Parodies of Infamous Paulina Gretzky Golf Digest Cover Revealed and They’re Funny and Disturbing

Paulina Gretzky’s Golf Digest cover has gotten a crazy amount of national attention with a lot of people, specifically women, were furious at the cover since Gretzky isn’t a golfer but is however married to a golfer in Dustin Johnson. This cover has gotten so much attention that there were parodies of the cover and you can see them below but please, view at your own risk! Don’t want you to get blind by all the disturbance!

Courtesy of Devil Ball Golf

Courtesy of Devil Ball Golf

Well, although I rather see Amanda Balionis on the cover (Oooh wee!), Paulina is DEFINTIELY better than looking at those dudes! They made me laugh though!

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PHOTOS: Paulina Gretzky Poses for the Latest Golf Digest With Tight Clothes

Everyone’s favorite golf girlfriend, hockey daughter, model girl lady person is back! This time, she made her way to the cover of Golf Digest and she took some pretty sweet pics. I guess she really does enjoy the game because she’s “competitive” (According to her) which I guess so if you’re the daughter of the greatest scorer in hockey history. She’s definitely been in competition with the other chicks posting selfies on Twitter! Anyway, here’s the pics courtesy of because I know how much y’all dig blondes!










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The New GP Golf Report

Pete Dye, one of the Greatest Figures in Golf History

Pete Dye, One of the Greatest Figures in Golf History

Hello all, proud to announce that is now! This is a huge step for the site as having your own domain name means that the doors are open and everything looks more professional. Still will write about golf whether it’s national news or my opinions on the game, the GP Golf Report will remain the same. Stay tuned, as I will have some treats in the audio section of the site also. I had the chance to chat with former CBS golf announcer and funny guy Gary McCord as well as have a chat with hall of fame golf course architect and only the 6th winner of the PGA Lifetime Achievement award, Pete Dye. So welcome to the fresh new domain of the GP Golf Report! Thank you for your support everyone! Now let’s reach 1000 hits shall we? Thanks again!

– Colin Mieczkowski
– Site Admin

Please feel free to email me at with any questions or comments.

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