WATCH: Golfer tries to hit golf ball off frozen pond, learns hard way

This is an example of what NOT to do with your time as a golfer. Sure, I’m absolutely all in for off course golfing adventures, but not when it’s dangerous like this.


A dude is recorded taking a whack at a golf ball on some pretty thin ice. His swing just misses the golf ball, and with the golf gods not pleased, he falls on the ice and breaks through.


Fortunately for our friend here, he seems to be doing alright. However, let this be a lesson that, although golf can played anywhere (my opinion), on top of some thin ice is not the grandest of ideas.


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Source: Devil Ball Golf Blog, Yahoo! 

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Golf instructor performs most mesmerizing golf swing ever

What do you think of my new swing…? #backtoback • • • • • #golf #golfswing #taylormade #trickshot #taylormadegolf #utahgolf #golfgods #cartbarnguys #utah #golfishard #instagolf #instagolfer #coloradogolfblog #golfoncamera #pga #golfstagram

A video posted by Taylor Laybourne (@jt_laybourne) on

A golf instructor at Davis Park in Utah, Taylor Laybourne, may have pulled off one of the most mind blowing swings we may ever see. It’s what I call a “head tilter”, as you may be confused as to how it’s even remotely possible to swing like this.

You will be left speechless. Now, some of you may say that it’s not that hard, but good luck trying this.

You can easily over toss the club over your head. Laybourne had just enough strength to softly flip the club over to make the swing happen.

However, it almost looks as if the club flipped over by itself, which is why it looks so mesmerizing. Without a doubt though, if Laybourne is hitting shot slike that, he must be one heck of an instructor.

Pack your clubs, we’re heading to Utah!

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Source: Golf Digest 

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Check out Paige Spiranic’s impressive trick shot

Super awkward celebration for the win😂 #buckets #haterswillsayitsfake #eveniwassurprisediactuallymadesomething

A video posted by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on

Paige Spiranic is a social media star, known for her looks, fitness and love of golf. However, sometimes people may forget how good Spiranic really is at golf, and she proved it once again with this crazy trick shot.

Spiranic was a star player on a ranked San Diego women’s golf squad and she racked up her first professional win this year. Basically what I’m trying to say is; just because she’s a social media star who happens to be a girl, don’t sleep on her as a talented golfer.

If she keeps playing on the course like she nails these trick shots, then she could definitely become a star in professional golf. In the meantime, she could just keep attempting awesome trick shots like a boss.

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WATCH: French artist performs trick shots around London

We’ve seen many great golf trick shot artists who have entertained people everywhere. However, Roman Bechu decided to take his skills to the streets of London as he performed numerous trick shots to dazzle folks walking by.

His goal was to meet up with European Tour pro Thorbjorn Olesen for a round of golf. So, what better way to do so than by earning style points in London with amazing trick shot skills?


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Source: CLICKON Golf 

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WATCH: This is one of the biggest golf fails ever

Whoops. Trick shot fail #trickshot #fail #golf

A video posted by Golf Punk (@golfpunkhq) on

Well this was a combination of hilarious, awkward, painful and just a plain epic fail. A guy decided to try his hand at one of the always challenging golf trick shots and this one involved switching clubs.

Well, when he switched clubs after using the wedge for bouncing the ball, the club ricochets off the ground bounces up and the guy accidentally hits his wedge. It snapped in two as it when flying into the water.

Ouch. No doubt that you or I would probably have the same result….or maybe even worse.

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Source: CLICKON Golf and Golf Punk

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WATCH: You won’t believe this tough trick shot

Over the shoulder chip and run, literally. #ifg #rep #indofreestylegolf #gottagolf #indonesia #jakarta #golftricks #teamswish @gotta_golf

A video posted by [2 syll. an-drey, and-r-ey] (@_andreyo) on

How many times have my headlines said “You won’t believe” in it? Well, here’s another one of those moments, as a golfer hit a behind the back, over the shoulder shot that made its way into the cup.

Utilizing Instagram’s amazing slow-motion feature, you can watch the shot in all its glory. We see trick shots in many other sports, but non like in golf and this is just another great example of it.

Never sleep on chip shots. There’s style points there too.

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Source: Swing By Swing

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WATCH: You won’t believe this incredible three-putt

What’s that? A three putt that’s awesome? Yes, Pinehurst teaching pro Kelly Mitchum hit three golf balls at the same time and they all went into three separate holes.

The scary thing is, this isn’t the first time that Mitchum has done something like this. Check out this video below:

As terrific as that video was, it’s still not quite as terrific as the “Three balls, three cups” clip above. And that alone, is extra scary.

Sign that man up for the putting championships at the World Golf Hall of Fame.

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WATCH: Padraig Harrington performs tick shot by accident

Padraig Harrington was at one point, the most dangerous golfer on the planet, winning three majors in two years (Open Championship in 2007 and 2008 & PGA Championship in 2008) but while practicing at his home, he apparently became a trick shot artist.

Harrington was hitting drives into a cloth, hanging in his house when he hit a shot hit the wall, bounced up and hit the light, then came right back to him. He then proceeded to catch the ball and re-tee it, oh and it was completely done by accident.

Yup, pretty insane, but when you’ve won 30 professional tournaments and three majors and perhaps a key into the Hall of Fame, anything’s possible I suppose.

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Video: Oklahoma Golf Team Releases Cool Trick Shot Video

First it was the San Diego State Women’s golf team that put one of the best trick shot displays ever. Now the Oklahoma Men’s squad decided to join the party as well.

During a rain delay, the Sooners decided it was a great idea to create a trick shot video of them hitting shots into cups, trophies, etc. Let’s just say they did one heck of a job.

Check out the video below:

That was pretty incredible what they did. Makes you wonder though, is it as good as what the aforementioned SDSU Women’s team did?

I’m not going to judge. I’ll let you decide that.

These were both awesome no doubt. Gotta love college golf!

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WATCH: Bryan Brothers Hit Some Insane Trick Shots

Rising YouTube stars, the “Bryan Brothers” are golf trick shot machines and they perform some of the best golf stunts you’ll see. They’re on their way to 1,000 subscribers and there’s no doubt that number will grow and will get more people to start searching for golf more on YouTube. Below is the video, but watch out for the greatness, it loves new viewers….you were warned…

What did I tell you? Wait WHAT! The greatness got you, didn’t it? Are you alright? Of course you are now get on up! There are a lot of great trick shot artists in golf and I remember talking to Dan Boever a while back and got his autograph and he’s one of the best out there and he’s a RE/MAX Long Drive Champion as well. It shows how much fun golf is because there are so many things to it now whether it’s trick shot artists, long drive championships, college golf, high school golf and even the rise of sports like footgolf and disc golf. Golf is straight up kicking butt!

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