Picture: Tiger Woods has a Missing Front Tooth

As we know, Tiger Woods is back in the game of golf after a break from action after being cut at the PGA Championship back in August.

Well, on Monday, Tiger was in Italy to watch girlfriend and star skier Lindsey Vonn win her 63rd World Cup title. She’s also one of the more recognizable and popular U.S. Olympic stars.


However, you notice that he’s missing a front tooth. Before you say “Oh, the media’s stirring stuff up again”, it does peak our curiosity of what happened, especially when you’re one of the most famous human beings on the planet.


Besides, you know you’re curious!


Here’s the pic:



Ace in the hole!


Here’s a statement from Tiger’s agent, explaining the situation:


“During a crush of photographers at the awards podium at the World Cup event in Italy, a media member with a shoulder-mounted video camera pushed and surged toward the stage, turned and hit Tiger Woods in the mouth,” Mark Steinberg of Excel Sports said according MSN.com. “Woods’ tooth was knocked out by the incident.”


MSN also said that race organizers weren’t familiar with this but Tiger requested some extra security when exiting the finish area of the track.


Not trying to stir the pot but wouldn’t you think his lip would’ve been cut or swollen if he was hit by a heavy camera? Kinda weird but hey, I guess things just happen man.


Tiger will be playing at the Phoenix Waste Management Open during Super Bowl week. This will be the first time he’s been in the tourney since 2001 around the time of his “Tiger Slam”.


Guess we can say he pulled a gap wedge out of the bag!


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EA’s Tigerless Video Game to be at PGA Merchandise Show

Yes, this was in the trailer! AWESOME!

Yes, this was in the trailer! AWESOME!


EA Sports PGA Tour, formerly known as Tiger Woods PGA Tour, will be on hand at the always very popular PGA Merchandise Show. They will have both a long drive contest and a closest to the pin contest so this will get golf gaming fans a chance to experience what the new game will bring.


This comes as a sigh of relief to many of us who are gaming nerds as EA Sports hasn’t released any info at all since they released the trailer for the game way back in June. Now, the gates seem to slowly be opening into what this game will bring.


As you may know, the trailer consists of what appears to be a gorgeous virtual version of the legendary Pete Dye designed TPC Sawgrass course with Ian Poulter taking a swing.




Poulter finds himself teeing off in the middle of a war zone on a beautiful island. He then proceeds to hit a tee shot over a moving battleship that crashes onto the island as Poulter’s ball lands in the hole for an ace.


Now, that same trailer has taken heat from traditionalists for basically not being boring. I think it’s freakin’ cool that they’re doing this and adding a variety to the game but traditionalists simply want golf games to be yawn fests which is why they haven’t sold in recent years.


The old games were awesome and were they reason why they were popular. In later years, EA took out some of the wonderful things that made the older games so perfect.


They took out celebrations, epic camera angles when you hit a great shot, power boosts off the tee, and of course, David Feherty and Gary McCord who were hilarious in those games (Feherty is in the current games but isn’t as funny). Now they seem like they’re going back to their roots and that’s fantastic to see.


My attitude is, if you want something more like realistic golf, then play The Golf Club as I mentioned before. That’s what I’m going to do is play The Golf Club when I want something more realistic and play EA PGA Tour when I want something totally extreme.


Plus, there’s going to be real PGA Tour courses in the game anyway so it’s not like there’s going to be all crazy fantasy courses. Haters gonna hate though.


So, let’s keep an eye out for anymore information on this game. If the cover athlete is announced for the game, you bet I’ll be wiring about it!


The PGA Merchandise Show is from January 21st to the 23rd.


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PGA Tour Takes Fun Out of TPC Scottsdale’s Hole 16



Oh no….one of your favorite holes in golf is getting rid of one of its signature features thanks to the PGA Tour. The world famous hole 16 at TPC Scottsdale that is.


According to my man Michael Collins of ESPN.com, the PGA Tour released a notice that basically states that players and caddies can no longer throw or kick things into the crowd. This is a bad move by the PGA Tour as this was one of the signature things about the Waste Management Open.


The purpose is because they want to keep the fans “safe”.


It’s taking the fun out of the event. They already got rid of caddie races and now they get rid of one of the best things of the event.


This is a problem and will NOT fare well with fans. This was the ultimate way where fans, players and caddies could interact with each other.


It also made the players get a little loose and show their fun side instead of their cookie cutter face.  You’re taking a sport that’s already widely considered extremely boring and making it even more boring.


The 16th hole at Scottsdale is not only a well designed hole that challenges players of all skills but the crowd is not only one of the best in golf but in sports. It’s the one hole that makes the Waste Management Open a premier event each year.


Michael Collins made a great point in his piece that he was spot on with. He wrote in his article that if you’re worried about fans “safety” then you should eliminate ALCOHOL.


He is so right about that. If anything’s going to get someone hurt or killed, it’s all of the alcohol that the fans consume. And you’re worried about players and caddies throwing things into the crowd? Makes less than zero sense.


I think the PGA Tour is a wonderful organization and has raised more money for charity than all of the four major sports leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL) combined. However, you can’t grow the game if you take away the the aspects that help make it fun.


The 16th at Scottsdale has always been one of my favorite holes in the world because of its stadium like atmosphere. I’m not a big rowdy, party person or anything but it’s just such a great hole to watch guys play on and would be a fun experience to check out.


I’m not even a big desert course guy either but TPC Scottsdale is really one of the iconic desert course and it’s practically alone because of the 16th hole. The anticipation as you arrive to the 16th hole has to be an unbelievable feeling as well, especially if you’re  a player or caddie.


Even if it’s just a regular round with your friends or by yourself, playing the 16th hole has to be breathtaking. Although the crowd isn’t around like during the Waste Management, you can still feel the crowd as you look around the hole.


There’s no doubt, if you tee it up on the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale, you’ll probably get chills going down your spine as you stare down the hole. The PGA Tour is trying to take the magic away unfortunately.


Well, at least we can still enjoy the pleasures of the wild crowd reactions to great shots. It just sucks that a great tradition is getting taken away.


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Credit: Michael Collins, ESPN.com




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Why Christina Kim’s Lorena Ochoa Inv. Win is so Great



On Sunday, one of the most popular players on the LPGA Tour and one of the biggest personalities in golf history, Christina Kim, won the Lorena Ochoa Invitational for her first title in 9 years. She now, at the young age of 30, already has an impressive 5 wins worldwide including top 10-finishes in four out of the five LPGA major championships.


Christina has long been one of the big characters in golf for her friendly, funny personality as well as her solid play in the Solheim Cup. Despite her humorous nature, style of clothing, and unique style of play, she had to overcome some dark times in her life.


Ever since her last win back in 2005, she had struggled to get a victory in the years that followed, eventually losing her Tour card. This led to depression as she was struggling to get by. She was so depressed that there were even times when she considered committing suicide.


This win was emotional one for her as she brought down to tears and even her best friend, Michelle Wie was breaking down herself and rightfully so. When your best friend is going through a hard time, it’s tough to stay focused and it’s hard to swallow and Michelle and CK have been homies for a long time now. No doubt that Michelle learned a lot from Christina with the experience she’s had on the professional level.


In a terrific article written by golf writing extraordinaire Stina Sternberg back in 2012 on CK, there’s a disturbing thought that went through her mind. In Stina’s article, chilling information about Christina’s suicide attempts arose.


“I’d be driving down the road and think, All I have to do is steer my car into the oncoming traffic, and I wouldn’t have to go through this; I wouldn’t have to deal with it.” Christina said according to the 2012 article.

The only thing that stopped her was the fear of the lives in the other cars as well as the thoughts of leaving her parents.

Another incident happened at a players’ function building for the Ladies European Tour’s Nation’s Cup where she was considering jumping off the building and into the sea.

“I looked down, and the water seemed very inviting, even though I can’t swim. The solitude and silence that I was seeking, which I couldn’t find anywhere in the building because everyone was laughing and living life and being happy, seemed to be in the water.” She said again according to Stina’s article.


Despite all of these horrible thoughts and things she had to battle, she conquered it and what way to do it then with a win at Lorena’s tournament? With this win, it’s safe to say she’s officially in the prime of her career and it’s such a feel good story in golf. By far, I believe Christina’s win and Charlie Sifford’s Medal of Freedom are the biggest stories of 2014. Both overcame unbelievable odds.


The reason Christina’s win is so great is because, not only of what barriers she had to go through to get it, but because of what she brings to the game. She has a personality that will make everyone cheer for her and it also makes golf look quite cool.


This win puts one of golf’s all-time biggest characters back on the map and that, I believe is huge. Because too often, golf is considered boring because of some of the players’ dry humor which is fine. Be yourself, don’t be something you’re not. However, Christina brings something to golf that’s been missing.


Sure, the PGA Tour has its unique characters such as Henrik Stenson, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Jason Bohn and even Jason Dufner who is probably the “King of Cool” in golf along with Miguel Angel Jimenez. None of them come really even remotely close to the personality of Christina (Hmm, Boo Weekly maybe?). If Duf’s the “King of Cool” then CK is the “Queen of Fun”.


The LPGA Tour doesn’t have too many characters. Michelle Wie is probably the biggest character on the tour as we know what kind of fun she can be. Christie Kerr is a pretty big character herself as she’s never shied away from showing her fun side.

Morgan Pressel is definitely another one. Despite that, with all due respect, they still don’t have the personality that CK has in terms of a fun, unique character to talk to. There’s no doubt that every time you talk to her, she’s going to probably make you laugh.


This is why her win is important because as sports fans, we love personalities. Of course we love the ones who just og out there and do their job and that’s it and we appreciate those players but Christina will engage with crowds (As do many of the other wonderful LPGA players), she’ll make you feel more than just a fan and I think that’s why she’s captured so many hearts.


There’s always a player on any tour that people love and hate. Give me someone who hates Christina Kim?……No answer eh? Well that’s because she’s so hard to dislike. When she’s playing well, she can be pretty tough to beat. She doesn’t have five wins for nothing.


So, in the near future, we can hope that CK can get into a groove and be in a lot of the tournaments she plays in because if she can become somewhat of a superstar on tour, then she will gain a ton more fans than she already has.


Congratulations Christina! Because, no matter what you go through, always remember that the sun still shines.


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Golf legend, Charlie Sifford to receive Medal of Freedom



Golf legend Charlie Sifford will receive a high honor from the White House. Charlie will receive the Medal of Freedom for helping break the PGA Tour color barrier in 1961. The award is the highest honor in the country for a civilian.

Although legendary boxer Joe Louis played a huge part in desegregating golf, Charlie was the first to play on the PGA Tour on a regular basis and play well at the same time. He had to endure the stressful time of segregation and had to deal with racism and received threats.

One incident was when he received a phone call just before the second round of the Greater Greensboro Open when a white man with a southern accent called him and threatened him.

“I couldn’t solve anything by violence. It would just ensure that all blacks, beginning with me, would be permanently barred from the tour.” Charlie said of the incident. 

Yet, he overcame it all and became the first black player on the PGA Tour and opened the door to diversity in the sport of golf. Not only did he desegregate golf, he had a very solid resume, winning 22 professional tournaments including the Los Angeles Open and the legendary Hartford Open Invitational (Now known as the popular Travelers Championship) winning those in a two-year period of time.

He also won a major championship and the Senior PGA in 1975. He then got inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2004 making him the first African-American to be inducted. He received the Old Tom Morris award in 2007 for his contributions to the game and sportsmanship on the course.

His swing was one of the most unusual looking yet fluid in golf history. He tends to swing with his right elbow lower than most on the backswing and he’ll extend his arms on the follow through. This has helped him excellently on short game shots as he was one of the best to do it.

Whether it was a pitch, chip, etc, you knew he was going to get it close to the pin or in the hole. Just a magician with the clubs and that’s why he won 22 titles.

He had two top 35 finishes at the majors with T33rd finish at the 1965 PGA Championship at Laurel Valley Golf Club and finished tied for 21st at the 1972 U.S. Open which was the first major ever held at Pebble Beach. He’s definitely one of my all-time favorite golf legends. He played the game right, he persevered over the odds, and gave him two great victories on a Tour that was very segregated.

Here’s a quote from President Obama. Thanks to GolfChannel.com for sharing:

“I look forward to presenting these nineteen bold, inspiring Americans with our Nation’s highest civilian honor,” President Barack Obama said. “From activists who fought for change to artists who explored the furthest reaches of our imagination; from scientists who kept America on the cutting edge to public servants who help write new chapters in our American story, these citizens have made extraordinary contributions to our country and the world.”

Tiger Woods took to Twitter to thank the man who he called grandpa.

Despite the design of the course, Charlie nailed those crooked fairways right. Down. The. Middle. Thank you Charlie for opening up the doors for minorities in this great sport. You are truly, a legend.

Charlie is only the third golfer to receive such a high honor. The other two were Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Charlie as well as the other 18 well deserved winners will be honored at the White House on November 24th, 2014.

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Credit: GolfChannel.com


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Pictures: Celtic Manor golf course turns into military base

A full-sized model of an F-35 Lighting II fighter jet

No my friend, your eyes are not deceiving you! Remember the trailer for EA Sports’ PGA Tour?

Well, I think this is just about as close to it as you can get in real life! Celtic Manor was turned into a military vehicle parking lot as NATO met this week at the 2010 Ryder Cup venue.

NATO is trying to see if they should pursue more sanctions against Russia for its incursions in Ukrainian territory.

According to Golf News Net however, the British Ministry of Defense made the decision on the display of the vehicles, not NATO. Golf News Net also mentions that the monster sized jet is nothing more than a model.

In these other pictures, you can see a tank as well as a hummer.

#454604912 / gettyimages.com

#454604830 / gettyimages.com

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Photo: Check out this bunker that’s shaped like Snoopy

Coolest. Bunker. EVER! Charles Schultz, the creator of the legendary “Peanuts” cartoons grew up in St. Paul Minnesota where he was a caddie at Highland National Golf Course. In honor of her late husband, Jean Schultz decided to visit St.Paul and visited the course while it was in renovation. Course officials then decided to design a bunker in the shape of Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s iconic dog from the Peanuts cartoons.


I must say, this is a work of art, and it’s always cool to honor a legend like Charles Schultz. You should probably check the course out if you’re ever in St. Paul Minnesota. I’m sure it’s a terrific course to play and the grounds are legendary!

On a side note: “Snoopy” is one of my nicknames!

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Credit: Golf News Net

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Full Rosters Set for American, European Ryder Cup Teams


The Ryder Cup Captain’s Picks were selected on Tuesday. Both U.S. and European Ryder Cup squads are officially set. Both U.S. captain Tom Watson and Euro captain Paul McGinley made their final three choices and now we will be looking forward to another exciting Ryder Cup.

The three U.S. Picks were:

Keegan Bradley

Hunter Mahan

Webb Simpson

The three European picks were:

Stephen Gallacher

Ian Poulter

Lee Westwood

So now here is the full roster for your 2014 Ryder Cup teams.

Team USA:

Tom Watson — Captain
Keegan Bradley
Rickie Fowler
Jim Furyk
Zach Johnson
Matt Kuchar
Hunter Mahan
Phil Mickelson
Patrick Reed
Webb Simpson
Jordan Spieth
Jimmy Walker
Bubba Watson
Raymond Floyd — Vice Captain
Andy North — Vice Captain
Steve Stricker — Vice Captain

Team Europe:

Paul McGinley – Captain
Rory Mcilroy
Henrik Stenson
Sergio Garcia
Victor Dubuisson
Jamie Donaldson
Thomas Bjorn
Martin Kaymer
Graeme McDowell
Justin Rose
Lee Westwood
Stephen Gallacher
Ian Poulter
Des Smyth – Vice Captain
Sam Torrance – Vice Captain

So there you have it! Your 2014 squads! Lee Westwood might have been the biggest surprise to some judging by the Facebook comments I saw. A lot of fans probably thought Luke Donald deserved the pick but what Lee brings is that extra experience and power off the tee.

I had four out of the six picks right (Yay! Mini win!). I had Hunter Mahan, Keegan, and Brendon Todd.

For the Euro squad, I had Ian Poulter, Stephen Gallacher and Luke Donald. My reasons for choosing Brendon and Luke is because of their incredible putting ability.

So who did you think the Ryder Cup Captains should have picked? Do you like the picks? Leave your thoughts and comments below! This is the most exciting time in golf and would love to get your thoughts!

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Video: This 3-year old with one arm is a great golfer

This is a reason to love golf. It has no boundaries and nothing can limit you. Certainly nothing limited 3-year old Tommy Morrison who was born with one arm.

Despite his size, he hits the ball over 100 yards which is astonishing for a 3-year old. Rory Mcilroy hit 40 yard shots at age 2 and that was a big deal.

This kid is 3 and has one arm and he crushes it. He says his favorite player is Bubba Watson and with that power, it’s not a surprise he is! Here’s the video below of this amazing young man.

I actually can’t wait to see how far he’ll be hitting it when he gets a little older! Right now though, he’s a fun 3-year old golfer! Tee it high and let it fly buddy!

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Credit: Biz Pac Review & Fox News

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Video: Bear causes trouble on driving range

Woah! Wait what? In golf, there will be a time where you see Mother Nature’s beautiful creatures roam around on the course. In this case, bear was seen causing trouble at a driving range. He’s seen trying climb over the fence and is failing miserably. Two gentleman in a cart look on like “What is that bear doing?”. The other dude’s like “I don’t know but, it looks like he’s doing it better than how we swing the golf clubs!”. Here’s the video of this wild bear.

Man, he must really dislike that driving range. Probably trying to escape from errant tee shots!

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Credit: Golf News Net

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