WATCH: This drone footage of Pine Valley will blow you away

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Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey has long been regarded as the greatest golf course in the world. Designed by George Crump in the early 1900’s, it would be his only course design as he died in 1918.

Being a hotelier, he sold his business in order to have money for the project. This is how passionate Crump was about Pine Valley. Sadly, not having a business, and putting a ton of money into the course left him practically broke practically made him broke, and because of this, legend has it that he took his own life.

Although the course is Crump’s design, many legendary architects helped with the design, including Hugh Wilson, the always interesting Perry Maxwell, and A.W. Tillinghast, perhaps the most decorated golf course designer of all-time.

As we approach the end of 2017, Golf Digest dished out a rare holiday treat for golf fans everywhere. This tasty treat is some amazing, in-depth drone footage of Pine Valley, hole-by-hole.

If you ever wondered what famous holes like the 5th, 10 or 14th look like, then this is your chance to check it out with crisp, clear visuals. Very rarely, does Pine Valley allow anyone to get an in-depth look at like this.

The best shot you have of getting close and personal is by either getting invited by a member to play or if you attend the Crump Cup were PV opens their doors to the public once a year. And what I mean by “once a year”, is a one day per year. Although the Crump Cup goes on for four days like most tournaments, it is only open to the public on the final day of the tournament on Sunday.

Other than that, this amazing video by Golf Digest is a great way to get a nice look at it, no matter where you are in the world. Now, Golf Digest newly named Royal County Down as their new number one ranked course in the world, and I personally can’t disagree with that at all, as RCD is simply a spectacular course both architecturally and aesthetically and one of my favorites.

For many years though, and into today, Pine Valley is still widely regarded as the best course on the planet. Essentially, it’s the Michael Jordan of golf courses.

Golf Magazine still ranks it as its top course in the world, where it has been for over 25 years now. Sure, it may not “seem” to have the majestic beauty of courses like Augusta National, Pebble Beach or Northwood, but it’s still a breathtaking course.

It’s naturalistic charm, being in the heart of the forest, may make anyone step back and take a deep breath. The aforementioned 14th hole alone is one of the top ten most beautiful holes in the world undoubtedly.

In short, with its incredible design, natural beauty, and wondrous mystique, Pine Valley continues to prove why it just may be the holy grail of golf courses. Golf Digest just opened the pearly gates into golf heaven with this video.

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WATCH: Man gets attacked by Bethpage Black bunker

So, an employee from Golf Digest got very unlucky by hitting into one of the bunkers at the always dangerous Bethpage Black.


He tries to swing his way out and was quite “trippy” in the process.


Check it out!

When playing Bethpage Black, one must embrace the struggle. 😂

A video posted by Golf Digest Magazine (@golfdigest) on

Hopefully that’ll make your Monday better. But although Bethpage is a beast, it’s still a sweet moment when you get a chance to play it.

I think I’d just walk it…

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PICTURES: Dudes build a floating golf course and yes it plays

So there’s this TV show called “Brojects” which is based in Canada. On that show, brothers Kevin and Andrew Buckles (Your seatbelt?) complete projects that they do all by themselves.

Well, one of their latest projects? Creating a golf course….on water.

Yup, it’s true and possible. The two brothers out of Nova Scotia completed their goal at their beautiful lake home and it looks awesome.

Check out some pictures below!

floating golf course

floating golf map



And we thought Coeur D’alene was the only place with a floating green!

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Tiger Woods Calls Out Golf Writing Legend, Jenkins



I had received my copy of Golf Digest the other day which featured NFL Quarterback Johnny Manizel on the cover (whAT?!) and I noticed something on the bottom right corner of the cover. It said “My (Fake) Q&A with Tiger by Dan Jenkins”.

So, after checking out some of the different stories within the magazine, I came across the fake Q&A and was both surprised and amused. Surprised, that Golf Digest decided to publish it and amused because, well, it was kinda funny unless you are a die-hard Tiger fan I suppose.


Well, on Derek Jeter’s The Players’ Tribune which is a site where athletes pretty much become sportswriters, Tiger has some words for the hall of famer, Mr.Jenkins.


Here’s a tweet by Jenkins with a link to the article and I’ll re-post that link below.



Here’s what Tiger said in his article then I’ll share a page from Dan’s piece.


Did you read Dan Jenkins’ interview with me in the latest Golf Digest? I hope not. Because it wasn’t me. It was some jerk he created to pretend he was talking to me. That’s right, Jenkins faked an interview, which fails as parody, and is really more like a grudge-fueled piece of character assassination.

Journalistically and ethically, can you sink any lower?

That’s from Tiger’s piece, and I’ll leave the link to the original article below.


This is the second page of the Q&A by Dan because this seemed to be the page that hit people the most because it was more personal.


Thank you. After you’d won three U.S. Ams, your father said you were going to have a greater impact on the world than Gandhi. I laughed out loud. What was your reaction?
I looked for Gandy in the record book and couldn’t find him. But I didn’t go as far back as Middlecoff, Demaret and those guys.

You have a house as big as Luxembourg. What do you do in it all day?
Let me think. Uh, new video games come out. I putt on the carpets. A closet somewhere needs color-coordinating. And of course there’s always somebody to fire.

You’ve been incredibly rich and obscenely rich. Which is better?
Does Elin get a vote?

You haven’t talked about it, but after all of those New York Post front pages during the scandal, what’s the moral of your story?
That’s easy. Don’t get caught.

You named your yacht Privacy. Because you’re a worldwide celebrity, do you really expect and demand privacy?
I thought about renaming it Serenity, but that pretty much went out the door when the 9-iron hit the window of the Escalade.

Have you ever regretted firing Butch Harmon after winning your first eight majors with him?
Butchie was making me tip too many people.

I don’t get it. For a guy who can certainly afford it, you’ve become famous for being a bad tipper. It’s almost like you take pride in it.
I just don’t understand why you’re supposed to tip people for doing a job they’re already getting paid to do.

In many cases tips are expected to be part of their salary.
So let ’em go find a better job.

Now why didn’t I think of that? What would you do if you couldn’t play golf any longer?
I guess I’d buy an NBA team.

I’ll try to remember to tell the next person who waits on me to ditch the stupid restaurant and go buy the Knicks or Mavericks.
You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?

I’m starting to, yes. I have to confess, I’m borrowing that Albert Brooks line from “Broadcast News.”
Is that the network Johnny Miller works for?

I’m almost positive it isn’t. Where the TV guys are concerned, what are your thoughts on Brandel Chamblee? For instance, who would you rather run over in a car first, Brandel or me?
Who’s Brandel Chamblee? How many majors has he won? How many has he even played?

Brandel is a good student of the Rules of Golf.
Hey, man! I’ve never knowingly broken a rule on the golf course! I don’t need to be diagnosed by a guy like Brandel Chamblee.

Or me?
You’re not on TV. You’re just a writer.

That’s the highest compliment you could pay me. Let’s move on. Are there any wedding bells in the future for Lindsey Vonn?
With me?

I guess I have the answer.
What was your reaction to Rory McIlroy calling off his wedding to Caroline Wozniacki?

He’s better off. He won another two majors, didn’t he?

I’m curious as to why you split with Hank after winning six majors with him?
I’m a perfectionist.

Now that you’ve gone through Butch, Hank and Foley, who’s your next coach gonna be? Dr. Phil?
Funny. I just want to take my game to a higher level.

And how’s that been working out for you?
I’ve had problems, sure.
The knee, the Achilles …
… the fire hydrant …
… the ankle, the shoulder…
… the divorce …
… the wrist, the back …
… the putter …
… but I’m getting back to where I want to be. Like I said at the British Open. I’m stronger, faster and more explosive.

Like I tweeted, take away the two triples, the three doubles and the nine bogeys, and you’d have been right there.
I made a few mistakes.

A few? You finished four from the bottom, in 69th place. Other than a few missed cuts, including this year’s PGA, it was by far your worst finish in a major as a pro.
But I took away a lot of positives from those experiences. I need to get stronger. It’s why I decided not to touch a golf club for a couple months.


So, there you have it! Arguably the greatest golfer ever against arguably the greatest golf writer ever. I think Dan, who is a terrific writer usually, got a little too personal on the second page.


Sure, I guess, if Tiger hadn’t done what he did in the past, then it wouldn’t have been brought up but I was just overly shocked that a national magazine such as Golf Digest would allow something like this. One thing I learned in the media business is that you try to avoid fake publishing.


Are you familiar with Stephen Glass? Well, he wrote tons of fake articles and never took the time to go out and get the real story. He eventually got fired from the New Republic magazine.


Dan Jenkins warned us that the story was fake and is nowhere near as bad as what Glass did but it just kinda popped into my head. I will say that this story would have never been national attention if Tiger hadn’t written his disgust about it.


He probably should have just let it die and now there are multiple media outlets reporting on this. It’s not the article they’re reporting on, it’s the fact that Tiger wrote about it.


Soooo, basically, there are people writing articles about someone writing an article about someone writing an article about him (Ah! My brain!)

I guess I’m one of them although I’m a blogger and not a magazine writer.


It’s now turning what was supposed to a goofy little article, into a giant blob of mass destruction that will destroy the world! OK, maybe not that bad, but Danny boy is definitely hearing it from the Tiger and non-Tiger fans alike.


The only thing we can do now is wait and see if this dies down or if it continues to get worse. It’ll be worse the next couple of days I think but eventually I believe this will go away. Golf Digest has taken heat a few times this year already.


So, how does this make you feel about Dan Jenkins, Tiger Woods or Golf Digest? Do you think this was stupid? Just all in good fun? How do you feel about this whole thing?


And please think with your head and not with your heart if you can. In other words, try to avoid backing up either Woods or Jenkins just because you’re a big fan of either one. Be honest and realistic. I’d appreciate that!


Well, you go ahead and think about what you want to say while I go take cover in the basement in case of invasion of angry Golf Digest and Tiger protesters!


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Links to original articles:

Dan’s Piece

 Tiger’s Piece

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Video: This may be the greatest golfer to ever play the game

This might be the best golfer I have ever seen personally. Even better than Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. His name is Brian and he is the master of any and every shot you can think of. Feel free to watch and be enlightened by Brian’s greatness.

Keep your head up Brian! We were all as amazing as you were once! Heck, I could sure use some more practice myself! Never give up, because golf is one of the best sports out there, helps clear your mind and it makes you look cool too!

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Credit: Golf Digest

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Picture: Michelle Wie looks cool, sexy on Golf Digest cover

Golf fans were furious when Paulina Gretzky was the first woman in some time to grace the cover of the legendary Golf Digest magazine because she wasn’t a golfer. Now, however, it’s a different story. One of golf’s most popular figures, the reigning Women’s U.S. Open champion, Michelle Wie graces the cover of Golf Digest’s latest issue.

It’s a breath a fresh air for those who felt offended that a female golfer wasn’t on the cover. On the cover, Michelle is rockin’ a hat that says “BEAST” while wearing a Nike tank top.

Here it is:


There’s no better time than now for Golf Digest to show the LPGA Tour some love as there are so many terrific players right now such as Michelle, Inbee Park who’s arguably the best golfer in the world of any tour (More majors than Rory, same age) and Stacy Lewis.

Then you have players on the rise like Lydio Ko and Lexi Thompson. So it’s cool to see that this great tour gets some love.

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Golf World, America’s Oldest Golf Magazine Will be no Longer Available

The very last print issue of Golf World.

The very last print issue of Golf World.

No longer available in print that is. Golf World magazine which is now affiliated with Golf Digest at Conde’ Nast and has been for a while will go all digital from now on. The last print issues featured Mo “Mo Money” Martin (I gave her that nickname, you heard it here first.) on the cover after her victory at the Women’s British Open Rory Mcilroy was featured on the very last cover after his Open Championship win. So, not only is Rory a three time major champion, he is now the answer to a trivia question as well “Who was on the cover of Golf World’s last print issue?”. This situation kind of sucks, a lot of people including myself, enjoy flipping through the pages of a magazine, especially Golf World with its colorful photos, in depth stats, and high school/amateur coverage. Golf magazine, Golf Digest, and GolfWeek will be the only popular publications to still sell print with GolfWeek being the only publication to have the combination of print, digital, and a mobile app. Golf World has been around since 1947, three years prior to the release of Golf Digest.

‘These are the right decisions, but they’re tough ones,” said Jerry Tarde, the chairman of both magazines according to Yahoo Sports. ”This brand has been around a long time, and we want it be around for a long time. The only way to do it is by meeting the expectation of our readers.”

Come on Mr. Tarde, don’t make us cry! There’s actually a major upside to this which I’m actually pretty excited about. The magazine use to deliver 31 issues a year but now will deliver a whopping 50 issues a year while also being healthy for the environment. Not only that, the exciting thing is that the digital version will have special features such as video coverage, rich photos, and the same great writing that we love. This also improves important aspects such as delivery time and as mentioned above, there will be video reporting with the combination of writing so the bright side is that this will bring a deep, pure, and rich golf journalism experience for fans wherever they are and that’s cool. Plus, the new issues will be on all devices so that includes, phones, tablets and on the PC. Want to read the latest piece by Bill Fields but are miles away from home? No problem, just turn on the phone and read away. Itching to read the “Final Say” by Jamie Diaz? No biggie, just pop open the laptop and read on your bright colorful screen.

So, although this hits us all right in the golf balls, there’s still a lot of great stuff to look forward to with this whole new Golf World experience, besides, there are still three whole magazines (Golf Digest, GolfWeek, and Golf magazine) that still sell print so everybody, just take a breather, it’s all good! Besides, this new version of Golf World is supposed to similar to “Golf World Monday” which is pretty cool because Golf World Monday is solid, very solid so if this is anything as good or better then I think we might be in for something good. Hey, if you need me to hold your hand and give you a hug while you cry then that’s alright bro I got you! I feel you!

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Patrick Reed Hits Shot by Boat That Says “Top Five” After Making Infamous Comment


This made me laugh big time. Remember when young up and comer Patrick Reed said he was a “top five” player in the world? Well, one of the more ironic things you’ll ever see happened at the RBC Heritage. Reed hit a golf shot in a hazard that’s located next to a boat named “Top Five”. Here’s a pic of the boat.

Courtesy of Golf Digest

Courtesy of Golf Digest

Courtesy of Golf Digest

Courtesy of Golf Digest

Yes, there’s a video too!

So, there you go! Now, I’m not sure if this is a sign that Reed WILL become a top five player or the boat is just making fun of him at laughing at his face. Probably the second choice.

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[Video courtesy of the Sports Entertainment Network]

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LPGA Commissioner on Paulina Gretzky Cover: “We’re Disappointed and Frustrated”

LPGA Tour Commissioner Mike Whan

LPGA Tour Commissioner Mike Whan

The latest Golf Digest cover stirred some controversy with Dustin Johnson’s fiance Paulina Gretzky rocking the cover posing with a golf club in yoga pants. Gretzky is also the daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and came to fame when she started taking selfies of herself on Twitter although she was apparently already doing some modeling. There were angered LPGA Tour players that showed their disgust about the cover.

Yeah, this cover!

Yeah, this cover!

two time major winner and former world no.1 Stacy Lewis on the cover according to Karen Krause of the New York times: “It’s frustrating for female golfers. It’s kind of the state of where we’ve always been. We don’t get respect for being the golfers that we are. Obviously, Golf Digest is trying to sell magazines. But at the same time you’d like to see a little respect for the women’s game.”

Hall of fame Juli Inkster on the cover also according to Karen Krause: “It’s frustrating because it’s Golf Digest; it’s not Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue,” Inkster said, adding: “I think they should maybe recognize some of the great women golfers that we have. It’s like, What do you have to do to get a little respect? I’m guaranteeing you right now, it was not a woman editor who chose that cover.”

Even Inbee Park who I have mad respect for and is one of my favorite players now after she absolutely terrorized, destroyed and back-handed the golf world last season after nearly becoming the first golf ever to win all four majors in a year. She ended up with three. She simply said when asked about the cover, “Who’s that”? according to Karen Krause. “That’s just been the way it is for over 20, 30 years.” Inbee said shrugging.

And now, even the LPGA Commisoner stepped up and made a statement about the cover. This, from

“Obviously we’re disappointed and frustrated by the editorial direction (and timing) Golf Digest has chosen with the announcement of its most recent magazine cover.

If a magazine called Golf Digest is interested in showcasing females in the game, yet consistently steers away from the true superstars who’ve made history over the last few years, something is clearly wrong.

Inbee Park wins 3-straight major championships in 2013. Stacy Lewis, in 2012, becomes the first American to win Rolex Player of the Year since 1994. Lexi Thompson and Lydia Ko set historical benchmarks while blossoming as the Tour’s youngest ever champions. And evidently, not one has been “cover worthy” for Golf Digest. “Growing the game” means a need for more role models and in these exciting times for women’s golf, the LPGA is overflowing with them.

At this point, I’m done talking about it and I hope the attention of the media and fans will shift in the proper direction. The true stars representing women’s golf have a grand stage this weekend at the Kraft Nabisco Championship. I’m confident that the year’s first major championship will result in another compelling champion and the traditional Sunday leap into Poppie’s Pond will grab the media spotlight it so deserves.”

Those were the words of LPGA Tour commissioner Mike Whan.

So, what’s your thoughts on the commish’ statement? Do you agree? Disagree? In my opinion, I could agree with it but at the same time, Kate Upton was on a recent cover of Golf Digest too (She fine yo) although she was with Arnold Palmer. Also, like Inbee said, stuff like this has been going for years so why complain about it now? It can go either way at this point but in general, I definitely think the LPGA needs some more love because it’s a great tour with great players but that’s just a general statement. Leave your thoughts on this controversial story below! This should be fun.

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PHOTOS: Paulina Gretzky Poses for the Latest Golf Digest With Tight Clothes

Everyone’s favorite golf girlfriend, hockey daughter, model girl lady person is back! This time, she made her way to the cover of Golf Digest and she took some pretty sweet pics. I guess she really does enjoy the game because she’s “competitive” (According to her) which I guess so if you’re the daughter of the greatest scorer in hockey history. She’s definitely been in competition with the other chicks posting selfies on Twitter! Anyway, here’s the pics courtesy of because I know how much y’all dig blondes!










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