Young boy gets hole-in-one during first ever round of golf

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Get ready to shout “luckyyy!” after reading this. A seven-year-old boy named Freddy Sage got a hole-in-one in his very first round of golf.

Yup, you read that right. With literally no rounds of golf under his belt (keep in mind, he’s only seven), the young English kid got it done, and there’s no doubt that it’s a moment he’ll never forget if he chooses to continue to play the sport.

His instructor, Gary Parker witnessed to amazing achievement himself.

“It wasn’t just one of those flukey things,” Parker said via “He hit it straight off the tee and it was a proper golfing shot.”

Although Sage and his friends have been receiving lessons for 12 weeks, it was the first time they had a chance to experience the big course. Probably the most amazing thing is how early Sage captured the ace.

He got it on Knebworth Golf Club’s 6th hole, a 100-yard par-3. Can you say amazing? Um, yeah, I think so.

Congratulations to Freddy on a phenomenal acheivement so early in his golfing lifetime. Stuff like this puts a smile on our face and it’s just another reason why we love this sport!

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WATCH: Rickie Fowler makes incredible ace for great cause

Rickie Fowler has started to blossom as a player and is arguably one of the most likeable players in golf. During a pro-am tournament at Old Palm Golf Club, Fowler nailed an ace that made some history.

On a 19th hole at the course, players tried their hand at getting a hole-in-one to raise $1 million for the Ernie Els for Autism Foundation. Fowler got the ace and the surrounding crowd charged to him with excitement, knowing the importance of the shot.

Fowler even changed into gym shoes and used Luke Donald’s club for the feat:

There are some things that are bigger than golf, bigger than major championships and shiny awards. This, most definitely was more important than any of those things.

Congratulations to Fowler, Els and Els for Autism Foundation for this huge win.

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WATCH: This is one of the best holes-in-one you’ll ever see

LPGA Tour player Xi Yu Lin hit one of the craziest holes-in-one you’ll ever see, as the ball went 35 feet past the hole, and rolled all the way back.

With the ace, Lin won a shiny new Honda Accord. She’ll probably be polishing off her new ride, but she might need to polish off that golf ball and put it in a case because that shot was crazy.

I guess some golfers have super powers after all.

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Watch: Chad Campbell aces Torrey’s scenic 3rd hole

Chad Campbell has quietly put together a solid career on the PGA Tour winning four times including the Tour Championship in 2003 and the Bay Hill Invitational in 2004. Well, he added a little something else to his career with a beautiful ace one one of golf’s most gorgeous holes.

On Torrey Pines’ famed 3rd hole, par-3, Chad pulled out his club of choice and the ball bounced his way. It almost literally bounced right into the cup.

Check it out below!

I tell you what, there aren’t to many holes where you’d rather nail a hole-in-one than at Torrey’s 3rd hole. Even Campbell’s chicken noodle soup wasn’t hotter than that shot!

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Video: Chalmers hits shots that bounces off of fan onto green

WOAH! How about this? Greg Chalmers who was one of the leaders at the Austrailian Open (Jordan Spieth ultimately ended up winning it) hit his tee shot that almost turned into a hole-in-one.


However, this was the most typical shot. Greg hit his tee shot on the 11th hole as the ball then went into the spectators. The ball then bounced out of the crowd and rolled into the green, resulting in a near ace!

Watch the video below to believe it for yourself and this ball was CLOSE to going in:




Someone in that crowd CLEARLY has a launch pad on them for that ball to bounce like that!


Thoughts? Leave them below!


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Credit: Golf Channel

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