WATCH: You won’t believe this tough trick shot

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How many times have my headlines said “You won’t believe” in it? Well, here’s another one of those moments, as a golfer hit a behind the back, over the shoulder shot that made its way into the cup.

Utilizing Instagram’s amazing slow-motion feature, you can watch the shot in all its glory. We see trick shots in many other sports, but non like in golf and this is just another great example of it.

Never sleep on chip shots. There’s style points there too.

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WATCH: You won’t believe this incredible three-putt

What’s that? A three putt that’s awesome? Yes, Pinehurst teaching pro Kelly Mitchum hit three golf balls at the same time and they all went into three separate holes.

The scary thing is, this isn’t the first time that Mitchum has done something like this. Check out this video below:

As terrific as that video was, it’s still not quite as terrific as the “Three balls, three cups” clip above. And that alone, is extra scary.

Sign that man up for the putting championships at the World Golf Hall of Fame.

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WATCH: Padraig Harrington performs tick shot by accident

Padraig Harrington was at one point, the most dangerous golfer on the planet, winning three majors in two years (Open Championship in 2007 and 2008 & PGA Championship in 2008) but while practicing at his home, he apparently became a trick shot artist.

Harrington was hitting drives into a cloth, hanging in his house when he hit a shot hit the wall, bounced up and hit the light, then came right back to him. He then proceeded to catch the ball and re-tee it, oh and it was completely done by accident.

Yup, pretty insane, but when you’ve won 30 professional tournaments and three majors and perhaps a key into the Hall of Fame, anything’s possible I suppose.

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Video: Oklahoma Golf Team Releases Cool Trick Shot Video

First it was the San Diego State Women’s golf team that put one of the best trick shot displays ever. Now the Oklahoma Men’s squad decided to join the party as well.

During a rain delay, the Sooners decided it was a great idea to create a trick shot video of them hitting shots into cups, trophies, etc. Let’s just say they did one heck of a job.

Check out the video below:

That was pretty incredible what they did. Makes you wonder though, is it as good as what the aforementioned SDSU Women’s team did?

I’m not going to judge. I’ll let you decide that.

These were both awesome no doubt. Gotta love college golf!

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WATCH: Bryan Brothers Hit Some Insane Trick Shots

Rising YouTube stars, the “Bryan Brothers” are golf trick shot machines and they perform some of the best golf stunts you’ll see. They’re on their way to 1,000 subscribers and there’s no doubt that number will grow and will get more people to start searching for golf more on YouTube. Below is the video, but watch out for the greatness, it loves new viewers….you were warned…

What did I tell you? Wait WHAT! The greatness got you, didn’t it? Are you alright? Of course you are now get on up! There are a lot of great trick shot artists in golf and I remember talking to Dan Boever a while back and got his autograph and he’s one of the best out there and he’s a RE/MAX Long Drive Champion as well. It shows how much fun golf is because there are so many things to it now whether it’s trick shot artists, long drive championships, college golf, high school golf and even the rise of sports like footgolf and disc golf. Golf is straight up kicking butt!

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MUST WATCH: Golfers Perform Unbelievable Assist Trick Shot at Driving Range

Dang homie, assists aren’t just for basketball and hockey anymore apparently! Two gentleman at a driving range performed one of the most skilled trick shots you may ever see. I’ll let this video speak for itself. VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK, YOU MIGHT BE BLINDED BY AWESOMENESS! Shout out to 59 Player for sharing!

If any of us remember the old NBA Street, NFL Street and FIFA Street video games, that’s what this video reminded me of but only in golf form. You can seriously create a new sport out of this! It would just take a ton of skill because as we know, it’s already tough to hit a golf ball on the ground let alone hit a ball that’s already in mid flight from the assist of a teammate. But my gosh that would be awesome! *Fantasizing*

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