Review: Thirty7Designs Brings Style to Your Putter

Check it!

Check it!

Thirty7Designs, a young company that designs custom putters, creates putters that not only are stylish but perform well. They were kind of enough to send me a custom flat stick to try out on the greens.


I decided to go with an all black color which is cool because it looks like a total ninja! As you can see in the picture, it’s a blade putter and this is my first time using one. Feels great!


I think it’s only fair to start out with the grip of the club as this is the very first thing you touch with any club. The grip is created by Ace of Clubs which is a company that has custom putter grips as well as golf accessories such as putter head covers and yardage books.


These grips are unlike anything else in golf. The front of the grip has what appear to be little bumps all around it and they really help you with getting the right feel of the club.


The back of the grip features what appears to be the signature feature of the Ace of Clubs grip which is laces tied around in the back. The laces also play a big role in the feel of the putter like when you grip a football by its laces. This is very beneficial to get the right amount of touch on the greens.


Overall, the grip of the club just feels beautiful and is a crucial part of successful putting. The next thing I want to mention is the shaft.


The shaft is amazing. Has a great style and feel and is excellent when putting on the green. It has a very nice slick feel which adds to the unique style of the shaft.


While on the green, the putter hits beautifully. The feel of the ball coming off the clubface is as smooth as butter and it helped build some extra confidence.


How do you like that?

How do you like that?


On short putts, this putter made them into just gimmes and most of the time, short putts can be the toughest. The long putts, although missed just because I’m a lame putter, came pretty close actually. I was left with pretty easy two putts opportunities.


The clubhead that was put on my putter is phenomenal. As I mentioned, it feels great when the golf ball comes off it. Another great thing is the the alignment line on the putter.


The alignment on this putter makes it so easy to help you read your putts. Although I missed my share of putts, I was able to get my putts on the right line as the balls rolled up towards the cup.


I usually am not the best green reader but this putter was able to help me line up the putt just right and I was able to see the green that much better. The green went uphill and curved left once it go up the hill. I was able to get the putt pretty close to the hole!


There were a few putts that were on tough spots on the green where it sloped downhill and to the left. After missing the first putt, I was able to sink the next two putts!


You’d have to have quite a bit of touch to be able to hit that putt. That’s another beautiful thing about the putter. Pure touch!


Overall, these putters are awesome, and if you want something stylish that performs well, then this is a great putter of choice. You can get design colors of your favorite sports team or maybe the high school or college you attended which is cool.


Or you can be on of those guys who attends a major, famous university for like two months, comes out and says “That’s my alma mater right there!”.


If you want a putter, visit and contact my man Phil and he’ll hook you up!


Hit me up @ChiGolfRadio on Twitter because I’m weird and I tweet about things and stuff!










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Review: Mcintyre Golf Balls Make You Travel Back in Time



Hickory golf has made an impressive restoration into the 21st century and has been a hit with a lot of new school golfers. Sandy Lyle won the World Hickory Golf Open in 2014 and he absolutely loves the hickory game.


Well, hickory clubs go great with certain kinds of golf balls and Mcintyre recreates the classic balls of old to perfection. I had a chance to try these pieces of history for myself.


They are gorgeous golf balls and are perfect for either play or display. They give you a great look of what the original designs of golf balls were back in the day.


I had a chance to check out the “RTJ” which is a ball that based from 1905 to 1935. These are one of the first dimpled golf balls only the dimples are much smaller than today’s balls.


I also had the opportunity of trying out the “Victor” which is based off of a more classic ball design. You’ll notice this when you see the picture above that the ball kinda has the design of a ball of yarn as if the ball is wrapped all around with a bunch of rope.


David Brown, who does a great job of running Mcintyre, was nice enough to send me a customized version of the “Victor” which has the Chicago District Golf Association logo on it. You can get them customized on the website which I’ll share momentarily.


Customized Mcintyres make terrific gifts for the golfers in your life, including yourself.


One thing I learned is that the best to see how a golf ball plays is around the greens which is exactly what I did with these beauties. I started hitting my usual pitch, chip and flop shots.


I didn’t have any hickories so I used my modern clubs to see how well these balls of the past, played with the clubs of the present. It was a fun and unique experience hitting these kinds of golf balls.


While hitting some pitch shots, I noticed that that balls rolled on the greens with a little more speed. When you thought the ball should stop rolling, they don’t and stop when they wanna stop.


Not saying that they don’t land in great spots but they make you change your strategy a little more. It adds to the uniqueness and beauty of these balls. They make you think more.


That’s what makes these balls so awesome is that they challenge your mind, especially with modern equipment. This is because you have to adjust from the balls you use in today’s game to what the legends of the game used back in the day.


You have to know how hard or how soft you should hit it, especially from the rough. Most golf balls today you could probably put less effort into it and the ball won’t roll as far.


With these classics, the ball will pretty much roll wherever, judging by your swing tempo. They feel terrific off of the clubface however.


These balls handled modern clubs better than I thought they would and are definitely playable with them. I then pulled out the flatstick to test the ball on the putting surface.


The ball feels great off the putter face and is a lot of fun to putt with. The way they roll on the green is a lot different from today’s balls. You don’t really have to hit as hard as it’ll roll a bit for you due to its adjusting to the face of the modern putter.


Making a putt with these balls is a lot of fun and are excellent practice to improve your skills on the greens. As mentioned, these babies make you strategize more and use your functioning brain sells to help you execute the perfect shot and sink that amazing putt.


It truly brings the roots of this legendary sport to the 21st century and hitting them makes you feel like a legend is right beside you. Old Tom Morris is probably standing there as you’re lining up your putt!


If you want to get these fantastic pieces of golf history for either play or just for display, then visit!


And if you have hickory clubs, then these are definitely the perfect balls for you. All you need to do is rock some knickers and grow a beard and you’re on your way!


Follow me and feel free to bother me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio because I heart you!

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Review: The Kick X Golf Ball is Masterful Ball on Greens


In today’s amazing golf world, everything in golf seems to make a difference. From the clubs, to the grips, even to the tees. Golf balls seem to be more important now than ever before and the balls I tried recently are just terrific.


You may have seen the commercial for the Kick X Golf Balls which showcase 19-time PGA Tour champion Bruce Fleisher and other golfers talking about the greatness of the ball. Well, after trying the ball out, they were absolutely correct.


I went up to a local indoor golf facility since it’s still pretty cold here in Chicago. Plus, the black ice or “Ninja Ice” I like to call it is all around!


After hitting some balls at the indoor facility’s driving range, I went to its short game area and started hitting some pitch, chip and flop shots with the Kick X ball. I was amazed with its performance.


The ball feels smooth coming off of the clubface and rolled beautifully on the green. The soft landing of the ball contributes to this.


When hitting pitch shots, I felt more confident with my swing and the ball had just enough roll to where I was left with an easy putt. The pitch is probably my second favorite shot in golf and this ball is so solid with it.


On chip shots, it’s as if the ball obeys you. you hit the shot and it practically goes where you want it to go.


It’s like some Anikan Skywalker using the Force stuff. Pinned in a tight spot, I was able to chip into a hole on the green which is quite hilly and elevated.


It was in my opinion, the toughest hole on the green due to its hilly nature. If that ball didn’t land near the hole, it would’ve started rolling down the green.


The Kick X ball rolled beautifully into the cup from a tough lie. You should’ve saw me when it rolled in. I was like going into an epic slow motion fist pump and pretending like I was screaming to the heavens!


Now, with the flop shot, which is my favorite shot in golf for its pure artistry and beauty. Like a moving painting in an art gallery.


This is probably where the Kick X ball really works its magic. It is an excellent flop shot ball due its soft nature.


First, I tried to hit some flop shots out of the rough area of the short game area and the results did not disappoint. The ball flew straight up in the air and landed back down just about where I wanted it to.


Some balls tend to roll on flop shots just a tad too much but the Kick X ball lands with hardly any movement. So if you want to really stick the flagstick, then this ball will land right where you want it to.


I then to a vacation to the beach in the short game area where I tested the ball’s sand recovery abilities. I tell you what, I suck hitting out of the sand, absolutely terrible at it.


With this ball, I hit probably the best bunker shot I’ve ever hit although it was at a practice facility and not a real golf course.


Aiming at the hole I was trying to hit, I started to think about the choice of shot to escape the sand. I decided to go with my favorite shot once again, the flop shot.


I took a swing as the sand flew all over the place as I finished my follow through and watch for the ball, it landed practically right next to the hole. This was on a green that was sloping severely to the right.


Aiming left, the ball landed where I wanted it to and curved to the right as expected. This left me with an easy enough putt to finish my vacation at the beach.


On the green is where the Kick X ball’s signature feature comes in to play. The incredible alignment tool on the ball.


The triple line alignment is unlike anything else in golf. It makes it extremely easy to line up putts.


Once you read your putt, line this baby up and you’ll be ready to drill holes. I had a long putt ahead of me and noticed the green sloped up a hill and to the left.


I used the alignment tool of the ball, lined it up exactly where I wanted it to and let the putter rip.


It rolled up the tricky hill and landed fairly close, leaving me with an easy second putt. From that distance, a lot of us, especially me, would be three putting.


Overall, this ball is fantastic and is one of the best balls I’ve ever used. The way the ball feels is just amazing and rolls oh so well.


If I had a GP Golf Report “Hot List”, the Kick X golf ball would be my gold medalist for the golf ball category.


I highly recommend this beast of a golf ball!


You’ll learn some new dance moves once you play this ball even if you don’t know how to dance!


Check them out at!







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Review: SuperSpeed Clubs Improve Swing Speed Dramatically

These are the weights of the clubs. Look kinda like pool sticks don't they?

These are the weights of the clubs. Look kinda like pool sticks don’t they?


Although the days are freezing cold (-1 degrees here in Chicago as a matter of fact), that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about golf! I had a chance to try out the amazing new golf training aid/golf fitness product, the SuperSpeed golf clubs by Catalyst Golf.


They golf clubs with small weights in place of where a typical driver head would be. Each set comes with three clubs.


Each club has its own weight to it and goes by color to identify which is lightest and which is heaviest. Each club’s weight at the end of the club is different sized based on the club you choose.


The green club is the lightest and is recommended as the first club you swing before moving on. 


– The blue club is medium weight and is the second club you swing after you finished taking at least five to ten swings with the green, light weighted club. 


Finally, you pick up the red club which is the heaviest and take five to ten swings with it.


The key thing is to make sure you swing the clubs as hard as you can. This helps you apply this amount of speed when you pick up a driver.


The grips on the clubs are terrific and that’s extremely important for these clubs let alone any club. Since you’re swinging these bad boys so hard, it’s crucial to have a great grip and these grips do not disappoint and get the job done.


Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your clubs doesn’t hit the ground during your swing. This may damage the small weight that’s on the club so make sure you swing at a more level posture.


After swinging these a few times and picking up my driver afterwards, I definitely felt a difference in my swing. I felt like I was hitting the ball harder, and the swing just felt faster.


I think these clubs are excellent for building some flexibility in your swing as well. They help make your swings longer which will help you bomb it off the tee at the course and range.


These clubs are also excellent golf fitness aids as you can use them for great golf stretching exercises. Plus, swinging them as hard as you can several times is a workout in itself and you’ll be feeling great afterwards while burning your share of calories.


Overall, the SuperSpeed golf clubs are just plain awesome and are great to have in your bag. They’re perfect for golf fitness, practice, and warming up before you tee it up on that nasty par-5 starting hole.


You know? The one that gives you option the either suffer the consequences if you choose to lay up and reward you if you decide to go for it? Yeah, that one!


You can check out the SuperSpeed golf clubs at their website by visiting


Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio since I have nothing else better to do right? Just a loser that loves golf, other sports and video games!

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Review: Champ’s new grips stick to your hands purely

Oooo so colorful! I had the black color.

Oooo so colorful! I had the black color.


Champ, the company known in golf for their popular FLYtess, spikes for golf shoes and other excellent accessories. They also carry some grips and they are a lot better than you think.



I changed my old grips on a couple of clubs and put on Champ’s C8 grips. I was quite excited to put them on some clubs for the first time as I had the chance to feel and take practice with the grips alone.


Once I got them on the clubs, I waited about an hour before trying them (Typical time for grip changing) and once I finally had the chance to try them; wow, I was impressed. The grips felt like they stuck to my hands and I felt very confident with my swing.


The grip wasn’t an issue. The grip felt like a magnet on my hands and they felt quite comfortable as well. I was able to take solid, full swings without having the squeeze the crap out of my club.


They feel extra great on short irons. You’re able to just focus on your approach shots rather than how hard to squeeze your clubs. This helps make sure that you don’t swing too hard and over hit your shots.


They felt wonderful in my hands and went together very well with my glove. These grips are great if you want it to just stick to your hands like glue.


With these grips, all you need to do is focus on your swing, shot shaping possibilities, the course layout and design, and hitting that perfect. No worries about the club flying out your hands or anything like that.


I definitely recommend these grips if you want to hit better shots. However, try it on one club first before you get a whole set of them.


Would hate to see you get a bunch of them and then end up disliking them so try it one club first. I really do believe you will enjoy them and how they feel in your hands.


Grips are very important in golf and are overlooked. While your buddies’ clubs will be flying in all directions, you’ll be dodging like a ninja while nailing shots with your new grips.

You can get Champ’s C8 grips here.

Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

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Review: Bugle tees are the most indestructible ever made



Wha-wha-WHHAAT?! Tees? Yes, my friend, tees. However, these aren’t just any ordinary tees. These are the Bugle Tees. You might have caught them on Sirius XM’s PGA Tour radio.


I’m sure you just grab a ship load of tees and toss them in your bag, right? Well, aren’t you tired of tees breaking all of the time, and taking that extra space in your bag?


What if you forget to bring enough tees and then you’re screwed? What if you go to the range (The ones without mats) and break the only couple of tees you have?


Then you’d have to search the ground for some missing or partially broken but usable tees which usually don’t have the same effect of a clean, perfect tee. Well, guess what.


What if I told you that the most breakable thing in golf is now indestructible? What if I told you that you can carry just one tee per 18 hole round?


Well, you’re in luck because the Bugle tees are just that; INDESTRUCTIBLE. These tees are one of the most unique inventions in the history of the game.


Although tees easily get overlooked, it still drives golfers nuts to go through so many tees. Avid golfers (Golfers that play at least a couple of times a week) spend a ton of money on tees yearly and with the Bugle tee, you’ll never have to buy another tee again.


The Bugle Tees simply don’t break. Before hitting my tee shots, I was feeling a tad skeptical considering the softer material. I thought one of them would actually break.


So, I tee my shot up on a par-3 with a large sloping green and medium-sized bunker on the right. I hit my shot and it was a beauty that landed perfectly on the green.


I looked for the tee as I didn’t know if it had broken or not. I knew it went flying so I took a few steps and there it was!


NOT broken, not even bent or anything. Looked just like it did when I took it out of the box. In perfect shape. I was stunned.


The golf ball sets up beautifully on the tee thanks to a nice wide top as to where your traditional tees, the ball could just fall right off and you have to keep re-teeing it. The bottom of the tee has kind of a stopping point as to how deep you should tee it up.


This may actually work really well when giving lessons because it’ll give your student a good idea of how deep they’re tees should be. Another great thing is that there are two different sizes of tees to choose from (Pictured) so you’re not using the same tee every time.


If you use the tees on par 3s, then you may have to adjust your swing just a tad as the tees don’t go as low as you’d normally tee up on a par 3. Another time I played a par 3, I popped up my shot (It was almost catchable) because I hit too far under the tee causing the ball to fly straight up in the air. Choking up on the club just a bit may help.


However, using drivers, it’s perfect and takes the impact and speed of the club beautifully. You can crush drives without worrying about crushing your tee.


It’ll still be right there in the tee box for you to pick up.


The most important thing about these tees is that they support a wonderful cause. With every tee bought, the funds go to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America to help find a cure for this terrible disease.


There’s also a twin pack you can purchase and those funds will go towards the American Diabetes Association. So not only are you getting wonderful tees, but you’re donating to two great charities and will really make you feel good about your purchase.


Because at the end of the day, these are the most important things. These go far beyond the golf course.


So, if you want to check out these TEE-riffic tees, then visit and be prepared to be amazed and hit more powerful drives!

Oh, and be sure to tell your buddies something like “WOAH! Did you see THAT?!” so they’ll miss your shot so you can quickly pick your tee up and put it back in your pocket, because you KNOW they’ll try to “barrow” it!


Follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio because, I’m weird, I like golf, other sports and video games!

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Review: SuperStroke grip may be the best putter grip in golf

I had the Fatso that was mostly black with some white, this one is the opposite.

I had the Fatso that was mostly black with some white, this one is the opposite.


The golf club grip is probably the most overlooked part of the club yet is arguably the most important part of the club. It’s the one part of the club that unlocks the gate and gives you access to your next swing.


However, the one grip that definitely gets overlooked is the putter grip. You may be like “Wha?! Putter grip?”. Although you don’t take full swings with putters (Unless you’re Jamie Sadlowski, Martin Kaymer or Bernhard Langer), it is critical to have a good grip for the most important club in the bag.


You see, if your grip isn’t comfortable, then that leads to hand tension which leads to more missed putts which leads more putters thrown into that little creek on your course. So, I had the opportunity to check out SuperStorke’s “Fatso 5.0” (Yes, Fatso) and it’s very comfortable and feels great in your hands.


You may be familiar with SuperStroke, you’ve been seeing them on a lot of Tour players’ putter lately including Jason Dufner and Jordan Spieth. The Fatso 5.0 is probably the thickest of them all and is perfect for those amateurs who need to work on their putting.


With this beauty of grip, you are able to hold the club lightly and not too tight and the size of the grip gives your hands plenty of room. The importance of the hand room is that it gives you the opportunity to try different grip positions besides the traditional style.


It helps you get that perfect hand position to help you drill more putts. This grip actually helped me build solid touch on those downhill putts as a good chunk of my downhill putts were either close or in the hole.


There’s times with your traditional grip that you may easily hit uphill putts too hard, however, with the SuperStroke grip you can actually hit uphill putts a little harder without worrying about over hitting it. So you can safely put a little muscle into it if you like with hardly no error.


It’ll probably be close to the hole if you get used to it and build the touch with this wonderful grip. I love this grip and I know you will too. You can either get the “Fatso 5.0” like I did or you can use their “Which grip is right for you?” section towards the bottom right corner of the home page.


This is an excellent way to get the perfect grip for you as it picks the grip based on the answers to your questions. I’m telling you, these are some of the best grips I’ve felt, and I highly recommend them.


There’s a reason why so many Tour players use them! Now go out there and sink those putts and celebrate in epic slow motion action!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio because I’m weird!




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Review: Volvik golf balls add more than color to your bag

The Super colorful Crystal balls

The Super colorful Crystal balls

Volvik has been known for there colorful golf balls and have been a ball of choice for several professional golfers including former Masters champion Craig Stadler and Tim Petrovic. When Volvik balls first came out, it raised some eyebrows and have been successful ever since with some of their golf balls making Golf Digest’s legendary “Hot List”. I had the opportunity to check out Volvik’s golf balls and I was very impressed with the feel of each of them. Here’s my thoughts on each of Volvik’s balls.

DS77 – The DS77, although mostly known for its ability to go long off the tee, is actually a fantastic ball for those always interesting chip shots. While in the rough, I hit a chip shot that nearly rolled into the hole and the ball rolled and stopped beautifully, right where I wanted it. I was left a short putt to finish out the hole nicely and it was a huge thanks to the DS77’s ability to land and roll softly on the green. On a bunker shot, the ball rolled passed the green but that just might have been a bad shot or the green was playing fast. Overall a great ball.

The Vista iV – Volvik’s iV golf ball may be the fanciest looking golf balls around (Even the box is fancy). Once again, Volvik proved to be terrific in the short game category which is extremely important. I caught myself hitting a beautiful pitch shot that barely made the green and this was from the rough. The way the ball rolls on putts is gorgeous and it felt great off of my 7-iron. This baby won’t disappoint.

The Vista iS – The iS proved to be a great ball for those tricky punch shots. In some trouble, I was able to punch the ball out from under a tree and the ball landed beautifully on the green. Still having a long putt ahead of me, I read the green, adjusted my stance, hit the putt, and the ball nearly dropped in the cup. This ball rolls beautifully on the greens and off the tee, the power is solid, especially with irons. This ball is almost the whole package.

Crystal – These beauties are just as the name says. “Crystals”. They feel great off the tee, solid out of the rough and are great when in a pitch shot situation. The Crystal, much like the other balls, are terrific around the greens. I had hit a chip shot that could have kept rolling but it stopped in a solid spot. I aimed a little more to the right, it’s very possible that the ball could have rolled into the cup. These balls really are “Crystals”.

Overall, all of these Volvik golf balls will not disappoint you. They play like your traditional golf balls and also are quite distinctive, especially the ones that are colorful. You’ll play better golf and you won’t have to worry about losing your balls either! These are without a doubt a win win in your golf bag!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

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REVIEW: BirdieBall Allows you to Play Golf Practically Anywhere at any Given Time

These are BirdieBalls!

These are BirdieBalls!

Just in time for the PGA Championship at Valhalla is a review of the BirdieBall, a beautiful practice ball that you can play anywhere. Yes, you heard me right, ANYWHERE! Park, downtown, beach, rain forest, outer space, ancient ruins, ANYWHERE!

These things are fantastic, I took them up to the park and hit a few and they feel and hit just like a real golf ball. They only average 40 yards with irons and up to 65 with a driver (The record is 78 yards by long drive champion Mike Dobbyn) but get this, the ball flight is so satisfying that it feels like you hit it further.

Also, this short yardage is so beneficial because you’ll almost never lose a ball and can retrieve them with no effort practically. The ball also makes a really cool turbine sound when you hit really well and it’s a beautiful sound.

You can almost feel the sound of it when you hit it. I hit some shots in some deep grass and it really felt like I was playing out of the rough. I never though I’d be so happy to hit a ball out of the deep grass!

The ball spins, draws, and fades as well, no joke! I try hitting my ball and boom it curves to the right! It’s amazing. I also was able to try out the “Teleclub” and you’ll see it in the video below but it’s unbelievable.

It’s a golf club you can take you anywhere with no hassle. You can choose between a 7-iron or a pitching wedge (I have the 7-iron) and it can easily go in your suitcase with no problem at all.

You can also put it in a backpack as well although depending on the size of the backpack, it may stick out of the bag a little bit but it’s not a big issue because it still goes in! I took it to the park along with the BirdieBalls and it hits so beautifully, you wouldn’t think it’s portable.

Even when I took some hard shots and made divots, it still had no signs whatsoever of breaking. It was fantastic. You can also get a very beautiful StrikePad where you can hit iron shots without worrying about damaging certain grass such as the turf of a high school football field or damaging your club by hitting at a parking lot.

The StrikePad protects you from all of that and really adds to the experience. When you hit on the pad, it feels like you’re taking a divot although you aren’t. That’s realistic.

BirdieBalls with the StrikePad

BirdieBalls with the StrikePad

Now, you may be wondering, “How in the world can you put that thing that looks like a napkin ring on tee?”. Well, you can with the Velocity tee. It’s the shape of a wedge or little ramp and you put the ball on the top of it.

Teeing the BirdieBall up on that tee just give you the itch to just smash a shot with your driver since both the tee and ball are bigger targets! I know a lot of people including myself, always dreamt of golf being more portable.

Don't you just want to hit it really really hard?

Don’t you just want to hit it really really hard? I mean, look at it!

I use to shoot hoops up at the local basketball court behind the elementary school and think “How come golf can’t be this portable?”. Well, with the combination of the BirdieBall and Teleclub, there’s no question that golf is a portable sport now.

Don’t have time or money to play the course? No problem, grab some of these wonderful golf balls and play wherever you want and you’ll still get the same beautiful scenery as on a golf course.

I say this because when you’re out there hitting golf balls, the whole world around you changes, you see things differently. The world’s your golf course and these balls are by far, the greatest practice balls of all-time.

Here’s a short video of me showing the ball and the Teleclub. Enjoy! Big thanks John Breaker, the creator of the Birdieball for letting me try them out and get a chance to show them to you! Also, leave your thoughts and comments below on this amazing invention and be sure to follow John @BirdieBallUSA and you can follow me as well @ChiGolfRadio!

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