WATCH: Golfer tries to hit golf ball off frozen pond, learns hard way

This is an example of what NOT to do with your time as a golfer. Sure, I’m absolutely all in for off course golfing adventures, but not when it’s dangerous like this.


A dude is recorded taking a whack at a golf ball on some pretty thin ice. His swing just misses the golf ball, and with the golf gods not pleased, he falls on the ice and breaks through.


Fortunately for our friend here, he seems to be doing alright. However, let this be a lesson that, although golf can played anywhere (my opinion), on top of some thin ice is not the grandest of ideas.


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Source: Devil Ball Golf Blog, Yahoo! 

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WATCH: Guy takes it in the shin from a golf ball

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Ouch, sometimes golf is your best friend, but in a lot of cases, it can be your worst enemy, and this guy proved it.

He hit his ball as it ricocheted and hit the man in his shin. Probably the best thing about this clip is his reaction after being hit.

Most of us would start hobbling around right after the hit. This dude still followed through as if nothing had happened.

Golf toughness?

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WATCH: Guy hilariously fails at heroic recovery shot

It’ll be a memorable #memorialday for Mike Ferik…⛳️🏌🐠 (15th at Alta Vista CC. Thank you, @tmsgolfer.) #linksoul @gcmorningdrive @golfchannel #chiveon

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One makes golf one of the coolest and most difficult sports is the fact that you have to “hit it where it lies”. Many times, this leaves the golfer with the opportunity to do something epic like hit a recovery sot that lands on the green, just a few feet from the hole.

Unfortunately, for one fellow, his heroic shot ended in a splash landing. His ball was near the water so it forced him stand right on the edge where the water was.

While trying to keep his balance and execute his shot, he ended up losing control and fell into the drink. This is one time for the ball wasn’t the victim of water after all.

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Source: Golf Digest

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