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Golf is the best sport in the world (in case you didn’t know that by now) but sometimes it can very time consuming, especially in today’s fast-paced world. That’s where putting courses come in, and the new MacKenzie Course at Haggin Oaks is quickly becoming one of the world’s best.

Much like par-3 courses, putting courses are a great way to enjoy the sport we love in less the time and at half the price. The MacKenzie Course was designed by David Schy and has a unique characteristic compared to other putting tracks.

Among these is the fact that there are bunkers on each hole. Yup, that’s right, so if you thought you were safe from the sand of death because you’re putting, then think again.

Mishit your “tee putts” and the offspring of the big bunkers will gobble up your ball so take care. Most putting courses rely on the slopes as hazards which is why they’re so cool, but the MacKenzie course’s bunkers help keep it totally unique.

It replicates a full golf course with fairways, water hazards the aforementioned bunkers and of course, the green. Some of the sand traps are well placed, forcing you to maneuver your way around each hole as you attempt to turn your putter into a magic wand.

A couple of holes force you go between two bunkers. So, in this case, you will have to be deadeye accurate.

A putting design like the MacKenzie is fantastic for the game. They show off the sport’s versatility and compliment driving ranges and par-3 courses beautifully.

These three elements (par-3 course, driving range, putting course) all complete the trifecta of convenient and affordable golf. Can’t forget about the full-blown nine-holers either.

The MacKenzie course will stand as one of the world’s best putting tracks. There are already quite a few at world famous golf courses (St. Andrews, Bandon Dunes, and Pinehurst among others).

There’s also a terrific course at the USGA Museum where you can use a hickory putter to tackle the putting design. You can add the MacKenzie course to join all of these great little wonders.

If you live in Sacramento, have your putter ready, and get ready to take on a putting course, in the shadow of Dr. Alister MacKenzie.

Colin Mieczkowski is the Founder of the GP Golf Report and can be found on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio.

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