Check out Paige Spiranic’s impressive trick shot

Super awkward celebration for the win😂 #buckets #haterswillsayitsfake #eveniwassurprisediactuallymadesomething

A video posted by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on

Paige Spiranic is a social media star, known for her looks, fitness and love of golf. However, sometimes people may forget how good Spiranic really is at golf, and she proved it once again with this crazy trick shot.

Spiranic was a star player on a ranked San Diego women’s golf squad and she racked up her first professional win this year. Basically what I’m trying to say is; just because she’s a social media star who happens to be a girl, don’t sleep on her as a talented golfer.

If she keeps playing on the course like she nails these trick shots, then she could definitely become a star in professional golf. In the meantime, she could just keep attempting awesome trick shots like a boss.

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Check out the European Tour’s innovative new tournament

Although this was a week ago, I just found the European Tour’s Hero Challenge to be such a fresh idea. To aim of the tournament is to get as close to the pin as possible on a 156-yard par-3.

It takes places under the lights, with flames shooting up after every swing. It’s about as awesome and unique of a way you can ever play golf.

Plus, it’ll be appealing to the younger audiences. Besides, aren’t we tired of the ol’ “golf is boring” narrative? This event makes golf stand out more, while still featuring the pureness of the game. Let’s hope all of the tours can come up with cool ideas like this more often.

You can read a full piece I did on the Hero Challenge at Pro Golf Now

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WATCH: This kid’s reaction to a chip-in is awesome

Why does this look so easy when he does it? #LittleGrinders ————————————– Send your #golf vids to #uskidsgolf #juniorgolf #ilovegolf #whyilovethisgame #nike #taylormade #instagood #instalike #instagram

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We all do a happy dance when we sink a long putt on the golf course or hit a deadeye accurate and long drive down the fiarway.

But for this young man, he hit a beautiful chip-in and started breaking it down. His dance skills are just as awesome as his golf game, and would probably have most people tripping who attempt these moves.

While this kid hits a wonderful chip-in, you and I would probably dance for a bogey. Enjoy your Wednesday.

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Source: Golf Digest

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WATCH: Kid hits himself in face with own golf shot

I think I’ll just let this one speak for itself.

Here you go.

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WATCH: Golfer hits crazy between the legs shot

OK so this was pretty cool. A young golfer was in a tough lie when he pulled off an impressive betweeen the legs shot.

Check out the video below!

With a little bit of imagination and a little bit of talent can make my short game shot of the year! #golf #fallswag #golftrickshot #doinggoodthings #goodtimes #cantwaitfornextseason #philmickelsonwouldbeproud @tigerwoods #myboy #igotchu

A video posted by benjamin_r_s (@benjamin_r_s) on

I hit a shot like that once….during a putt! And no, it didn’t go in the hole but I tried!

What are some of YOUR best shots? Share them with me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

Source: Golf News Net

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WATCH: Sunshine Tour golfer takes shot to the groin

Man, I guess there’s not much sunshine on the Sunshine Tour after all. Jacques Kruyswijk was about to hit a shot from behind a tree during the Vodacom Origins of Golf but his shot ricochets off the tree and hits him right in the groin.

Looking at this video, it makes you feel the pain.

Gentlemen, turn your heads. Sunshine Tour pro Jacques Kruyswijk tried to play this shot from behind a tree and well… Video credit: @sunshinetour

A video posted by Golf Channel (@golfchannel) on

Ouch, well, Jacques did have five birdies and shot a 69 in that same round. I’d say that’s a better recovery than the shot he was trying to hit! Silly trees, golf balls are for greens!

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WATCH: Dude smashes his Benz with a golf club

Well, there’s an alternative to “smashing” golf balls. Instead, how about smashing a car?

A gentleman has a set of clubs, pulls one out, and start beating the crap out of a Benz. Rappers everywhere were crying at such a sight.

Check out the video below!

One thing’s for sure, he definitely broke more than just his score on the golf course. With all the cameras around, it seems as if he’s doing some kind of skit or a commercial for Grand Theft Auto 5 (Yes, I’ve smashed my share of windows with a golf club in that game).

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the price of the car? Try $170,000.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio! I went to Tuesday’s practice round at the BMW Championship and will be heading back up to Conway Farms on Saturday and will write about my experience sometime soon after so stay tuned!


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WATCH: Dude wrecks his GoPro camera with golf shot

Ouch! A dude had gotten one of the awesome, super shiny, GoPro cameras to show off his golf skills. Unfortuantely, he had the camera placed right in front of his shot, and the ball didn’t take flight soon enough.

The end result? Well, you see that for yourself in the video below:

Well, that’s a stinker. Fortunately for our buddy in the video, the folks at GoPro made an awesome gesture and offered him a new one (Check the video’s comments section).

Next time however, it might be a good idea to either place the camera behind your shot or maybe attach it to your hat for a more immersive, first-person experience.

And for the record, I DO think GoPro cameras are awesome for golf. It’s just how you use it!

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Rory Mcilroy Tosses Club in the Lake, Man Recovers it

You probably know by now since its been shown all over the place that Rory Mcilroy tossed his club into the lake on the 8th hole of the famed Doral course. Well, one guy made sure to jump in the water to grab it.

A scuba diver who decided to put his routine to the test by jumping in and grabbing his new souvenir (Or at least that’s what I believe).

Check it out below!

Oh, and if you did miss the club toss, here it is here.

Rory ended finishing with a bogey on the par-5 so it wasn’t as bad as we thought eh?

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Video: Dude Plays EA Sports PGA Tour….in Real Life

EA Sports will be releasing their latest golf video game in the early part of this year and it seems like a golfer already got a head start. The player in the video plays golf and the camera is angled on him as if he is inside the video game.

It’s definitely a creative and unique video! Huge credit to who did the camera and audio work. Outstanding. Take a look below!

The only thing missing is if he was hitting over some battleships like in the EA Sports PGA Tour trailer. At least hit over a little riverboat right? Just make sure it looks totally cool!

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