J.B. Holmes gets hammered on social media for slow play

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J.B. Holmes was in contention on Sunday at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines and on the 18th hole. As we know, Holmes would take a good four or five minutes to hit his second shot. Since then, he has gotten criticized by other players for his slow play, especially on Twitter where a couple of big names showed their disdain.


Luke Donald, a five-time PGA Tour, and seven-time European Tour champion wasn’t done yet.

Even 13-time PGA Tour winner and former Open champion Mark Calcavecchia joined the hunt, on Twitter.



Finally, GolfChannel.com writer Ryan Lavner had this to say.


Slow play has been an issue in golf for quite some time, and in a sport that’s already fairly slow, it’s bad to see this continue. Four minutes may not seem like a long time, but if you’re a fellow player or a fan watching on TV or listening on the radio, it’s an eternity.


The worst part of it all is that Holmes would end up laying up anyway. J.B. seems like a swell guy, but to take that much time just to lay up is quite cringe-worthy.


Hopefully, slow play will end soon because one way to keep audiences interested is by speeding the game up. Plus, if a player plays faster, he or she will show respect to other players on the course.


In 2014, Rickie Fowler played quickly during the final hole so that Rory McIlroy could finish his round at the PGA Championship at Valhalla. McIlroy would win the tournament for his fourth major title. It’s stuff like that that you tip your cap to.


Let’s hope that the slow play ends soon, so players, fans and media alike can all enjoy this great sport a little more. Happy golfing!


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WATCH: J.B. Holmes hits amazing shot in storm at Pebble Beach


A couple of days prior to the Pebble Beach Pro-AM, J.B. Holmes tee’d it up on the course’s famed seventh hole. It was storming up a fool that day, and Holmes shared a clip of the madness.


He took out a six iron and hit his shot. Where the ball land? Nothing but green due to the reaction of Holmes and his buddies.


Even Zach Johnson, one of the best bad weather golfers of all-time probably couldn’t top what Holmes did. Just another cool thing about golf is that, you’re in a boss battle with the course, and mother nature as well.


Holmes, as we know, was the Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson before Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson. He would constantly rank among the top dogs in driving distance, and now, he’s making his presence in the new generation.


What better way to make yourself standout than by riding the storm of Pebble’s seventh hole? You go J.B.


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PHOTO: J.B. Holmes receives hilarious Christmas gift

J.B. Holmes had quite a comeback season in 2015 and was the king of power in golf before Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson took over.

With him coming back to form, winning once and contending in other tournaments, you’d think Holmes would receive some cool Christmas gifts for what he achieved. Well, he got a great gift (Or well, at least for us who like a good laugh) as his sister presented him with a shirt that says “World’s Okayest Golfer”.

Holmes was one of the popular players on Tour a few years back, wowing golf fans everywhere with his long drives. Now, a rejuvenate Holmes looks to fit right in with the new generation of golf and he did so somewhat quietly in 2015 and looks to continue his success in 2016.

Maybe he should wear the shirt to fool others into thinking that he’s just an “okay” golfer. Then show them all up in the end.

The golf hustle.

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Source: GolfDigest.com 

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