WATCH: Fans Support Kevin Na for His Slow Play With Awesome T-Shirts

Kevin Na

OK, Kevin Na infamously plays slow and people bitch about it. I like Kevin Na, I think he’s a good player and is usually a very dangerous putter. I understand that you should play faster but I wouldn’t open my big mouth about it like some players do. Golf gets more complaints about things then any other sport and I’d be surprised if there’s a sport that challenges that and the latest complaint about Kevin’s slow play is an example of that. I’d say let the officials tell him he’s going slow. You, as the player need to shut up and hit the your shot. If the officials don’t notice that then there needs to be better officiating. These fans showed support for the slower playing Na as they rocked shirts that said “Kevin Na, worth the wait”. Pretty cool to show support for one of the best putters in all of golf.

Thanks to Golf Digest for sharing!

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PHOTOS: LPGA Tour star Blair O’Neal has some awesome pictures taken that will surely catch your attention

Now, you may be asking, why am I posting these pictures? Well, because LPGA star Blair O’Neal was voted as Golf Digest’s hottest female golfer (Ryo Ishikawa won on the male side in case you were wondering). O’Neal beat out another hot LPGA pro in Beatriz Recari by a landslide. O’Neal beat out a list of female golfers that included Sandra Gal, Cheyenne Woods, Michelle Wie, Belen Mozo, Sharmila Nicollet and Maria Balikoeva. Now, there are many beautiful women that I think should have been on here (Amanda Balionis of, you know who you are!). Some people suggested Win Mcmurray and Holly Sonders which are great choices but Amanda Balionis gets my vote every time even if she isn’t on these brackets but it’s saying “Hottest golfer” so it can’t be a journalist unfortunately which is why the women I mentioned weren’t qualified. I will however say that from the bracket that I would have DEFINITELY voted for Sharmila Nicollet because she is absolutely stunning and I’m surprised she didn’t get further in the voting. Haters gonna hate on a chick! ALL of y’all should be ASHAMED of yourselves for not voting a woman as gorgeous as Sharmila! All kidding aside, she’s still a babe no doubt. Anyway, here are the pictures that Golf Digest posted of winner Blair O’Neal and congrats to Blair on the WIN!

Also, if you haven’t seen Amanda Balionis (Who I’ve mentioned a few times), then here’s a picture of her below along with Sharmila Nicollet who I personally thought should have won the contest (No disrespect to the other contestants of course.)

Amanda Balionis who not only is very beautiful but is also a very talented reporter.

Amanda Balionis who not only is very beautiful but is also a very talented reporter.

Sharmila Nicollet The LPGA pro who I thought should have won Golf Digest's hottest golfer contest.

Sharmila Nicollet The LPGA pro who I thought should have won Golf Digest’s hottest golfer contest.

Man, with all of these pictures of LPGA pros and female golf reporters, maybe I need have a section called “Awesome women of golf” or “Golf Babes”! Ladies, us men that love golf thank you for all you do in this great sport!

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Michelle Wie says she once punched Gary Player


Well folks, here’s one of those “Lol” “roflcopter’ moments. When the ever awesome Ms. Michelle Wie wrote a piece for Golf Digest (Yes, she’s multi-talented), she mentioned of numerous occurrences in her life on and off the course. One of those incidents being kind of random and weird at the same time. Apparently Gary Player who’s known as “Mr.Fitness” asked Michelle if she could punch him in the gut and…well, here’s that portion of the piece, courtesy of Golf Digest

“I WAS AT ANOTHER EVENT with Gary Player. Out of the blue he says, “Michelle, hit me in the stomach.” I didn’t want to punch him, so I kind of poke him instead. He says, “No, I want you to really hit me!” He widens his stance and clenches his stomach. Now I really hit him. I’m no fighter, but I hit him as hard as I could. It hurt my hand. It didn’t faze him. He pointed to his stomach and said, “A thousand sit-ups a day” and kept walking.”

Pretty random if you ask me but the “Black Knight” is one of the most beloved players in golf history so hey I guess you have to respect the great one. Way to go Michelle! Punch him in the face next time! Oh and Gary you’re the man and no I didn’t just tell Michelle to punch you in the face!

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PHOTOS: What do you think of these pictures of Amanda Dufner and Michelle Wie?

What’s up GP readers? It’s time to play “WHICH GOLF CHICK LOOKS BETTER?”! OK, no it’s not but Golf Digest posted a couple of pics of the popular wife of PGA Tour star Jason Dufner (Or the Almighty Duff!) and the always popular Michelle Wie. The picture below is of Michelle rocking the Nike swag wearing the snapback and the tank top and what appears to be cheetah pants as well. Girl, check you out! Ballin out and everything! Keep that swag up, I can dig that! Ladies, DON’T BE AFRAID TO ROCK SNAPBACKS!

This next picture of Jason Dufner’s wife Amanda who all of the dudes drool over is rocking a pretty cool and unique “hippie style” outfit while even having my “dawg” (See, what I did there?) Prince Louie in her hands. So, it’s a nice blend of hippie chick and rich girl walking down the street with her nose in the air. Mrs. Dufner, you keep it real girl!

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WATCH: Will Ferrell plays some golf on a simulator as, well you know

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Well I’m sure the Ron Burgundy stuff is getting tiring but I’d figure I’d join the party because I like Will Ferrell not only because he’s a good actor but he’s a huge sports fan and seems like a nice guy. Will has been ALL OVER THE PLACE promoting his new movie, “Anchorman 2” and he’s been doing his share of sports related things lately because as I said, the man’s a big sports fan and is a very good announcer (Heard him do PA announcing for the Bulls, excellent voice. Shut up, of course he was funny!). On Thursday, Will, I mean, Ron Burgundy was featured on the Dan Patrick show and he was doing, yup you guessed it, swinging a golf club on a simulator and he has a solid swing. Check out the video below! Also, I just LOVE that Southern Illinois Salukis rug in Dan Patrick’s man cave! Thanks to Golf Digest for the vid!

So Will Ferrell fans who like golf, did you enjoy this video? Like his swing? I thought it was solid from the looks of it anyway. Let me know in the comments if you think you can take him down in a simulated version of golf! You know you want to!

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Michelle Wie, Others Featured in Golf Digest’s Bracket Style Hottest Golfer Contest

Well, looks like Golf Digest decided to celebrate the NCAA March Madness tournament a few months early as they put together a nice little bracket that features different seeds of golf’s hottest players and there’s a men’s division and a women’s division. This is the second year Golf Digest has done so and it has overall gotten its share of comments already. Some of the most popular golfers from both the PGA and LPGA Tours are featured on this bracket. Some choices may shock you, some seeding may surprise you as well. You may also be surprised by who and who isn’t on the bracket. So, feel free to view and print the bracket below ladies and gents and let the November Madness begin! To view the full bracket, click on the picture.


So, what are your thoughts on this bracket? I must say I’m very disappointed not to see my girl Paula Creamer in there. I would also throw Amanda Balionis in there as well but she’s a journalist, not a golfer so therefore, I declare a war of words with Golf Digest for the madness that is them not featuring the very gorgeous Paula Creamer on this bracket! Shame on you GD! All kidding aside, this is quite interesting although I’m not filling out the bracket because well…I don;t feel like it. But you guys could fill it out if you want! Who do you have in the final four? Who do you think should have been on the bracket who isn’t? You can either print and fill out the bracket or you can vote on Golf Digest’s website by clicking here.

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The GP Links of the Week

Like the logo?  :)

Like the logo? 🙂

Links! Gotta Love Them! And the Other Links too (Golf Course) ;)

Links! Gotta Love Them! And the Other Links too (Golf Course) 😉

Hey all, hope you’re having a great week and are excited for the weekend! There’s some great golf going on at the Tour Championship with scores continuing to rise from different players and I’ll be sure to write a post about that before the day is done but right now i wanted to start something new and fresh. I’d like to welcom you to the “GP Links of the Week” where I throw links of stories I liked from different websites and blogs into the post for you to check out! This is a great way for you guys to get quick links to other great stories in the world of golf from some of the best sites in the world! I know today’s Friday but I probably won’t be doing these on Fridays but instead might do them on Mondays as Monday is the start of the new week and gets me the chance to read great stories over the weekend especially if there’s a golf victory on Sundays so Monday would be the perfect day to post links of stories about the winner of a tournament. So, without further ado, here’s today’s GP Links of the week!

The Daily Golf Stop

The Daily Golf Stop is a great new blog where people can get their fix and discuss great topics going on in the world of golf. This post was in discussion of the 9/11 attacks and how golf can get involved in a good way and it also features a phenomenal picture that you MUST see. This blogger is very talented and his writing is top notch. Definitely somebody to look out for on your radar.

The Sand Trap Golf Blog

The Sand Trap is full of great stories and is one of the most sought after golf blogs in the world. It also features a terrific community with a very busy forum and is truly one of the coolest sites I’ve seen, they’re fantastic and worth the look. Michael Hepp wrote this masterpiece of a post. has been one of, if not the hottest website for golf news for some years now and feature some incredible writers and as we know, GC is a part of NBC and NBC Sports’ website has some very talented writers. This particular post was written by one of the best golf writers in the business and possibly one of the greatest of all time, and a man I had the pleasure of interviewing, Mr. Jason Sobel who is very popular with golf fans.

SB Nation is one of the most popular websites in the world and features many great bloggers talking about many hot topics in the world of sports and this post was written by Emily Kay who is the lead golf writer on SB Nation and is truly one of best around, her work is a must read.

And rounding out this week’s GP Links of the Week is a website that ends with the word “week”. GolfWeek has a phenomenal magazine that is so rich and deep with information that you can sink your eyes into. They feature PGA Tour, LPGA, College, Amatuer golf news andn much more, it’s insane how much info is in it and if you love college and amatuer golf then this website is the site for you. This post was in regards to Des Moines, Iowa hosting the Solheim Cup and the potential of them hosting it again. The ppst was written by the very lovely and talented Beth Ann Baldrey and is a must read if you love the LPGA Tour.

Special Mention:
Great site if you’re an all around sports fan and Jason Sheckman does an excellent job with it!

Well, that does it for the first ever GP Links of the Week! Feel free to shoot me an email at and leave your thoughts in the comments below! Keep it real GP Nation, from Chicago with love.

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