Where is Phil Ranked Among the All-Time Greats?

Phil Mickelson: A True Golfing Legend

Phil Mickelson: A True Golfing Legend

Phil is Also One of the Classiest Players in the Game.

Phil is Also One of the Classiest Players in the Game.

Phil Mickelson, known by his famous nickname as “Lefty”, has really put himself in the same list as some of golf’s all-time greats such as Billy Casper, Byron Nelson, and Lee Trevino. Why did I mention those players specifically you might ask? Because Phil has two more majors than Billy, as many as Byron and is only one behind Lee, so he’s in the same boat as those guys who are all legendary names. Phil is also a hall of famer like those guys too. So, where does “Lefty” rank among the greats in the game? He has five majors, 51 wins worldwide, 42 of those on the PGA Tour where he ranks ninth all-time in wins, is one of the best short game players in golf history and is a hall of famer. I probably wouldn’t say he’s in the top 10 but, if he can get maybe one or two more majors or get at least 5 more wins on his resume then I’ll throw him in the top 10 without question. Hes a top 15 player though, there’s no question about that.

He’s been an all around type of player his whole career whether it’s his great driving ability, ball striking, recovery and chip and pitching game, he has been top notch. We have also seen him make some amazing putts and recovery shots because how can we not forget that incredible shot he made on the 13th at Augusta in 2010? That was a fun Masters too that featured a charging Anthony Kim (Where are you AK?). He’s so close to being top 10, its like a putt you hit that stops right by the lip of the cup (That’s when you either A. hope the wind blows it in or B. swing your club right round right round! While making angry screaming sounds that nobody can understand).
Phil has what it takes to be not only top 10 but top five. Who else has been better than him the past 10 years other than that Tiger Woods dude? I’d have to say nobody.

The closest to him would be fellow World Golf Hall of Fame member Ernie Els who has two majors in the past 11 years as to where Phil has all five of his majors just in the past 10 years. Simply remarkable when you look at it, he won THREE Masters in one decade including a PGA Championship title while getting his first Open Championship this past weekend which was his first of the new decade (2010 to 2020). For him to dominate as a left handed golfer for all these years is amazing considering you don’t see left handed golfers as often on Tour. So, on that impressive note (for Phil, not me), I think Mr.Mickelson is 11th all-time on my greatest golfers list. Where do YOU rank arguably the greatest left handed golfer of our time? You have FIVE SECONDS to decide, no I’m just kidding!

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Is Golf Media Rising or Falling?


As golf starts to get more popular as time goes on, the media remains a huge part of the action on and off the course. The question that must be asked is, is it rising or falling? If it’s rising then this
would be great for the game because without great media coverage, the game of golf would be nothing as with any other sport, but golf media is unique because to cover so many different events all around the world and that’s what makes it awesome because every approach of the coverage is different from another because each enviornment is changed and so does the list of players in the event. There are a lot of great broadcasters and writers in the golf industry and it shows with many great stories and analysis. The one thing that most people who think the game is boring may find interesting is that play-by-play on the radio for golf sounds better than ont TV even though, nothing against play-by-play on TV but the radio is just better because the broadcaster is more descriptive than on the TV because the action is right in front of his or her face.

The listener can just hear the swing of the club from tee to green and the sound of the wind blowing on a blade of grass not to mention it sometimes seems like there’s two color commentators out there as the play-by-play man will give his thoughts as well and be precise on stats and hole history at a certain just like the color guy although the color guy of course is extra precise on his thoughts. The writing side of golf media is like poetry, it flows with words and phrases that only golf can bring to writing. Fairways, greens, off the tee, touch around the greens, etc. Words or phrases like those help shape the way sportswriters write and that’s why golf media is so beautfiul and that’s way it should keep growing. The combimnation of great players, courses and tournaments make the game unique already, but throw in a guy with a microphone or somebody with a pen or laptop and fans get some of the best coverage in sports anywhere.

Golf media is very under rated and it’s obvious but the way the game is evolving , it looks to open the doors for future golden mics and platinum pens and keep the game as beautiful as it already is.

(Images above, David Feherty and Jason Sobel, writer for GolfChannel.com)

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Does Mickelson have a shot at Quail Hollow?

With the Wells Fargo Championship going into its Sunday round, Phil Mickelson looks as good as ever. The thing about Mickelson that’s amazing is his ability to hit tough shots from the rough and his skill around the greens. He’s an all-around player on Tour and he proves it time and time again. He can also bomb off the tee but his accuracy is only solid. He hits a lot of shots in the rough for a reason but he knows how to get out of it and is one of the best in the game at recovery shots along with guys like Ian Poulter or when Anthony Kim was on top his game (Wow what happened?).

Kim was one of the better recovery players in golf at one point. Mickelson is a future hall of famer and he’s still playing at a high level andd hasn’t slowed down much at all. He’s extremley dangerous to opposing players and he’s one of the only all-around players in the field so there’s almost nothing stopping hime from getting his second victory of the year. His putting is the only thing that could stop him as he tends to make putts and miss putts but can heat up in a hurry and when he’s hot, he’s making every putt out there. However, he’s tied with a guy that can heat up himself, and that’s Nick Watney.

But the one thing about Watney that’s not going to be towards of his way is his ability on Par 3’s and Par 4’s but his really good on Par 5’s which will benefit him as well as his ability to hit greens in regulation, he is one of the best players in the world at hitting greens in regulation and that is a huge stat that can carry him to victory and improve his birdie average on Par 3’s and Par 4’s. He at one point was considered by many as the best American player on Tour and can win tournaments he’s proven this already. His cances of winning at Quai Hollow are somewhat slim considering the way Mickelson has been playing but it’s hard to tell as almost anything can happen at this tournament and that’s why it’s so popular and has been popular for players as well.

Overall, it should be a strong finish at the Wells Fargo Championship and mickelson will pull off the victory for his second win of the 2013 PGA Tour season and another trophy to his hall of fame career.

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