Michelle Wie says she once punched Gary Player


Well folks, here’s one of those “Lol” “roflcopter’ moments. When the ever awesome Ms. Michelle Wie wrote a piece for Golf Digest (Yes, she’s multi-talented), she mentioned of numerous occurrences in her life on and off the course. One of those incidents being kind of random and weird at the same time. Apparently Gary Player who’s known as “Mr.Fitness” asked Michelle if she could punch him in the gut and…well, here’s that portion of the piece, courtesy of Golf Digest

“I WAS AT ANOTHER EVENT with Gary Player. Out of the blue he says, “Michelle, hit me in the stomach.” I didn’t want to punch him, so I kind of poke him instead. He says, “No, I want you to really hit me!” He widens his stance and clenches his stomach. Now I really hit him. I’m no fighter, but I hit him as hard as I could. It hurt my hand. It didn’t faze him. He pointed to his stomach and said, “A thousand sit-ups a day” and kept walking.”

Pretty random if you ask me but the “Black Knight” is one of the most beloved players in golf history so hey I guess you have to respect the great one. Way to go Michelle! Punch him in the face next time! Oh and Gary you’re the man and no I didn’t just tell Michelle to punch you in the face!

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Crazy golf girl challenges Tiger Woods with a different kind of stick

Meet two time minigolf Masters champion Olivia Prokopova. Via CNN

Meet two time minigolf Masters champion Olivia Prokopova. Via CNN

That’s right, there’s a crazy golf chick out there and she’s good. Minigolf that is. What’s that you say? You thought she was really crazy? Well no she’s not, she’s plays crazy golf which is another name for minigolf. So did I fool you? No? Well I salute you then! Anyways, meet 18-year-old minigolf star Olivia Prokopova, a young pro who has been very good since she was little and has since won two mini golf Masters titles.

“My dad worked as a sports reporter and he took me with him to an interview he did with a minigolf trainer. I tried to play there and really liked it. Apparently, I kept asking when we would go back to play more.” the Czech said according to CNN.

That’s awesome! I love the fact that one, she plays minigolf and two, that her dad was a sports reporter. I like this girl already! For her to only be a year younger than myself (Yes friends, I’m 19) and to already have two Masters titles under her belt is impressive! That’s more Masters championships than Tiger Woods at 18 although it’s two different sports. Speaking of Tiger Woods, she challenged the PGA Tour superstar to a round of mini golf but he never responded. She believes that he was scared (Or scuured!) in a sarcastic way of course.

“We have challenged Tiger Woods on several occasions, mainly through the media, but he never responded. Maybe he is afraid?!” she joked according to CNN.

Well shoot, if I was Tiger I’d be scared because she’s arguably the best minigolf player in the world! I know she would destroy me unless all of a sudden I gained some magical ninja powers that enable me to drain putts like a boss. Minigolf has been around since 1867 and was originally used for women since they didn’t think swinging a golf club was pretty enough so then they set up tournaments for putting only and that’s how minigolf was created.

Kind of fitting since Olivia is a girl. It’s like as if she’s the stepping stone of all of the past great female minigolf players or something. Anyways, I think it’s really cool that she’s getting the attention she deserves and it’s really great for the exposure of competitive minigolf because come on y’all, who doesn’t like minigolf? Oh, and before you say “It’s not a sport you fool!”, I’ll say that it IS indeed a sport. ANYTHING that’s COMPETITIVE is a sport so therefore, minigolf, poker, etc ARE in fact SPORTS. It’s in the dictionary but of course there will be other definitions saying that there needs to be contact involved but hey, I can’t argue with competitiveness and this chick’s competitive and that’s what’s up, I can respect that.

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Jason Dufner Booty Grab,Sammy the Squirrel Nominated for Best Viral Moments, Who Won?

Sammy the Squirrel (left) was put on Tiger Woods shoulder by girlfriend superstar skier Lindsey Vonn  while on the right, Jason Dufner does the now very popular "Dufnering" pose.

Sammy the Squirrel (left) was put on Tiger Woods shoulder by girlfriend superstar skier Lindsey Vonn while on the right, Jason Dufner does the now very popular “Dufnering” pose.

With Thanksgiving Upon us, I thought it was only fitting to get a little laughter into our souls before we enjoy the family, friends and grub and the good folks over at GolfDigest.com cooked up a nice little “viral moment” contest which featured some of the funnest moments of 2013. In the blue corner, we have Sammy the Squirrel! In the red corner, we have Anything that Miguel Angel Jimenez does! In the green corner, we have Jason Dufner squeezing his wife’s booty! Finally, in the yellow corner, we have Dufnering! Who won? Well, let’s just say it involves a certain major champion and his wife. Yup, that’s right, Jason Dufner grabbing his wife’s booty was voted as the best viral moment of 2013. Way to go Duff! Even on the first four comments on Golf Digest’s Facebook page voted for the almighty Duff’s booty squeeze as the winner as shown in the picture below.


So congratulations to Jason Dufner for his bold move on the wifey and we can’t forget how awesome he was at the PGA Championship now can we? Rounding out the final three nominees, Dufnering finished second, anything Miguel does finished third and Sammy the Squirrel finished last. For those of you who missed the almighty Duff’s squeeze, check out the video below courtesy of YouTube user ReporterofTruth!

So, what do you think? Who do you think should have won? Let me know in the comments as always and I also want to say that I’m very thankful this Thanksgiving for you guys, the readers, as the GP Golf Report has reached over one million hits and it would have never been possible without you guys and I really appreciate the reading and comments you give me because I think it’s extremely important for the readers to get involved because to me you guys aren’t just readers. You’re great golf fans with great passion and I love all of you for the awesomeness you bring to this website. So please, keep on reading and do NOT hesitate to contact me or leave comments on articles because I really enjoy your opinions and without you guys, I’m absolutely nothing so thank you again and have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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