WATCH: This dude’s putter swing is simply amazing

Putter stinger 😜🐝 I actually hit this putter so well 😂 #golf #golfswing #stinger #tiger #golfgods #golfstagram #trickshot #golfaddict @golf_gods

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Taking full swings with a putter has become a thing, and it continues. On Instagram, one dude took a swing on the range with his putter, and it was a wonderful “stinger” shot.

In case you don’t know what a stinger is, it’s when the ball has a low trajectory on impact, and then rises as its flight continues. Tiger Woods is masterful at doing this. It’s tough to perform a stinger with any club, let alone a putter.

It would be interesting to see if this guy could do it…..with a wood (gasp!). All messing around aside, this was pretty dope and skillful. Good for you dude.

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