Picture: This is probably the closest you’ll get to Pine Valley

So, I decided to do a little snooping around on Google Earth’s street view and decided to pull up the tiny town of Clementon, New Jersey. Why do I look that up you ask? Because Clementon is home to the number ranked golf course in the world.

That course being non other than Pine Valley.

Thanks to the power of Google Earth’s Street View feature, I was able to explore the small, somewhat mysterious town. Things I was on my virtual journey was a couple of stores, some houses, the famed amusement Park that stands out in the middle of the town.

And then, there’s that long stretch of road that leads you to a dirt parking lot. There’s some train tracks (Too Too Twain!) right by the lot.

Across the tracks? The world famous entrance of the world’s number one course. There’s a guardhouse that sits within the entrance, ensuring that intruders don’t pass by.

That’s as far as I got and for good reason. Here’s the picture I took.

One thing I notice about the Pine Valley parking lot and entrance is that it looks like it’s just at the end of the country or something. Like as if you traveled all the way across the country and at the end, here’s your reward.

Like an exclusive dead end.

I also hear that what makes Pine Valley so beautiful is that it’s so secluded (Lovers who also golf, rejoice!….only if you know a member of the course or are a member yourself). It’s definitely a course full of wilderness and probably see plenty of wildlife.

Probably even more rare than the main course is its short 9-hole course which was designed by Tom Fazio back in 1991. I’m a big sucker for a great short course so this would be a dream to play!

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