WATCH: Guy takes it in the shin from a golf ball

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Ouch, sometimes golf is your best friend, but in a lot of cases, it can be your worst enemy, and this guy proved it.

He hit his ball as it ricocheted and hit the man in his shin. Probably the best thing about this clip is his reaction after being hit.

Most of us would start hobbling around right after the hit. This dude still followed through as if nothing had happened.

Golf toughness?

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PHOTO: Woman believes that this man is Tiger Woods

I might be a little late on this but this Instagram photo shows a woman with who she thinks is Tiger Woods.


And if you look at the comments of the picture, you can see her saying that she saw ID and that it was in fact Woods.

She might of met Jaguar Woods but that’s certainly not Tiger Woods.


I think it’s time for someone to show this woman some golf highlights and show her who the real Tiger Woods is. She’ll recognize his voice too, just wait until he hits an errant tee shot.


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WATCH: Golfer hits crazy between the legs shot

OK so this was pretty cool. A young golfer was in a tough lie when he pulled off an impressive betweeen the legs shot.

Check out the video below!

With a little bit of imagination and a little bit of talent can make my short game shot of the year! #golf #fallswag #golftrickshot #doinggoodthings #goodtimes #cantwaitfornextseason #philmickelsonwouldbeproud @tigerwoods #myboy #igotchu

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I hit a shot like that once….during a putt! And no, it didn’t go in the hole but I tried!

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Source: Golf News Net

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PHOTO: You won’t believe which golfer is in this picture

Anthony Kim was known as one of the better recovery players and streaky putters in the game. His two best performances arguably came at the 2008 Ryder Cup and the 2010 Masters where he finished third and had the record for most consecutive birdies in a single round at Augusta.

Well, AK was spotted at the Omnia Night Club in Las Vegas a couple of days ago. Thanks to an Instagram user, the picture below was taken.

It's super rare to be out with @ricksalomon and golf great @Anthony Kim

A photo posted by Jean-Robert Bellande (@brokelivingjrb) on

I’m actually quite surprised AK was willing to take the picture. Because he has been extremely secretive about his life in the last couple of years and didn’t seem to want anyone to know what he was doing.

It’s gotten so crazy that we’re actually making a big deal about a picture that he was in. But there’s a reason for it because the man has been anything but visible the last couple of years after he was once looked at as one of golf’s bright young stars.

He had a swagger to him, his microwave style of play was big and he was just Mr. Cool. I definitely thought that after his impressive performance at the Masters in 2010 that he was officially getting into his prime.

Then he started getting quieter and quieter and quieter and nobody noticed. It just seemed like he was slumping and that happens to many good players.

Then it just seemed like he was no where to be found. Until now.

Personally, AK was one of my favortite players on Tour. Loved the combination of game and swagger that he had. It’s nice to see him in the spotlight again.

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Source: USA Today’s For the Win

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Photo: This is what Amanda Dufner’s butt looks like up close

This pretty much sums up everything about the life of Jason Dufner’s wife Amanda. In this Instagram picture, she is seen lounging in the pool. However it’s not exactly her, where the camera is.

It’s on her booty. The one thing that brought her out to the world (Thanks to Jason Dufner). Her butt is featured right there on her Instagram. You already knew the dudes were howling!

Here ya go.

I’ll just leave this here too:


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Picture: Michelle Wie does the famous Jordan dunk

Michelle’s at it again! This time, she’s trading in her golf shoes for Nike basketball shoes. In one of her new Instagram pics, Michelle is seen doing a solid replica of Michael Jordan’s “Jumpman” dunk which became the logo of the world famous Jordan brand.

There’s absolutely no surprise that this picture was taken because as we know, MJ is one of the biggest golf enthusiasts in the world so why not have a major champ attempt to perform your dunk?

Plus, Michelle is pretty freakin’ tall too (6’1″)! Allen Iverson was dunking at 6’0″ so I don’t see why Michelle couldn’t throw it down. Here’s the pic below.

She practically nailed it! As a big Bulls fan, I can appreciate this and I know fellow Bulls fans will agree! All she needs to do is stick the tongue out!

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Jason Dufner Has Ball on Fourth of July, Chicks, Boats, Private Jets and All

Looks like our friend Jason Dufner got wasted on “Merica’s” birthday. His wife (Who all the dudes drool over) Amanda posted pictures on Instagram of Jason enjoying the holiday. Enjoying he did, as he’s seen on a yacht and by a private jet. Duf is most definitely cash flow ballin. Check out the pics.

Don’t be surprised if we see more of this once he retires from golf since he said that he’ll play on the PGA Tour for five more years.

As I’ve said before, I’m no drinker but Duf, you sir, are awesome and the king of cool in golf right now.

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Ladies of Golf: Some of LPGA Star Belen Mozo’s Sexiest Pics

Belen Mozo is a fan favorite on the LPGA Tour especially because of her looks. In these pictures from her Instagram, she shows off why she’s one of the eye-catching players in golf.

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PHOTO: Natalie Gulbis Shows Off Her Talent, Booty and Surroundings in This Beautiful Instagram Picture

Natalie Gulbis is at it again as she hits Instagram to show off her paddle boarding skills while being surrounded by some gorgeous scenery. For those of you who want to stare at her butt, there’s that too. What raises my eyebrows is the fact that she’s balancing so well on that board (Unless she fell right after the picture was taken). Unless that board is very good at handling water, that has to be a tough thing to do. DAT BALANCE! So, what amazes you most about this picture? The surroundings? The way she’s handling the board? Or simply her booty? Either way, Nats is a pretty lucky chick to be in that gorgeous location. JEALOUS! Come on y’all, we’re all going together! Who’s with me?

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WATCH: Cheyenne Woods Attempts Moonwalk

Looks like the Woods chick is at it again as she’s been seen more frequently lately. Tiger Woods’ niece Cheyenne Woods attempted to the Michael Jackson’s iconic moonwalk dance on her driveway and well, she gave a good effort while rocking the Nike kicks! She’s obviously not afraid to go viral and that’s cool, there’s no pressure! Credit to as well for the vid!

So what do you guys think? Do you think she’s getting too much attention or do you like her? Did you like her impersonation of the great Michael Jackson? I tell you what, I like her and I liked the moonwalk! She seems like a real nice girl and would get along with a lot of people plus she does some journalistic work as well so I got to put my fist on my chest as a salute to her for her awesomeness. She also seems like she would stop and chat with fans as well because she just seems that nice and that’s always something great to see in golf where you do have your share of jerks here and there although pretty much all of them are on the men’s tour but you never know, some LPGA chick may come out as mean so for Cheyenne to as cool as she is, that’s just awesome for the sport. Keep being cool homegirl!

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