REVIEW: Golf clubs in a backpack by DV8 Sports


Summary: You know I’m going to be biased and say that golf is the greatest sport in the world. However, one of the big things that’s holding golfers back is the convenience of the game.


That’s where DV8 Sports steps in, the company that created a set of golf clubs in a lightweight backpack. Yup, that’s right, golf that you can bring with you anywhere.


It all started at an airport when DV8’s boss (Now Chief Technical Officer) Pat Brady noticed an argument at an airport taxi. The argument was between men about their golf club sets being too big to fit in the trunk.


This would have to result in one of the men not bringing their sets. This is when Brady asked himself “How can a set of golf clubs be more compact?”


That’s when the DV8 clubs were born. A KickStarter campaign was started in 2014 and the sets quickly surpassed its goal $50,000, reaching $85,000 in funds.


It took the company five years to complete the clubs after countless hours of testing. According to Brady, it was easy to make the clubs compact but the trick was to make sure the clubs performed at a high level.


Well, after numerous tests, a chart showed that the DV8 clubs hit farther then most name brand sets. The driver in particular was five yards longer.


Thoughts: The bag is beautiful and features strong straps to stay on your back as you go through your golf adventures on and off the course. The bag even features a slot for an iPad or Android tablet so you can record your own swing (You would need the DV8 tripod in order to do so unless you have a tall chair to stand the bag on perhaps) among other things.


The bag also features a small compartment on the bottom where you could you could place your golf balls, tees, etc. And of course the bag features a spot on the side to hold your water bottles.


What makes the clubs so compact  is that each set includes one shaft and up to 14 club heads. What you do is attach the grip to the shaft and then choose which club (head) you want to use for a particular shot.


Once the shaft and grip are connected, it takes three seconds at best to put the club head on. This is where the technology of the DV8 golf clubs shine, as they use a coupler feature to make it easy to snap the club head onto the club.


The clubs swing very nicely. It’s as if you’re swinging traditional clubs, you couldn’t tell that it was assembled…..out of a backpack.


I was really impressed with how well they hit. Hitting pitch shots with the wedge was extremely smooth and a lot of fun and I was able to take hard, full swings without the fear of anything breaking.


I was able to take the wedge and stick in my regular backpack with no problem. It was amazing getting the chance to walk up to the local golf course, knowing that you had a club in your bag, without carrying a full set of clubs.


The shafts are graphite which are great for extra power in your shots. You can also select the shaft size that is best fitting for your height thanks to the club fitting chart that DV8 has on their website when choosing your set.


Another nice benefit is that despite the clubs’ design, you can still change grips at anytime. It’s also easy to clean the clubs as you could remove the head to clean it and it’s nice since the shaft doesn’t get in the way.


The set is also good if you have a small car, ride a motorcycle or rely on public transportation to get around. You can easily take the clubs with you or if you’re like me, you might just grab one or two clubs and put them in your regular backpack or suitcase.



  • The clubs are very easy to carry around and solves one of golf’s big question marks and turn it into a an exlamation point and that is, finally making golf more convenient.
  • They hit terrifcly. You’d easily think you’re hitting one of the name brand clubs.
  • Quick to assemble. Takes no more than three seconds.
  • Excellent for the traveling golfer who enjoys playing different courses.
  • If you go on an airplane, the clubs can come on the flight with you without having to be put below the plane with the suitcases.
  • Great if you have a small vehicle or rely on public transportation. Also great if you play off-course golf.



There are no cons with the DV8 golf clubs. The only thing that may be a con to some is that, since you’re using once shaft, you will have to use a regulation, round grip when you putt.

Unless you decide to put a putter grip on your shaft which is fine as well. Or, you can get a second shaft, just for your putter but the shaft is fairly expensive.



Overall, there are no flaws to the DV8 Sports golf clubs as they play as good as any name brand clubs out there. A set can be a little pricey (Cheapest set starting at $499) but if you want a wonderful combination of golf clubs with high quality and the freedom to take your clubs anywhere without hassle or stress, then these are great weapons of choice on the course.

The DV8 clubs are truly a revolution in golf and was something that was really needed to help make golfers’ lives so much easier and to make it simpler to get out on the range or course often. If you’re someone who enjoys traveling to play different golf courses, the DV8 clubs allow you to use your own set of clubs without having to rent some.

Finally, the DV8 sports golf clubs are an absolute game changer for the golf world. Making the game more convenient could potentially bring more folks into golf, especially the kids and I think DV8 nailed an ace with this one.

You can learn more about the clubs at


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REVIEW: Momentus’ power irons are too much fun

Momentus Golf is one of the leading golf training brands out there. A while back, I had a chance to try out their signature Power Hitter Driver as well as their indoor driver (It’s a small heavy driver you can swing for indoor use) and both were superb.


This time around, I had the pleasure of trying out their two irons used to help build golf strength and improve iron play. Both of these were so much fun to use and I’ll evaluate both of these clubs here for you.


These two clubs are the Power Hitter Iron and the XL Iron and both are perfect for range practice. Here are some key things I enjoyed from both of them.



Power Hitter Iron – Similar to the awesome Power Hitter Driver, the Power Hitter Iron is a heavy iron that helps improve iron consistency and distance. When I was hitting some shots on the range, I was feeling my muscles work and was getting that sensation (Or pain, whatever you want to call it) you get that tells you that your muscles are building a little.


This iron is about as good of a golf workout tool as any. Who knew that just bashing a bunch of balls on the range would help build strength and burn calories?


Bobby Jones had once said that hitting balls on the driving range is a great way to gain strength and hit further out on the course. Well, the Power Hitter Iron is definitely your friend here and makes for an excellent routine on the range.


One thing I really loved was that after hitting some shots with the Power Hitter Iron, I felt like I had more control of my swing. When I grabbed my wedge, I felt very confident swinging and I was able to hit a few shots close to the pin on the green out on the range.


I felt like I was much more in control with my wedge than before. I didn’t feel the need to take a full swing to hit a decent shot and I was making more solid contact with the ball.


The Power Hitter Iron is certainly a beast and is just a wonderful club when practicing on the range. After all, you use your irons more than any other club and the Power Hitter helps you get in complete control of them.



XL Iron – OK so this is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve seen in the history of ever. The XL Iron is an iron and has weight on it just like the Power Hitter Iron.


However, the “big” difference is the size of the clubhead. It’s freaking gigantic! When they said “XL Iron” they certainly weren’t joking.


It has more than just looks as it is an excellent training tool. The reason that the clubhead is so large is that it helps you on your backswing and follow through with air resistance to help you keep the head square every time you swing.


So when you swing this beauty, you’ll feel the weight of the head during the backswing and this is your feedback in regards to whether your swing is correct or not. You’ll feel the tilt of the head thanks to its large size so you’ll know if you’re going to be too open or close at impact.


Like the Power Hitter Iron, the XL Iron also is great for building strength and is a great club to swing before hitting balls on the range. You may also catch the attention of your fellow golfers as they look at your club with wide eyes and such.


This club really will help develop a more square clubface and that’s one of the most important aspects of a golf swing. We all want to make perfect contact with the ball without shanking or chunking it and having a square face is crucial to pure contact.


And that’s what makes the XL Iron such a powerful tool. Swing it a few times, and your mind will get used to a proper backswing a follow through when going back to your normal clubs.


The XL Iron also is great for your driving game. Although it’s an iron, the size of the head makes it beneficial for all clubs and as mentioned, helps you build those key golf muscles so when you grab your driver and tee it up, your swing speed will likely improve.


The club is short enough for indoor practice as well but make sure you have enough room as well, remember, it has a giant clubhead. But, it’s a great club to throw in your bag and take to the range, or maybe you just want to work on your iron game like I did where I brought a couple of irons and the XL to the range.


Overall, Momentus Golf has once again done an excellent job with helping golfers play better through training. Cool thing is, these are fun ways to get some great exercise while still enjoying the sport you love.


You can visit and you can check out both of these sweet irons for yourself.


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REVIEW: Kick X Golf Ball Company Creates Beautiful Driver

Remember the Kick X golf balls? I’m sure you’ve seen them on TV many, many times thanks to the Golf Channel.

Kick X created some terrific golf balls with a unique alignment tool to help you sink more putts. They also have soft touch around the greens among other things.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. The same guys who made those awesome golf balls have also just created some golf clubs to go along with their signature balls.

Specifically, I want to talk about one of the most important clubs in the bag and that would be the driver. Kick X’s driver however is different from traditional drivers.

It’s incredibly, a combination of a driver, fairway wood and hybrid. They call it the Blast DriveWay and it’s a Fairway-Driver Hybrid (Say that three times fast) and I’ll tell you right off the bat (Or in this case, right off the club face) that it’s a really good club.

First thing you’ll notice right away when you look at the club is the super awesome, amazingly cool head cover. It’s a boxing glove, which pretty much tells you that the driver really packs a “punch” and features the cool Kick X logo on it.

The next thing you’ll notice is that the club head is gorgeous. It features an orange, white and black that could definitely turn some heads on the golf course.

Probably the biggest thing you’ll notice with the head is that it’s much smaller than most drivers. This is really cool as it’s small enough to where you can hit shots off of the fairway so if you ever wanted to use your driver as a fairway wood, then here’s your chance.

Despite the smaller clubhead, this beauty still goes a long way. Another cool thing about the smaller clubhead is that it makes it easier to make better contact.

Sometimes, if play with a driver with a larger clubhead, you can sometimes chunk it due to the thick size. Since this head is smaller, you have a better chance of avoiding the ground with the bottom of the head.

The bottom of the head on the Blast DriveWay is more of a cavity kind of bottom. This can really help you make smoother swings.

One of the cool features of the Blast DriveWay is the clubface. With the Kick X golf balls, the signature feature of them were the alignment lines that featured two lines side by side with a small line in between. This can lead to more “deadeye” putts if you read the green correctly.

With the Blast DriveWay clubface, it features the signature “X” in the middle of it with black and orange lines side by side. What’s nice about this is that it makes extremely easy to tell where your sweet spot is, obviously being the “X” (X marks the spot right? YAR!).

The shaft is a beautiful orange and while color and is made by Grafalloy. As we know, Grafalloy is widely regarded as one of the best shaft companies in golf known for there stability which leads to more powerful swings.

The grip is awesome. It’s your popular velvet style but has a softer feel than most and compliments the rest of the club nicely.

Overall, the Blast DriveWay ia great driver and was a bold move for a company that started with only golf balls. They decided to use their minds which helped create their wonderful golf balls to create a beast of a driver.

It has the power of a driver, accuracy of a fairway wood or hybrid.

You can check out the features of the club at

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Review: Mantis may be the hottest new putter in golf

They also have blade putters as well.

They also have blade putters as well.

What’s the popular saying in golf? “Drive for show, putt for dough”. This saying pretty much tells that although putting is as sexy as driving a ball 300 yards down the fairway, it still racks in the dough, gives you triumph, makes you upset, makes you start doing a silly dance, etc.

One thing about putters, no other club in the bag tugs at our emotions more than the putter. It’s the scoring club, the one that puts your ball in the hole.

They also may be the prettiest clubs to look at.

Well, Mantis Golf, a newer company that specializes in putters knows how create some beautiful flat sticks.

They have options of a mallet or a blade putter. I decided to go with the mallet because my very first putter was a mallet.

I’ll tell you right off the bat that these putters are absolutely gorgeous. They feel wonderful as soon as you put your hands on the grip.

The grip on the club is terrific by the way. Very soft and comfortable which is important to having soft touch on the greens.

When taking some strokes, the first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful clanking sound you hear when the ball comes off of the club face. It acually has a heavier feel when you putt which could be very beneficial on short putts.


The reason I say this is because if it feels to light off the club face, then that’s how you potentially over shoot the cup. Then it probably rolls down that steep slope of the green leaving you with a long putt and leaving you on the ground crying like a newborn.


It happens to the best of us though right?


This putter is so awesome, that I made 4 putts in the row from medium-close range (It was kinda close but it wasn’t a gimme). It was from the same spot however but still, that’s always a nice thing if you’re doing that!


The style of the club is the signature of the putter. It’s one of the more unique looking putters you’ll find anywhere.


The clubhead is a beautiful green with a nice round, shape to it. It’s pure green and nothing but green (Favorite color right here! What’s yours?) and there’s a gorgeous silver spot under the head with the Mantis logo embedded in it.


The grip goes perfectly with the head. It has a bright green color on the top and bottom of the grip with a nice stretch of white in between.


The top part of the grip has the word “Mantis” going downwards while the Mantis logo is planted nicely in the white area of the grip.


The putter also comes with a fantastic head cover to protect that “pretty to look at” clubhead. Instead of the traditional velcro putter head covers for mallets, the Mantis cover closes using a magnet to seal shut.


It’s a quiet way to put on and remove the cover. Great for sneaking out to your putting green at night while your folks and neighbors are sleeping.


And then a pack of wolves surround on the green to “join” your round.


Overall, the Mantis mallet putter is a win win. It could literally be a win win when you’re sinking that tournament winning putt or that match play you decided to settle with that buddy who oddly hits better shots out of the rough than the fairway.


The Mantis putters are being used on the PGA Tour and Tour this year as well which is always nice. So basically, you’re using a hot new putter that the pros use.


The Mantis putter is hot fire, so the next time you hit the course, be sure to bring the fire extinguisher. Bring a handkerchief too because the designer of the course yo’re playing will be sweating.


Check out these sweet putters at 


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Review: Walking Sticks Golf Clubs Turn Nine Clubs Into Three


One of the things about golf that seem to be an issue to some players is that there are way too many clubs in the bag, causing the bag to reach a weight of up to 45 pounds. This is a reason why you see a lot of golfers ride carts instead of walking the layouts.

Well, the crew at Walking Sticks has a solution for this and it’s a good one. No, these aren’t literally “walking sticks”, that’s just the name of the company.

They put together a set of three irons that play like all nine different irons. “Whaaa??” you ask?

Well, these irons have special levers on the back of their heads. When you lift the lever, you can twist the head to the loft of your choice based on the shot.


Each club is three clubs. So for example, the longest club in the bag is a combination of a 3, 4 and 5 iron.


the second club is the combination of a 6,7 and 8 iron and finally the third club is a combination of a 9 iron, pitching wedge and sand wedge. All you need to do is choose the club you want, pull the lever, twist the head to the desire loft, close the lever and swing away.


Experiencing these clubs, I was a tad bit skeptical at first but after taking some swings with all of the different lofts, I’ll say that I absolutely love these clubs. They feel and hit like conventional clubs and it’s amazing.


The grips are nice and thick and easy to grab. You can swing as fast as you want and it won’t damage anything. It’s quite impressive when you think about it.


They way the ball comes off the club faces feels amazing, you wouldn’t even think it’s a specialty club. You’d think it’s your tradition clubs.


Around the greens, the 9 iron/P wedge/S wedge really works tremendously. I don’t even need to go back to the bag and choose a club, all I need to do is lift the lever and change it to the club I prefer.


So, if I want the most possible loft in my pitch or flop shot, I’ll twist the club head to the sand wedge position and fire away. If I want a little extra roll and my chips, I’ll twist the club head to the 9 iron position to take a little extra loft off.


It’s really that simple. And just holding the clubs in your hands and taking simple practice swings just feels beautiful.


One of the great things about these clubs is that they take no time to change the lofts. Golf traditionalists usually think these clubs would take a century to change the loft but that’s so far from the truth that statements like that could have their own planets in the Milky Way.


Probably the greatest thing about these clubs is that they help you walk the course more and take advantage of the health benefits. Carts are fun to ride in and all but at the same time, you’re zooming past all of the sites of the course and won’t get a chance to suck it all in.


The clubs come with a gorgeous 7″ diameter golf bag, that’s very lightweight and easy to carry. With these clubs and maybe two or three other clubs (Driver, putter, and 3 wood most likely), you’re going to go from a whopping set of 14 clubs to just five or six clubs.


This reduces the weight of you bag from 27 or even 40+ pounds to just 10 pounds. Let me tell you, I couldn’t believe how light the bag was with that many less clubs.


It makes you realize that what you’ve been carrying is very heavy compared to a set of Walking Sticks irons and a few of your traditional clubs. The bag is so much easier to carry now compared to my old set, it’s ridiculous.


Heck, I didn’t even need to throw the bag around my back, I just carried the bag by the little handle!


The bag has all of your regular, neat little pockets to put all of your balls, tees, etc in during your round. Makes for a great traveling set as well due to its thin size.


The more you walk the course, the better. You can burn 2000 calories by walking an 18 hole course.


You’re not going to see a lot of people doing it if they’re carrying a bag that’s twice as heavy as the set of Walking Sticks clubs. Although they may want to walk the course, they just can’t do it.


With these clubs and the light bag, you’ll be able to walk the course with ease and feel better doing it. You’ll also actually be able to focus on your shots rather than your back, legs, feet, etc.


The only catch is, if you’re a player who plays on a local amateur tour, I’d get a hold of your tour director and see if it’s OK to play with the Walking Sticks clubs. If not, then these make for excellent clubs when you’re just playing a regular round of golf.


They also make fantastic practice clubs when you need them. Maybe you’re on the road and want to keep your game sharp without having to hull in your set of 14 clubs. That’s a good way to take advantage of the benefits of the Walking Sticks.


So, you get a nice set of golf clubs that swing great, you get a lightweight bag that can hold all of your accessories and you get the great benefit and enjoyment of walking a beautifully designed golf course.


You can also do the same things you usually would with traditional clubs such as shorten your shafts or get your grips changed. You also get the same sensation of pulling the club out of your bag like a regular club (Some golfers just love the feeling of pulling a club out of a bag) which is always a nice little touch.


Overall, the clubs are great, they feel great, hit great and makes walking with them so much easier. They are terrific.


And this is for you. Phil, the brilliant mind behind these clubs was kind enough to give me a code for you, the reader to get your set of Walking Sticks golf clubs at a low price.


When you go to, enter the code gpgolf you’ll get $200 off the regular price. Now isn’t that cool or what?


You also get this code when you subscribe to The GP Golf Report as well. And you know, what, you really deserve it.


For you to be reading my blog for almost two years now is unbelievable. Without you, I’m really just some dude who likes golf.


I’m still just a dude who likes golf but now I write about it and brings pure joy to my heart that you take the time out of your busy day to read my work.


So go ahead and enjoy your clubs and again, thank you oh so very much! Happy golfing!


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Review: Classic Golf Omaha Brings Hickory Golf Back to Life

The Store Front of Classic Golf in Omaha and its Signature Truck.

The Store Front of Classic Golf in Omaha and its Signature Truck.



Hickory Golf has started to make its way back onto the scene and into the 21st century. The sport of yesteryear has played a major role in the growth of golf today.


Well, Classic Golf, a shop in Omaha sells some of the most unique, original and beautiful hickories and persimmons you’ll ever see. I was fortunate enough to check out a few of their classic hickory irons.


I always understand the importance of a great grip and these hickories have some of the most unique grips around. They feel great too might I add.


They much longer grips then you’d see on today’s clubs and makes the club look a lot shorter than it is. It’s a unique leather grip that reminds us exactly what the legends used back in the day.


It’s a very skinny grip too because it’s “shaft tight” or like a girl who wears tight pants, “skin tight”. This gives you the unique opportunity to improve the way you grip a golf club.


I say this because I believe working with a skinny, tight grip can improve the way you grip today’s slightly wider grips. These grips are excellent too, feels really good in the hands.


This also gives the chance to either take a swing with the popular Vardon style of grip or take a shot with the grip the legends used for years with this clubs, the ten finger baseball grip. Yup, the same way you’d probably grip any other stick.


That’s one of the fun things if you’re a typical Vardon gripper. You can try something different which was a primary for these clubs.


Now let’s get to the shafts, where the roots of these clubs come to life. One thing I heard, is that hitting a hickory is one of the best feelings in the world.


Well, they were right. And the shafts are beautiful.


All you feel is nothing but pure wood after you hit a solid shot and slide the club down your hand. It’s such an awesome feeling and the sound is great when the ball comes off the hickory’s sweet medal club face.


The clubs are fragile however but to me, this adds to the strategic style that the hickory game brings. You know the ball won’t go as far and you know you can’t swing as fast as you normally would (No 100+ mph swings for you Mr/Ms!) so it makes you think more on each shot.


It adds to what makes the sport of golf so beautiful. The strategic aspect is a work of art in motion.


Now, if you hit some softer golf balls then you might be able to swing the club a little harder. But with hickories, it’s best to focus more on pure control and accuracy rather than power and speed.


That’s what these clubs are perfect for is the control players out there. The ones who want to make to smart play and lay up in the fairway and shoot for the flag stick on the approach shot.


These beauties will make you view a golf course differently. They’ll make you a better golfer in my opinion because we always focus so much on “going for it” instead of making the proper strategic play to outsmart the layout and/or your opponent.


Sure, it may not be as “cool” or “heroic” as shooting for the green on a short par-4 but sometimes, laying up and making the smart play tells yourself that you still have a working brain. That’s what these clubs make you do.


Speaking of golf course strategy with the hickories, the guys at Classic Golf will also be building a golf course that’s designed specifically for hickories. The proposed golf course based in Omaha will feature a shop with all old school golf gear as well as other neat things such as a caddy program.


It will be an 18 hole design and should really apply the strategic elements that make hickory golf so wonderful. I had a chance to view the drawn out layout of the course and it looks spectacular.


So I highly recommend that you visit and shoot them an email or give them a call if you want some classic hickories for either play or display. If you live in Omaha then you can just stop on in and once the course is completed, you can test your hickory skills and strategic abilities on the awesome new layout.


You’re going to definitely travel back in time with these clubs so you can really see how golf’s roots came about! Throw on some knickers, heighten your socks and get ready to tee off!


Next thing ya know, you’ll be looking like my man, Chicago golf legend, Chick Evans!




Follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio just because I’m a weird, awkward yet somewhat intelligent soul who loves golf, sports and video games!







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Review: Thirty7Designs Brings Style to Your Putter

Check it!

Check it!

Thirty7Designs, a young company that designs custom putters, creates putters that not only are stylish but perform well. They were kind of enough to send me a custom flat stick to try out on the greens.


I decided to go with an all black color which is cool because it looks like a total ninja! As you can see in the picture, it’s a blade putter and this is my first time using one. Feels great!


I think it’s only fair to start out with the grip of the club as this is the very first thing you touch with any club. The grip is created by Ace of Clubs which is a company that has custom putter grips as well as golf accessories such as putter head covers and yardage books.


These grips are unlike anything else in golf. The front of the grip has what appear to be little bumps all around it and they really help you with getting the right feel of the club.


The back of the grip features what appears to be the signature feature of the Ace of Clubs grip which is laces tied around in the back. The laces also play a big role in the feel of the putter like when you grip a football by its laces. This is very beneficial to get the right amount of touch on the greens.


Overall, the grip of the club just feels beautiful and is a crucial part of successful putting. The next thing I want to mention is the shaft.


The shaft is amazing. Has a great style and feel and is excellent when putting on the green. It has a very nice slick feel which adds to the unique style of the shaft.


While on the green, the putter hits beautifully. The feel of the ball coming off the clubface is as smooth as butter and it helped build some extra confidence.


How do you like that?

How do you like that?


On short putts, this putter made them into just gimmes and most of the time, short putts can be the toughest. The long putts, although missed just because I’m a lame putter, came pretty close actually. I was left with pretty easy two putts opportunities.


The clubhead that was put on my putter is phenomenal. As I mentioned, it feels great when the golf ball comes off it. Another great thing is the the alignment line on the putter.


The alignment on this putter makes it so easy to help you read your putts. Although I missed my share of putts, I was able to get my putts on the right line as the balls rolled up towards the cup.


I usually am not the best green reader but this putter was able to help me line up the putt just right and I was able to see the green that much better. The green went uphill and curved left once it go up the hill. I was able to get the putt pretty close to the hole!


There were a few putts that were on tough spots on the green where it sloped downhill and to the left. After missing the first putt, I was able to sink the next two putts!


You’d have to have quite a bit of touch to be able to hit that putt. That’s another beautiful thing about the putter. Pure touch!


Overall, these putters are awesome, and if you want something stylish that performs well, then this is a great putter of choice. You can get design colors of your favorite sports team or maybe the high school or college you attended which is cool.


Or you can be on of those guys who attends a major, famous university for like two months, comes out and says “That’s my alma mater right there!”.


If you want a putter, visit and contact my man Phil and he’ll hook you up!


Hit me up @ChiGolfRadio on Twitter because I’m weird and I tweet about things and stuff!










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Review: SuperSpeed Clubs Improve Swing Speed Dramatically

These are the weights of the clubs. Look kinda like pool sticks don't they?

These are the weights of the clubs. Look kinda like pool sticks don’t they?


Although the days are freezing cold (-1 degrees here in Chicago as a matter of fact), that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about golf! I had a chance to try out the amazing new golf training aid/golf fitness product, the SuperSpeed golf clubs by Catalyst Golf.


They golf clubs with small weights in place of where a typical driver head would be. Each set comes with three clubs.


Each club has its own weight to it and goes by color to identify which is lightest and which is heaviest. Each club’s weight at the end of the club is different sized based on the club you choose.


The green club is the lightest and is recommended as the first club you swing before moving on. 


– The blue club is medium weight and is the second club you swing after you finished taking at least five to ten swings with the green, light weighted club. 


Finally, you pick up the red club which is the heaviest and take five to ten swings with it.


The key thing is to make sure you swing the clubs as hard as you can. This helps you apply this amount of speed when you pick up a driver.


The grips on the clubs are terrific and that’s extremely important for these clubs let alone any club. Since you’re swinging these bad boys so hard, it’s crucial to have a great grip and these grips do not disappoint and get the job done.


Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your clubs doesn’t hit the ground during your swing. This may damage the small weight that’s on the club so make sure you swing at a more level posture.


After swinging these a few times and picking up my driver afterwards, I definitely felt a difference in my swing. I felt like I was hitting the ball harder, and the swing just felt faster.


I think these clubs are excellent for building some flexibility in your swing as well. They help make your swings longer which will help you bomb it off the tee at the course and range.


These clubs are also excellent golf fitness aids as you can use them for great golf stretching exercises. Plus, swinging them as hard as you can several times is a workout in itself and you’ll be feeling great afterwards while burning your share of calories.


Overall, the SuperSpeed golf clubs are just plain awesome and are great to have in your bag. They’re perfect for golf fitness, practice, and warming up before you tee it up on that nasty par-5 starting hole.


You know? The one that gives you option the either suffer the consequences if you choose to lay up and reward you if you decide to go for it? Yeah, that one!


You can check out the SuperSpeed golf clubs at their website by visiting


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