PREVIEW: These suit pants can be worn on a golf course


That’s right, suit pants are no longer just meant for business meetings.


These pants, called the “Suitable Pants” (Get it or nah?), are suit quality pants that can be worn anywhere, at anytime.


Peter Pevoto, owner of Journeyman Clothier, came up with the idea after wearing jeans almost daily, and realizing how restrictive they can be.


The yoga pants craze that women have started also helped him realize this dream because as we know, for women, yoga pants are about as versatile as they come.


So he came up with the thought that men’s pants should be both comfortable and professional at the same time.


The pants feature performance fabric which help enable you to do activities you otherwise wouldn’t really be comfortable doing in suit pants.


This includes, you guessed it, playing golf and with such a look, it may fit perfectly into the environment, especially if you’re playing a country club.


But the Suitable Pants are more than just fancy as you can wear them on the streets, hiking, playing other sports, and other outdoor activities as if you were wearing sweat pants.


There’s also plenty of room to put your stuff in with five pockets, including one with a zipper.


One of the big benefits that comes from the Journeyman Suitable Pants is that they stay wrinkle free which may be a plus for those of you who have to deal with this all of time when it comes to pants.


And back to Peter’s story, he would go to work, then go play nine holes at his local muni course, then go eat afterwards, all this while changing pants each time.


This is another reason why the flame was lit, and so now, Peter is a clothing designer and has put together pants that can be worn anywhere without feeling uncomfortable or that your boss may think they’re “inappropriate” for work.


There’s a Kickstarter campaign going on for the Suitable Pants and it’s already almost close to reaching its goal with 13 days left to go.


The Early Bird package on the campaign is already sold out, with 50 backers.


In total, there are 85 backers behind the new, innovative pants.


You can check out the KickStarter campaign at


Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio! And yes, I’ll be wearing pants on my next trip to the driving range! 



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Review: LoudMouth pants are the most comfortable in golf

Just a model picture, not me wearing them.

Just a model picture, not me wearing them.

Had a chance for the first time to try out some LoudMouth golf pants (Yup, same kind John Daly wears). I decided to go with the Houndstooth design and I will tell you right now that it was probably the most comfortable experience I’ve had out on the golf course (I was on the practice course).

They’re not too tight at all and it has a nice baggy feel and went perfectly with my old FootJoy shoes. It almost felt as if you weren’t wearing any pants because they were so comfy. Yes, THAT comfy. The pants also did a good job of keeping my legs warm as it was a cold Chicago afternoon and these babies did the trick.

With the combination of my Ashworth outer jacket and the LoudMouth pants, I was able to take smooth, full swings (Although I didn’t play too well) without having to worry about my pants feeling uncomfortable. Not only are the LoudMouth pants perfect for golf, it’s great swag to wear off the course and will definitely catch the eye of others.

The houndstooth design is definitely one of the best ones from LoudMouth. When I look at them, the white parts of the pants look kinda like the spaceship from Galaga which is super cool.

It’s a nice blend of loud but fancy. That’s what makes these pants so wonderful. You can look cool, stand out, and feel great while doing so. I highly recommend LoudMouths for any of your golf rounds. They also sell knickers and coats as well!

Thanks a lot to LoudMouth and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below! Also, you can follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio (Yes, I’ll have a picture of me wearing the pants!)!

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