PHOTO: You won’t believe which golfer is in this picture

Anthony Kim was known as one of the better recovery players and streaky putters in the game. His two best performances arguably came at the 2008 Ryder Cup and the 2010 Masters where he finished third and had the record for most consecutive birdies in a single round at Augusta.

Well, AK was spotted at the Omnia Night Club in Las Vegas a couple of days ago. Thanks to an Instagram user, the picture below was taken.

It's super rare to be out with @ricksalomon and golf great @Anthony Kim

A photo posted by Jean-Robert Bellande (@brokelivingjrb) on

I’m actually quite surprised AK was willing to take the picture. Because he has been extremely secretive about his life in the last couple of years and didn’t seem to want anyone to know what he was doing.

It’s gotten so crazy that we’re actually making a big deal about a picture that he was in. But there’s a reason for it because the man has been anything but visible the last couple of years after he was once looked at as one of golf’s bright young stars.

He had a swagger to him, his microwave style of play was big and he was just Mr. Cool. I definitely thought that after his impressive performance at the Masters in 2010 that he was officially getting into his prime.

Then he started getting quieter and quieter and quieter and nobody noticed. It just seemed like he was slumping and that happens to many good players.

Then it just seemed like he was no where to be found. Until now.

Personally, AK was one of my favortite players on Tour. Loved the combination of game and swagger that he had. It’s nice to see him in the spotlight again.

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Source: USA Today’s For the Win

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Photo: This is what Amanda Dufner’s butt looks like up close

This pretty much sums up everything about the life of Jason Dufner’s wife Amanda. In this Instagram picture, she is seen lounging in the pool. However it’s not exactly her, where the camera is.

It’s on her booty. The one thing that brought her out to the world (Thanks to Jason Dufner). Her butt is featured right there on her Instagram. You already knew the dudes were howling!

Here ya go.

I’ll just leave this here too:


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Picture: Man creates Tiger Woods statue made of golf balls

Kevin Pingel, a man from Iowa who lives on a golf course, has been playing golf since he was a child. Since he lives on a course, he would collect errant shots from other golfers if the balls landed on his property. He decided to use the balls to make a statue of what appears to be a golfer in the middle of his backswing. His friends urged him to do so last November and the result would be this:


According to Kevin, it’s suppose to be a statue of Tiger Woods. Although it doesn’t look like Tiger, that is an unbelievable effort and looks quite cool. Here’s a comparison with Kevin’s statue and Tiger.


Well done Kevin, keep up the golf ball collecting sir! I should hit some on your property on purpose just so you can collect them and make mini statues for all of my lovely readers!

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Credit: Golf News Net

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Jason Dufner Has Ball on Fourth of July, Chicks, Boats, Private Jets and All

Looks like our friend Jason Dufner got wasted on “Merica’s” birthday. His wife (Who all the dudes drool over) Amanda posted pictures on Instagram of Jason enjoying the holiday. Enjoying he did, as he’s seen on a yacht and by a private jet. Duf is most definitely cash flow ballin. Check out the pics.

Don’t be surprised if we see more of this once he retires from golf since he said that he’ll play on the PGA Tour for five more years.

As I’ve said before, I’m no drinker but Duf, you sir, are awesome and the king of cool in golf right now.

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This Has to be One of the Most Brilliant Golf Inventions Ever, Golf Clubs in a Backpack

Pretty cool huh?

Pretty cool huh?

DV8 Sports, an Atlanta, GA based company came up with a brilliant Kickstarter campaign that features golf clubs in a backpack. No you aren’t dreaming, this is real, very real and it looks awesome. How it works? Well, a Full set includes all of your main clubs (Driver, irons, putter) and only ONE shaft, yup, one shaft. The clubheads for each club is in the bag and all you do is take the clubhead out that you want and snap it on to the shaft which takes only about 5 seconds. It’s that simple. Want a different club? Just take that clubhead off and grab another and snap that one on. Below is a video explaining the campaign which has already surpassed its goal and may hit stores in August.

This is fantastic for the sport. As we all know, golfers are heavy travelers and are hungry to explore the many amazing course the world has to offer, this is absolutely perfect for that and it will bring more people to the game. The reason being because it’s easy to carry on the course so you could just focus on your next shot rather than how you feel with a larger bag on your back. Yes, there are personal carts (Or strollers) for bigger bags which I also think are fantastic but this bag is perfect for travel and can fit anywhere. If you’re playing a local and want to use your regular clubs and bag, sure!

But if you’re going on that tropical escape and want to bring clubs with no hassle, this thing is perfect for that and heck, you can take them with you just for the heck of it even if it’s not a golf trip. You can have them with you just in case if you want to get a quick round in. This I feel is a huge step in the right direction for golf and DV8 Sports did a fantastic job of creating beautiful clubs in a beautiful backpack. Heck, use it anywhere! Out in the woods? Whip out those balls you grabbed from the range and hit a few. On top of a building? Same thing, let it fly! On a beach in Costa Rica? Why not work on your sand game? The power is in your hands (Or on your back)! Oh you can also put your tablet or Ipad in it as well!

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PHOTO: Beautiful Picture Taken in Alaska on a Putting -45 Degrees?

Master company of the almighty putter Odyssey posted a beautiful picture of a putting green featuring their putters and a flag stick with their logo on Twitter. The crazy thing about it? Oh, nothing much except it was only -45 DEGREES! No big deal, that’s NOTHING! Man, we could go out there with shorts and shades on! In a sport like disc golf, you’ll see people playing in freezing weather during tournaments BUT this is WAY too cold and this is traditional golf. The coldest I remember, being in Chicago (AKA Chilaska) is -15 degrees which actually was very recent. I’m sure the golf balls weren’t the only balls freezing out there for the Odyssey crew.

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PHOTOS: Woods, G-Mac, Wie, Featured in a Bunch of Goofy Selfies

Michelle Wie is one of the notable stars who took selfies this week (NOTE: This is NOT the selfie).

Michelle Wie is one of the notable stars who took selfies this week (NOTE: This is NOT the selfie).

Ahh selfies. We all almost seem to do it nowadays whether if it’s your basic selfie or the ever popular “mirror shot”, we do the best we can to make sure our pretty little faces make it on any social media and many of golf’s biggest names took some of the silliest and cutest selfies around recently. Selfies are actually pretty good for professionalism because you don’t have to worry about people catching something strange about your full body pictures because well..selfies are your face! So, below is a tweet sent out by the awesome people at Xtreme Tweet that features a link to these wonderful selfies courtesy of the fine folks at Golf digest. Note: Belen Mozo’s picture just might catch your attention dudes.

So, what do you guys think? Which one was your favorite? It shows more and more that the golfers on Tour have a silly side to them and that’s just awesome. Describe your best selfie if you have one! Maybe you had a beautiful sunset in the background, maybe you got photo bombed (Like a BOSS), heck maybe you had a GOLF COURSE in the background you feel me?

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