL swings of the players including the legends and I’m looking forward that because the last couple of years, every single player including my created golfer (me!) had the same exact swing and that is totally unrealistic.

Another I noticed was a full putting stroke even when I’m like, an inch away from the hole! What kind of bleeping bleepingness is that?! Those putts should be TAP INS not full putting strokes. I miss how players had the ability to chose from a variety of swings including my favorite, the John Daly “Grip it & Rip It” swing.

Having Jim Furyk’s swing in the game would be fun considering it looks so off balance and I think it would look hilarious.

Nothing against Jimmy Furyk but I’m just saying so please don’t destroy my soul and throw it in a hole Furyk fans! There’s going to be 24 swing types in the game letting gamers choose from a wider variety than in previous versions and no I’m not talking about YOU TW 12 and 13! You guys were jerks in that category!

Tiger Woods 14 looks to be really deep this year because not only are there legends and different swing types but there are more choices for times of day including night golf! How cool is that? Playing Augusta at night would be a blast in the game I think because some things looks real pretty with the night sky’s moon beaming down on the course.

I caught a peak of what TPC Sawgrass looks like at night and I gotta say I was impressed on how it looked! There’s going to be a illuminated golf balls as well when you’re playing at night so it looks more fun. Everybody likes glowing balls that fly in the sky right? I think yes! Oh yea, how can I go about talking any video game without mentioning onnline play? The online mode of TW 14 features a match where you can play against 24 other players on te sam course! That’s right, you heard me (Or well.., read me..). Two,four.

So that’s more players for you to give a whooping! I really look forward to that because it gives the game that “party like” atmosphere. Don’t worry, you won’t have to watch all 24 players. You just watch where they’re shots land by seeing the lines of the shots. Easy! So you can go as slow or as fast as you want (Well, there is a time limit but you know what I mean).

With the combination of legends, night golf and sweet online play, this year’s Tiger Woods game should be the best of the series. Looking forward to when it drops on March 26th. Hopefully we can start hearing about the demo soon! Till next time, peace, adios, sianara!

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