Hideki Matsuyama’s famous swing is in a video game


Hideki Matsuyama has the most unique swing in all of golf. On the top of his backswing, there is a slight pause before follows through and in a way, it looks kinda robotic.


With 14 professional wins worldwide, and reaching as high as second in the World Golf Rankings, perhaps he is a cyborg of some kind. Now, in Everybody’s Golf, a popular video game out on the PlayStation 4, you too can swing like Hideki.


When creating a player, and progressing through the game, you can unlock new swing animations for your golfer. One of them is the famous swing of Matsuyama.


It may not be the perfect replica, but you clearly can tell that that’s what the swing animation is inspired by. Not to mention, Clap Hanz, the company that developed the game, is based in Japan, so there may be some love shown to their superstar countryman.


You may not have the resume that Matsuyama has, but you can kinda have it in the game with that swing. That accounts for something……right?


Anyway, before I close out, I just want to wish you a Happy New Year and wish you good health and blessings going into 2018. Thank you so much for reading the GP Golf Report!


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