Golf Channel Changes Iconic Logo, Not the Greatest Looking One Either but Serviceable

The new logo (Right) will be the new face of NBC's legendary golf network. Via

The new logo (Right) will be the new face of NBC’s legendary golf network. Via

There’s a time in every company’s life where they feel that they need o make some visual changes. The folks over an NBC apparently wanted to make change themselves after they decided to let their iconic Golf Channel logo ride off into the sunset to make way for a more practical look, easy to understand type of look. The world-famous “G” which also represented a tee is now simply “GOLF CHANNEL” with the legendary and colorful NBC peacock feathers right by its side. The “G” logo has been a known symbol in over 120 million homes for many years and now that the logo includes the word “Golf”, that could help people become more familiar with the channel.

“The English word “golf” is recognized around the world and nearly in every language. And with Golf Channel’s evolution over the past two decades from a cable television business to a global golf business, using the word ‘golf” in our logo positions the business for further growth in the decades to come,” said Regina O’Brien, Golf Channel Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing according to World Golf.

This comes slightly as a surprise as it almost came out of nowhere but it’s the best for the network. Although it doesn’t look as sexy as the original “G” logo, it’s still serviceable and will definitely help viewers out by being straight forward with the new logo. So what do you think of the new GC logo? Do you think this was a smart move for Golf Channel? Do you think it’s boring? Or do you think “Who cares, it’s a freaking logo!”?

The only thing I’ll say is that I don’t know if the new logo will help bring people to the channel that aren’t into golf. What I mean is that if you keep the original “G” then people will at least click on the site or go to the channel in curiosity while being straightforward won’t make people want to click or view BUT it does help people who are already golf fans easily recognize the channel immediately.

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Geoff Ogilvy calls out Tiger and Brandel, the truth has been spoken my friends

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Remember that feud between Tiger Woods and golf writer Brandel Chamblee? Well, one guy who I sometimes take time to enjoy reading his column is current PGA Tour star and major champion Geoff Ogilvy who is also a great writer and he stood up and wrote about his thoughts on the situation.

“The idea that someone in the media should somehow not be able to call it the way he or she sees it … doesn’t sit well with me,” said Ogilvy according to Emily Kay of SB Nation who I also enjoy reading.

“Because we are pampered in so many areas of our lives, we perhaps have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the media,” he said.

He also mentioned that Tiger should give good answers to questions and that broadcast and print journalists need to stop acting like “cheerleaders” for players and pretty much be realistic about their thoughts. What Geoff said was freaking awesome. I couldn’t agree more with him. Because that’s why some of these players like Tiger are so spoiled because he’s so used to getting the royal treatment when he knows full well that life isn’t always Disney World. See, now Tiger wants to complain about everything a writer says that doesn’t sound right to him. The same goes in other sports as well. I mean when Tiger’s agent were threatening lawsuits and everything, that’s going way too far. I was always taught growing up to not listen to what others tell me and that’s what he needs to learn and he’s like 16, 17 years older than me.

Instead of crying like a baby and sucking on a bottle of milk, ignore what people are saying and do what you do because as journalists, it’s our JOB to give our honest opinions whether the player likes it or not and Tiger would have learned that a very long time ago if all the journalists didn’t spoil him all of those years. Yes, he’s had an unbelievable career but even when he sucked for a while writers and broadcasters were still riding the Tiger express. And now that leaves us with this. A spoiled Tiger Woods that’ll whine about every little negative thing a writer says. Well, guess what? Writers do this for a LIVING. They get PAID for this stuff and people read the stuff that may be controversial.It’s how they get food on the table. Sure, Tiger heads may dislike anything negative said about him, but they read it right? It catches their attention right?

So obviously it works! So, basically Geoff slapped both media members and Tiger in the face a bit and I love it because he is spot on with what he’s saying and I so glad he wrote the piece for Golf Digest. I’m definitely not a cheerleader or at least I try not to be. I try to be as honest as I can on things! Because I know you guys are real people so I want to have real conversations, not make something sound like it’s not me. So, to summarize: Media members need to stop spoiling Tiger and Tiger needs to stop crying is one way to put it how Geoff said it. Way to go homie! Nice way to shut that situation DOWN! I can imagine a Marv Albert call on it….”OH! Geoff Ogilvy! With the throw down on both Chamblee and Woods! Someone call a DOCTOR!”. Throw Gus Johnson and Michael Collins in there and you’ll have an amazing broadcast! It should be very interesting to see what Tiger or Brandel say if they run into Geoff anytime soon.

So, as always let me know what you guys think! Do you disagree with him or are you all for what he said? You can read more of what he said here.

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Bubba Watson Plays a Round of Golf……With One Club


Well, Bubba Watson is likes to swing sticks at balls and hit them far. Normally, he has up to 14 clubs in the bag but this time, the 2012 Masters champion played a round at Pelican Hill Golf Club where he only used a hybrid as his only sword to battle against the course which rocks the name of the furry bird known as a pelican according to Not only did he have just one club in his arsenal, he had only three balls in his pocket but knowing Bubba, he’s one to not fear a challenge and that’s why he won the Masters last year. I’m sure he was licking his chops during that amazing shot last year. That’s why he’s known as the “Master of Escape” as to where Ian Poulter and at one point my homie Anthony Kim were also great escape artists. Bubba loves challenges and that’s why he’s so much fun to watch not to mention he hits tee shots like he’s using a gamebreaker power up. Sure, he’s had a down year but he’s still a fan favorite and is still a solid golfer.

The only issue I had was when he got mad at his caddy, to me that was unnecessary because the caddy’s not going to be perfect bro let’s get that straight. Other than that we love Bubba and the way he views everything as a challenge and his latest stunt is no different. Oh, and did I mention he shot an 81 during that single club round? That’s not bad for someone using one club. Now if only can can shoot better than that with 14 clubs so we can see the same Bubba we saw when he won the Masters last year. I feel confident though, because he can get to the green with ease due to his power and his recovery is key as well. Doing more stunts like that will definitely attract a crowd! I guess Bubba said “All I need is One Club” So, as always, what do you guys think? Would you play with one club? If so, which one? Sadly, there’s no video or gif but as soon as one hits then I’ll post it so keep it locked here!

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Report: Tiger’s Girl, Vonn Injured in Ski Accident

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn at the Broncos-Chiefs game on Sunday night. Thanks to Fox Sports for the photo.

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn at the Broncos-Chiefs game on Sunday night. Thanks to Fox Sports for the photo.

It Seems that Tiger Woods has been dealing with some injuries lately and the same thing seems to be happening with his superstar girlfriend Lindsey Vonn who is injured for the second time this year and around an important time as the Winter Olympics is not far off. Reports say that Lindsey suffered a knee injury while training in Colorado according to and “She was not admitted to the hospital and is currently being evaluated by (U.S. women’s ski team) Dr. (Bill) Sterett back in Vail. We expect to have clarity on the situation in the next 24 hours.” Vonn’s publicist, Lewis Kay, told NBC Sports. So, let’s hope that it might not be that serious which because as we know, injuries in sports simply suck and a ski injury can be life threatening in many ways. Woods and Vonn have been seen practically all over the place together both on and off the course and were even seen on the sidelines during the big Sunday night football game between Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos and Alex Smith’s Kansas City Chiefs.

Vonn’s injury is just coming not long after there were reports of nasty arguments between the famous couple but is also not long after there were pictures of the two at skiing location getting ready to hit the slopes. Makes you kind of wonder, is it that she’s simply not ready to ski or is it deeper than that? Is the relationship with the no.1 golfer in the world getting to her mentally and making her lose her focus? Who knows but there have been many cases where we see terrific athletes fall because of the things that are on their mind because the mind is more powerful than the body and a crooked, confusing relationship is one thing that will definitely mess with your mind. We’ll see if Tiger will spend some time with her while she’s hurting. So do you think the relationship is messing with her mentally? Or is it simply just an injury? Let me know in the comments section below!

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The GP Links of the Week

Like the logo?  :)

Like the logo? 🙂

Links! Gotta Love Them! And the Other Links too (Golf Course) ;)

Links! Gotta Love Them! And the Other Links too (Golf Course) 😉

Hey all, hope you’re having a great week and are excited for the weekend! There’s some great golf going on at the Tour Championship with scores continuing to rise from different players and I’ll be sure to write a post about that before the day is done but right now i wanted to start something new and fresh. I’d like to welcom you to the “GP Links of the Week” where I throw links of stories I liked from different websites and blogs into the post for you to check out! This is a great way for you guys to get quick links to other great stories in the world of golf from some of the best sites in the world! I know today’s Friday but I probably won’t be doing these on Fridays but instead might do them on Mondays as Monday is the start of the new week and gets me the chance to read great stories over the weekend especially if there’s a golf victory on Sundays so Monday would be the perfect day to post links of stories about the winner of a tournament. So, without further ado, here’s today’s GP Links of the week!

The Daily Golf Stop

The Daily Golf Stop is a great new blog where people can get their fix and discuss great topics going on in the world of golf. This post was in discussion of the 9/11 attacks and how golf can get involved in a good way and it also features a phenomenal picture that you MUST see. This blogger is very talented and his writing is top notch. Definitely somebody to look out for on your radar.

The Sand Trap Golf Blog

The Sand Trap is full of great stories and is one of the most sought after golf blogs in the world. It also features a terrific community with a very busy forum and is truly one of the coolest sites I’ve seen, they’re fantastic and worth the look. Michael Hepp wrote this masterpiece of a post. has been one of, if not the hottest website for golf news for some years now and feature some incredible writers and as we know, GC is a part of NBC and NBC Sports’ website has some very talented writers. This particular post was written by one of the best golf writers in the business and possibly one of the greatest of all time, and a man I had the pleasure of interviewing, Mr. Jason Sobel who is very popular with golf fans.

SB Nation is one of the most popular websites in the world and features many great bloggers talking about many hot topics in the world of sports and this post was written by Emily Kay who is the lead golf writer on SB Nation and is truly one of best around, her work is a must read.

And rounding out this week’s GP Links of the Week is a website that ends with the word “week”. GolfWeek has a phenomenal magazine that is so rich and deep with information that you can sink your eyes into. They feature PGA Tour, LPGA, College, Amatuer golf news andn much more, it’s insane how much info is in it and if you love college and amatuer golf then this website is the site for you. This post was in regards to Des Moines, Iowa hosting the Solheim Cup and the potential of them hosting it again. The ppst was written by the very lovely and talented Beth Ann Baldrey and is a must read if you love the LPGA Tour.

Special Mention:
Great site if you’re an all around sports fan and Jason Sheckman does an excellent job with it!

Well, that does it for the first ever GP Links of the Week! Feel free to shoot me an email at and leave your thoughts in the comments below! Keep it real GP Nation, from Chicago with love.

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The Most Over Rated Player in Golf?

Who's the over rated golfer? Read on to Find Out More..,Unless you Skipped This Caption then Whatever.

Who’s the Over Rated Golfer? Read on to Find Out More….Unless you Skipped this Caption then Whatever Bro.

What has Spongebob Learned so Far from this Post?

What has Spongebob Learned so Far from this Post?

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, cats and dogs, Bears and Packers (Hey, the NFL season starts tomorrow so I just had to troll like that!). I present to you, the most over rated player in all of golf! His name? His name features that of an animal. Alright, you should already know by now who I’m talking about. Congratulations to none other than Tiger Woods for being the most over rated golfer in the world. Yes I understand he’s done a lot in the game and has won many tournaments and majors but the way the media talks about him is ridiculous in my opinion. He’s a favorite in every tournament and it’s just eye rolling. He’s had a great season but a favorite in every single tournament? Come on now son, that’s poor picking. The guy’s not going to win every tournament he plays in, the dude hasn’t even won a major in 7 years now (It will be 7 once 2013 is over) and people act like he’s back. Well he’s not folks. If he wants to be his original self like in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, then he has to win a major or two because that’s what he did, so that’s what he has to do. I’m just tired of people saying “He’s back” and I’m normally not a big ranting type of guy but it’s ridiculous. One of the other things that really bothers me is the fact that when someone wins a PGA Tour tournament, the first thing someone writes or mentions is “Tiger shot a 75 in the final round” or something like that. Ummm…excuse me, I would like to know who actually won the tournament here, not how Tiger Woods did.

They say you should always throw Tiger’s name in there first even if he wasn’t the winner of the tournament because “That’s what people want”. Alright, fair enough, but not everybody is a Tiger Woods fan and there’s some who can’t stand him. Honestly, if you seriously believe he’s the first name you got to put up there in every article or every story you mention on radio or on TV, then that’s bad journalism in my opinion and mine only. Give the player who won, a chance. If Tiger won the tournament then great, let’s talk about it but don’t ram it down people’s throats. If Matt Kuchar wins the event, you talk about Matt Kuchar first then the other players. If Henrik Stenson makes a phenomenal charge to win a tournament, then you should talk about him first then the other golfers. Because to me the key thing that every true golf fan wants to know is “Who won the golf tournament” not “How did Tiger do?”, not right off the bat anyway. Like I said, if he won, then that’s awesome let’s talk about his victory and talk about how the rest of the leaderboard fared.

Look, I love and appreciate everyone involved in golf media and have had the chance to interview some great golf media personalities but the obsessive Tiger talk and picking him for every tournament is getting tiresome. There are so many great golfers on Tour that a lot of people will miss the chance of seeing how good they really were because they were overshadowed by the endless hailstorm that is Tiger Woods. I also understand that some people talk about him a lot because he’s a revenue builder for the networks and such but I think talking about the players who are in the lead at the tournament matter the most at the time unless it’s Tiger in the lead. Obviously, a lot of the big network radio hosts who talk about all sports talk about him because they aren’t big in golf but need to talk about golf if it’s a major. They’re getting paid for it after all. Now sometimes, I hear things from people saying that some of the media talk bad about Tiger. I don’t think I never heard anything bad said about Tiger in the media. Whatever bad someone said about him, it must have been very harmless because if the media’s talking crap about him then how come he’s picked to win in almost every tournament? It’s silly and they say ratings go up when he’s playing. Really? Well I believe when Rory Mcilroy was playing out of his mind last year, the ratings were very good over at Golf Channel, one of the highest ratings they ever received if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, I hope the golfing world knows that there’s more to golf than Tiger Woods, so let’s cherish this beautiful game and what it has to offer on all levels and not just cover it up by talking about one person 24/7 365 days a year. Because last time I checked, the winners of the tournament matter.

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