Python and alligator seen wrestling on golf course in Florida

It seems like we hear stories like this all the time, especially in Florida. A python and alligator were seen wrestling around on a golf course, and this isn’t the first time something like this has occurred. Most recently, a mongoose was dueling with a cobra-like snake in South Africa on the golf course.

From the look of the video, the python had the upper hand easily, as it wrapped itself around the gator.However, looking closer, you’ll see that the gator had the python’s head in its mouth.

Let this show that, just because the ol’ gator isn’t as flexible as the snake, doesn’t mean it can’t do work on you. Was probably dumb on the snake’s part to allow the gator to take a good bite out of his head.

To make things worse for the snake, pythons are not venomous, so it’s not like the thing could unleash some emergency venom on the gator or in its mouth. Nature duels are always fascinating although it can be certainly scary if dangerous animals are looking on the golf course you’re playing.

Also, let this be clear; don’t let Floridas beaches and palm trees fool you. There may be some danger lurking in the shadows of the swampy landscapes.

Isn’t also ironic that this occurred on the 10th hole? Now that’s quite a halfway house moment!

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Finchem Says Progress on Troubled 2016 Olympic Golf Course is “Reasonably Good”

The Beautiful location of the 2016 Olympic golf course that will feature many sand bunkers. The course is  designer is American course architect Gil Hanse. Thanks to for the awesome pic!

The Beautiful location of the 2016 Olympic golf course that will feature many sand bunkers. The course is designer is American course architect Gil Hanse. Thanks to for the awesome pic!

With golf being in the Olympics in 2016, the conversations have been strong among golf fans and the excitement continues to grow. However, the controversial golf course that’s being constructed on an environmental reservation in Rio De Janeiro has been part of the discussion as well and PGA Tour commissioner Tim Fichem spoke out about the course saying that the progress of it is “reasonably good” according to Yahoo! Sports. The Venue Reserva de Marapendi course was even being held up for months due to legal wrangling over land ownership but I guess if it’s going “reasonably good” then it must keep being built plus you would hate to stop construction of the course if you already started. “I was told yesterday that the irrigation system for the golf course had been boarded on a ship in Los Angeles that was headed for the Panama Canal,” Finchem said according to Yahoo! Sports. “So, hooray, we will now have some water on the property.

“Actually the progress is reasonably good. We think the timeline is in order. We were really concerned there, as you know, for a good period of time.” Reports also say that he’s going down there in the spring to view the course so we’ll see how he reacts. Maybe the course designers are lying just to tell him that “Yup! All is good sir!”. Time is ticking as well for the construction of the course as originally, the course was supposed to be completed in 2014 to give the designers two extra years to fix any minor issues they may see but the course will most likely be finished in 2015 due to the delay of construction. So, what will we see from this course? What will the final design be? Is it in a dangerous location? Only time will tell but let’s hope everything goes well and that we’ll be able to see some great golf in the 2016 Olympic games. Let me know in the comments what you think about the course, its location, or anything you want!

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