PHOTO: Caroline Wozniacki Rocks Matching Hair and Shoes While Caddying for Rory Mcilroy

The Masters is here and the Par-3 contest has completed. Many golfers were out playing with their wives and girlfriends as well as bringing their children out for a fun day at Augusta. Rory Mcilroy of course brought girlfriend and tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki as his caddy and she quite the matching look. She was rocking what looks to be redish-pinkish shoes while also doing the same with her hair and you know what, it looks pretty good on her.


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WATCH: The Trick Shot That Ruined Model, Liz Dickson’s Butt

As we all know by now, model Liz Dickson sued Playboy and radio host Kevin Klein for hitting her in the butt with a golf club after a trick shot goes wrong. The model was flat on her stomach with a tee in between her butt cheeks. Well, Klein took the swing and missed and ended up nailing one of her cheeks causing a massive bruise. The video is below courtesy of TMZ.

Playboy Babe Liz Dickson — Ass Cheek Golf Swing VIDEO … You Gotta See This Bruise
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On the video it didn’t look too bad but take a look at this nasty picture of this absolutely massive bruise.

Courtesy of TMZ

Courtesy of TMZ

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Model Sues Playboy Over a Golf Stunt That Involved a Tee in Her Butt


First of all, What?! Why?! How?! I don’t know but according to Deadspin and TMZ, model Liz Dickson is suing Playboy and a radio host for a stunt that involved a golf ball, a tee and her booty. It’s pretty obvious that the radio host was apparently trying to hit a golf shot off her booty and must of nailed her cheeks instead of the ball. Dickson has filed a complaint in the Los Angeles Superior Court against Playboy Enterprises and Kevin Klein who is the co-host of the Playboy Morning Show. Liz is looking for $500,000, that’s right, half a mill.

She could definitely shout C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) if she gets that much dough. She’s also seeking “punitive damages” for battery and negligence. It all started long long ago in a land far far away….well at the Playboy Golf Finals in 2012 on March 30th where Ms. Dickson was invited to help host according to the complaint from CBS Los Angeles:

“Dickson agreed to have a photo taken of her lying on her stomach “with her buttocks partially exposed” so that Kevin Klein, co-host of the show, could hit a golf ball put atop a tee that was inserted between her butt cheeks, the suit alleges.

However, Klein missed the tee and “struck plaintiff on the buttocks, causing her injuries and damages,” the suit states.

Dickson suffered pain, suffering, worrying and anxiety as a result of her injuries, the suit states.

Below is a copy of Ms. Dickson’s lawsuit and it says that she sustained severe bodily injuries, a portion that are permanent.”


OK, first of all, how come she didn’t complain about this earlier? This happened back in 2012. It’s 2014. Secondly, why did she agree to do the trick in the first place? Did they force her or something? Did they offer her a ton of money? Because, if you’re trying to hold a tee between your booty cheeks, I’d assume it would be hard to keep the tee steady enough for the guy to take the swing. Also, she would have to squeeze her butt cheeks together pretty tight which I’m sure would be quite uncomfortable. Now, I also got to put at least 50% of the blame on the dude taking the shot. If you’re going to do a stunt like that then KNOW WHAT THE HECK YOU’RE DOING!

Because whipping a golf club around will easily reach over 100 mph so can you imagine the impact….on her butt? A butt injury is one of, if not the most cringing injury I mean…it’s your butt! So, let’s hope that Dickson is continuing to make a recovery and hope nothing but the best for her going forward. Also, let this be a tip to all of you out there. If you’re not a great golfer, don’t hit a golf shot off a woman’s booty. Not your wife’s your girlfriend’s, your female best friend’s, your Mistress’s NOBODY’S! Because injuries like this occur and you live with guilt.

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Tiger Woods’ Former Mistress, Joslyn James, is on Government’s Most Wanted List for Being a Terrible Mother


Well y’all, porn star and former mistress of Tiger Woods, Joslyn James has done more than just screw Tiger and other dudes. She made the biggest mistake of her porn career and that’s screwing the government. According to TMZ Sports, James nailed herself on a government “Most Wanted” list for bailing on almost $20,000 in child support for her 14 year old son. What an amazing parent right?! When she gave birth to her son, she was ordered to pay child support to the dad since she was the breadwinner in the relationship. However, despite the thousands upon thousands or even millions of dollars she’s earning, she still decided to play the role of porn star and act her way through the mess but now let’s say the government will definitely be sticking things in her for this account of stupidity.

Courtesy of TMZ Sports

Courtesy of TMZ Sports

In her record that is and get this, she’s on the division’s “Most Wanted” list meaning she’s in the top 100 in the state’s 370,000 child support cases according to TMZ Sports. Man, I feel bad for the son, he’s probably like “What the f*#k mom?!?, nothing says I love you son by not paying my child support!”. Sure, some may say that he’s ignoring it right now but 14 year olds are a lot smarter than you think and pay attention to detail. A spokesman DCS told TMZ Sports that the list is “the worst of the worst. It signifies you’ve made no effort. If you’re currently making any payments, you’re not on the list.” That’s just awesome! Truly, one of the best mothers anywhere! Of course James’ rep says that she loves her child and that she’s a doting mother.

Yup, of course she is, talking about being biased for your client. Just face the facts, Joslyn is just a crappy mother, I mean it’s possible that she really does love her child but if this was true then why wouldn’t you pay child support when you work in the porn industry which makes tons and tons of money. It’s an ENTERTAINMENT business, she has money. Plus, you can’t tell me Tiger didn’t lend her some money when they were twisting the sheets. $20,000 should be pocket change for this woman. I mean, top 100 on a “Most wanted” list? Seriously? All that porn work has been messing with her head apparently. Well, I guess Tiger had a thing for the baddies huh?

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Tiger Woods Might Be Focused More on Money Than Prestige as He is Urged to ‘Respect’ the WGC-HSBC Champions


The WGC-HSBC Champions tournament has been quite a popular one and golf’s biggest star hasn’t played in the event in a couple of years. Instead, Tiger Woods has decided to play in exhibitions that offered solid payouts. HSBC’s sponsorship chief has urged Woods to respect the bank’s large investment in the tournament and play the event this year instead of “meaningless money-making opportunities”. HSBC’s global head of sponsorship Giles Morgan said that the bank had “had words” with the different golf tours about impressing on players the importance of appearing at the sport’s biggest events according to Yahoo Sports.

“I do think the tours — and I think the tours are working on this — should make sure that there is respect to the tournaments,” Morgan said in an interview in Singapore according to Yahoo Sports.

“As opposed to playing in meaningless… money-making opportunities around the World Golf Championships (WGC).”

Morgan also added: “It’s up to the tours to enforce the criteria to their membership. And we’ve expressed our position to the tours, which is that we know they can’t enforce their players to play and that’s fine, we understand that.

“But we do think that players need to be respectful of… these major events (which) are really at the top and the pinnacle and the lifeblood of the sport.”

So, this situation feels like it can go both ways. Yes, it’s kind of disrespectful to not play in a golf tournament that people work hard to put together but at the same time, the golfers can do whatever they want. HSBC gets plenty of golfers to their tournament but I understand that this is Tiger Woods we’re talking about and the more Woods is in the tournament, the more boost the tournament gets. The question is, why hasn’t Woods been playing in this tournament? Is it a money issue? Because if it truly is then that’s a shame on Woods’ part since the man just earned over a billion dollars for his career. However, could it be a greed thing on HSBC”s part as well? Or do they really want more players to play to help bring more fans to the event? The tournament is already highly popular but I guess I can kind of see the frustration from Morgan.

I’d too be wondering why a player of Woods caliber would play in any other tournament but mine but not in a selfish way but in a sense of “Man, am I doing something wrong with this tournament?”. Mr. Morgan should probably chill out though I mean, Woods is only one golfer out of the several that join the tournament plus, the HSBC Champions is still one of the bigger tournaments in the world so he should just let it go. Besides, it’s only been a two-year absence so I don’t really see the big deal but it can honestly go both ways considering Woods was taking part in supposedly “meaningless opportunities”. Again, if Woods was missing out on the HSBC because of money and nothing else then he should be very ashamed of himself as he is easily one of the richest people on earth. So, what do you guys think? Is Tiger Woods losing respect for the HSBC Champions? Is Giles Morgan over reacting to the situation? Maybe Morgan’s comments are kind of knock to the players who are committed to the event? Who knows, but please leave your comments below on this situation!

Credit: Yahoo Sports

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LPGA Tour Star, Former College Golf Legend Dies in Drunk Car Accident


Some sad news as on Jan.31, LPGA Tour player Danielle Downey died in a horrific car accident after she was out with couple of friends at an Auburn, AL restaurant. It was reported that she had a few drinks and was driving at an extreme rate, crashing her car into a tree and causing it to flip several times before it eventually made a stop as she ejected from the vehicle according to Yahoo Sports and Her friend, Diana Ramage was trying to take the keys away from her as she knew that Danielle was wasted drunk but it was too late. Downey was only 33 years old and had one win on the LPGA Tour. She was most notable for her outstanding career at Auburn University as she was a three-time All-American, she mad the All-SEC team four times and also led Auburn to the SEC Championships in 2000 and 2003. Although it’s horrible what happened, why didn’t her friend Diana try to tackle her or something instead of letting her take off with the keys? See, this is why I don’t drink or smoke.

Look, if you don’t know how to be a responsible friend then don’t go out drinking with her if you know she’ll get drunk as a skunk. Also, if you’re going to drink hardcore like that, don’t be anywhere near a vehicle. It’s absolutely ridiculous that people are either getting killed by drunk drivers or drunk people are killing themselves. If there’s one thing in this country that should be illegal, it’s alcohol in my honest opinion and I don’t think anyone can make an excuse for it because the stupidity of making yourself drunk and looking like a complete idiot while potentially putting yourself and others in danger is foolishness and dumb. Also, if anyone is drinking hardcore to help “clear their stress”. well I have news for you, getting drunk isn’t going to solve your problem so please just grow up and live your life right and stop stressing out over stupid stuff. Because think about it, probably at least 80% of the stuff you’re stressing out over is based on YOUR OWN ACTIONS so basically, man up (or lady up) son, there’s many other things you can do to clear your stress.

So, although this story is sad, it angers me that Danielle was silly enough to put herself in that kind of risk and I’m not sure if Diana was a little drunk too or not but she COULD have stopped her. If Danielle didn’t have any type of weapon on her then I don’t see why she couldn’t stop her. It’s just one of those stories that I can’t feel completely sad about because Danielle did it to herself. She would have still been alive and her family would’ve been all OK but now they’re upset from Danielle’s stupid mistake and that’s an absolute shame and this is a grown woman we’re talking about. Yes, she was still very young but 33 isn’t 21 my friends. And just to think that teenagers are getting their hands on drinks and getting behind the wheel. Driving is already dangerous as it is without consuming drugs or alcohol. I hope nothing but the best for Danielle’s family but just letting you know that she easily could have been still alive right now. If the world wants to fill their lives with alcohol then the world’s stupidity level is on an all-time high. Rest in peace Danielle, you’ll be dearly missed.

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Funny Photo: Is This Caddy Staring at Holly Sonders’ Butt While She Lines Up Her Putt?

What’s good y’all? I hope you enjoyed my awesome rhyme in the headline! I couldn’t help but grab this picture of Golf Channel broadcasting superstar Holly Sonders at the Humana Challenge as it looks like her caddy is staring at the one place where i think most dudes would stare…well…her booty. She was lining up her putt when this occurred and as we know, Holly was a pretty good golfer and still is solid. Now, I;m pretty sure he’s probably just looking at her slope on the green and helping her prepare for putt, but it just looks funny from the camera angle as it literally almost looks like he’s staring at the golf journalist’s booty butt. I also can’t help but laugh at his facial expression, quite funny considering what the picture looks like. Again, it’s more than likely he was just doing his job but it just looks like he’s like “Oh, DAT BOOTY!”. Holly, you’re very talented and I really respect your work but I thought this was too funny. Think they’ll get a little kick out of this?


My reaction to the photo, courtesy of Spongebob.


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Golf Beauties: Anna Rawson Rocks a See Through Shirt in This Classic Picture

You guys all loved the last Anna Rawson picture which was the highest viewed article/photo ever on the GP Golf Report by a large margin. So now all get more Anna as we take a look at one of her most familiar photos as you can see that she’s wearing a see through shirt and apparently there’s nothing under the shirt if you take a good enough look. As we know, although she doesn’t have a win under her belt as a golfing professional, she’s still very talented and has a solid short game around the greens. As we also know, she’s a terrific model and she makes golf look very awesome. Anna, if you’re reading this, I got to say THANK YOU for making golf more awesome and thank YOU guys for making the GP Golf Report what’s its become so far! Shout out to Busted Coverage for the pic!


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PHOTO: Anna Rawson Rocks Sweet Blue Sweater in This Picture

Dat chipping form!

Dat chipping form!

You guys love them, you guys wanted them and well you got more of them. Here’s another picture of one of golf’s talented and beautiful women as today we take a look at recent picture taken of the spectacular Anna Rawson. Anna is known as one of golf’s true beauties and she’s made 14 cuts throughout her career with one top 10. The Australian can not only swing a golf club and she’s not just modeling “just because”. She’s a professional model and a very good one at that. Come on, you didn’t think she was naked did you?! So, on that note, I’m just going to shut up and let you guys stare at this well taken picture and save it into your files or whatever it is that you do. Anna, thanks for being awesome! Hopefully this will make your Monday less gloomy all!


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You’re Not Going to Believe What Tiger Woods Told Billy Horschel at the Driving Range


This is going to go down as one of the best “LMAO” moments in sports this year. A few days ago, it was reported by my main man Adam Fonseca (@chicagoduffer) that Tiger Woods said something odd for someone who acts the way he does. Billy Horschel did an interview with my other main man Jason Sobel (Who I had the privilege of speaking with some months ago during an interview) about his “buddy ol pal” relationship with Tiger Woods. Billy has played some great golf and in this video below, he is showing off his workout routine which includes 42-inch box jumps.

However, let’s just say Mr. Woods had a laugh with him at the driving range.

“I’m out there warming up and Tiger is on the range, and he comes over and he’s got this big, goofy-ass grin on his face,” Horschel told Jason Sobel of “I said, ‘What are you effing smiling at? What do you got that effing grin for?’ He’s like, ‘It’s true.’ I said, ‘What’s true?’ He said, ‘White men can’t jump.'”

*Long applause from an imaginary crowd*

Good job Tiger! Honestly, I would never have thought Tiger would say something like this! Quickly! Everyone must run into town and tell all the land! today is a glorious day my friends! We shall dine like Gods! Oh, and white men can jump but it’s rare, most white dudes are terrific shooters in basketball. It’s like football, you don’t see too many white mobile QB’s out there. DON’T WORRY, don’t feel offended, it’s all part of the joke my friends (I’m half white and black mind you) but I had to write this because Tiger seems like the very last person on earth to say that.

Probably the funniest thing about this was that I was thinking to myself “Sooo, what did he do? Tell Billy that white men can’t jump and just walk away?”. Totally funny. Way to go Tiger, way to go! Oh and I LOVE Billy’s response to the grin. Shows the kind of humor Billy has. Love a story like this. Shows that these guys have some great humor out on the course. Somebody start the slow clap!


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