PICTURES: Dudes build a floating golf course and yes it plays

So there’s this TV show called “Brojects” which is based in Canada. On that show, brothers Kevin and Andrew Buckles (Your seatbelt?) complete projects that they do all by themselves.

Well, one of their latest projects? Creating a golf course….on water.

Yup, it’s true and possible. The two brothers out of Nova Scotia completed their goal at their beautiful lake home and it looks awesome.

Check out some pictures below!

floating golf course

floating golf map



And we thought Coeur D’alene was the only place with a floating green!

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Picture: Jason Dunfer’s New Look Will Shock You

“Everybody loves the Duuuf!” was a saying I heard on a commercial while listening to Sirius XM’s PGA Tour channel. And everybody does love the Duf, including myself.

Although I never thought he was fat, a lot of people seemed to pick on him a little for his small gut he rocked. Now, he decided to make a lifestyle change that could help improve his already solid golf game.

The Duf man lost quite a bit of weight and now looks pretty darn skinny.

Check it out in a tweet sent by the homegirl Stephanie Wei.

Now, I hear some people on social media saying “Oh, he’s too skinny now.”, etc. Make up your mind y’all! You make fun of him when he had a little weight and get upset when he loses it.

Merica ladies and gentlemen! Merica!

Congrats to Duf though, looking forward to seeing him play some more this as I know you are as well!

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Here are some pictures of golf in the snow

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and there’s practically no holiday that matches the power of Christmas. The giving, the kindness, the healing powers that this amazing day seems to bring year after year. Only Thanksgiving comes close to having this much power.

Golfers have a lot to feel Merry about as we are blessed to be provided with the greatest sport in the world. Anyone can play it, no matter height, weight, age, etc, anyone can play this wonderful sport.

You know what else? We can play it anywhere we like! And what better way to enjoy the world’s greatest sport then by playing in arguably the most magical looking weather? Yup, I’m talking about snow!

I will tell you first hand, hitting golf balls in snow is a lot of fun. Just make sure you have colorful golf balls for visibility and a nice warm coat that won’t affect your golf swing.

Here are some terrific pictures of golfers playing in the snow!



Snow golfer

snowing golf

snow - flag 2

winter golf


Freezing Snow-Golf

freezesnow golf

Extreme Snow Golf

Snow swing gif

It’s amazing what kind of adventures you can have with golf! Lots of fun!

I hope that you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and that you stay safe and warm. May this Christmas bring you many smiles and that you get that putter you always wanted! I always like to consider this as a golf family and I’m so glad you’re a part of it! Enjoy the day, you deserve it!


Do you have any great golf Christmas stories or winter golf adventures you’d like to share? Then leave a comment below or email me at!

Credits: and Snow Golf Cup

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Photo: Amanda Dufner shares topless photo then deletes it

Well then! If you were having fantasies about Amanda Dufner, then this is the closest thing to turning those fantasies into reality. Amanda, who is no stranger to Instagram (Like most women), briefly shared this picture of herself topless in a bikini with the camera facing her backside.

Oddly enough, the picture was taken down by her. Probably because she either came to her senses that it was going to reel dudes in like fish and cause them to leave some nasty comments or the almighty Duf himself (Jason Dufner) saw the picture and told her to take it down. Although, who took the picture? Was it Duf? Either way, this picture was by far the hottest on her Instagram.

Here you go, try not to look at it while you’re at work. Don’t wanna hear any comments talking about how I got you fired!





Jason Dufner, you are THE man!

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Credit: Next Impulse Sports

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Pictures: Celtic Manor golf course turns into military base

A full-sized model of an F-35 Lighting II fighter jet

No my friend, your eyes are not deceiving you! Remember the trailer for EA Sports’ PGA Tour?

Well, I think this is just about as close to it as you can get in real life! Celtic Manor was turned into a military vehicle parking lot as NATO met this week at the 2010 Ryder Cup venue.

NATO is trying to see if they should pursue more sanctions against Russia for its incursions in Ukrainian territory.

According to Golf News Net however, the British Ministry of Defense made the decision on the display of the vehicles, not NATO. Golf News Net also mentions that the monster sized jet is nothing more than a model.

In these other pictures, you can see a tank as well as a hummer.

#454604912 /

#454604830 /

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Photo: Check out this bunker that’s shaped like Snoopy

Coolest. Bunker. EVER! Charles Schultz, the creator of the legendary “Peanuts” cartoons grew up in St. Paul Minnesota where he was a caddie at Highland National Golf Course. In honor of her late husband, Jean Schultz decided to visit St.Paul and visited the course while it was in renovation. Course officials then decided to design a bunker in the shape of Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s iconic dog from the Peanuts cartoons.


I must say, this is a work of art, and it’s always cool to honor a legend like Charles Schultz. You should probably check the course out if you’re ever in St. Paul Minnesota. I’m sure it’s a terrific course to play and the grounds are legendary!

On a side note: “Snoopy” is one of my nicknames!

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Credit: Golf News Net

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Picture: Michelle Wie does the famous Jordan dunk

Michelle’s at it again! This time, she’s trading in her golf shoes for Nike basketball shoes. In one of her new Instagram pics, Michelle is seen doing a solid replica of Michael Jordan’s “Jumpman” dunk which became the logo of the world famous Jordan brand.

There’s absolutely no surprise that this picture was taken because as we know, MJ is one of the biggest golf enthusiasts in the world so why not have a major champ attempt to perform your dunk?

Plus, Michelle is pretty freakin’ tall too (6’1″)! Allen Iverson was dunking at 6’0″ so I don’t see why Michelle couldn’t throw it down. Here’s the pic below.

She practically nailed it! As a big Bulls fan, I can appreciate this and I know fellow Bulls fans will agree! All she needs to do is stick the tongue out!

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PHOTOS: This Golf Hole is Absolutely Insane

Man…and you thought Legends Golf and Safari Resort had the craziest hole. Well, that would be incorrect as New Zealand has rivaled the “Extreme 19th” of Safari Resort. This hole in New Zealand is 4,500 feet above sea level and has a whopping 1,476 foot drop from the tee.

This a larger drop than the aforementioned Extreme 19th in South Africa. Over the Top Helicopters and Eric Faesenkloet who owns New Zealand’s Golf Warehouse teamed up to make this happen.

The helicopters take you to the top of the tee which looks both awesome and terrifying. Then you whip out your driver and take a super, mega, ultra, veins popping out your skin type swing while screaming because this baby is a long 311 yard par-3.

Therefore, this swing requires a lot of power. You tee off from Cecil Peak, one of the more beautiful mountains in New Zealand. This hole is located in the Southern Alps on South Island while overlooking Queenstown.

So, if you want a true golf test, well, golf dream chasers rejoice because this is a golf experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life! Now get out there and tee it up!



Nice swing!

Nice swing!

Dat impact!

Dat impact!

OH MY GOSH! It's so freakin' BEAUTIFULL!

OH MY GOSH! It’s so freakin’ BEAUTIFULL!

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WATCH: Model Ashley Bongiovanni Tries Flirting With Rory Mcilroy, no Dice

Blonde Cleveland model Ashley Bongiovanni was seen flirting (Or at least trying) to flirt with Rory Mcilroy during the final round of the WGC -Bridgestone. Rory being the professional he is, ignores the girl’s flirty stare and goes ahead to try and hit his tee shot.

Ever since his break up with tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki, I think almost EVERY girl wants a piece of some Mcilroy. He’s very talented, has all the money in the world, a great guy and has reached a crazy amount of fame with only the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson being more popular still (Bubba Watson can most definitely be thrown in the mix as well).

Supposedly, the dude behind her (Which probably caught my attention more than the girl because of that look on his face made me laugh) is her boyfriend. Here’s the footage of the flirty chick.

Aaaaand here are some Facebook pictures of Ms Bongiovanni thanks to the good friends at Golf News Net! NTSFWBYSBF (Not TOTALLY Safe For Work but you should be fine…man…that’s a lot.)




The dude behind her looks like Rocco Mediate though I swear! Everyone shout RRRROOOCCOOO!

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PHOTOS: Man Gets Attacked by Alligator While Fishing for Golf Balls

Hmmm, makes you wonder, did the dude run out of balls or something? Because why in the world would you fish for golf balls when there’s a freaking alligator in the water?! I think the guy took the GolfSmith “Anything for golf” radio commercials too seriously but thankfully, everything is cool, and the gator was caught. Check out the pics below of the ferocious beast!

Remember friends, a golf course is still nature so you never know what wildlife will be around!

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