MUST WATCH: Man Falls Through Roof of Golf Shop and Nobody Cares

OK, now this is quite the “WTF?!” moment. A man randomly just fell through the roof of a golf shop with no explanation whatsoever. Gary Williams of Golf Channel’s Morning Drive talked to one of my golf journalism inspirations, Geoff Shackelford about the situation which includes the clip of the man falling through. The craziest thing about the clip that’s also very funny is that there was a guy in the shop standing there and didn’t even bother to help the man up. Although this situation seems hilarious and weird, let’s hope that the man who fell through is doing OK ut my goodness what the heck is going on out there?! Enjoy the video my friends and don’t forget to tilt your heads in confusion and awkwardness.

UPDATE: Well, that escalated quickly. As soon as I posted the video of the man who randomly fell through the roof of a golf shop which featured an interview Golf Channel’s Gary Williams did with Geoff Shackelford of Golf Digest, the awesome folks over at did an exclusive interview with the man who fell through the roof. Enjoy the video and thanks a bunch to Dennis O’Neill and Right This Minute for sending me the exclusive video. Enjoy y’all and keep it real GP Nation.

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