Sean Foley joins Golf Channel as lead instructor, replaces Michael Breed

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Sean Foley has been famously known as Tiger Woods’ former coach, as well as being a young, hip dude in the golf industry. Foley, 43 will now share he teaching abilities with millions of TV viewers, as he will now be the host of Playing Lessons on NBC/Golf Channel.

He will also be contributing to the channel’s popular Golf Central to give instructional thoughts about different players and to the audience. This also includes contributions during the always enjoyable “Live From” roundtable discussion shows during major championships, The Players Championship, as well as the Ryder and President’s Cups.


“Sean is a dynamic personality who has a keen intellect and curiosity about the science behind the golf swing.” Molly Solomon, executive vice president, content for Golf Channel said in a statement. “But what makes Sean so unique is his ability to translate his swing philosophy from golf’s elite to amateur golfers looking to improve their games and simply become more consistent,”


As expected, Foley himself seems excited as well.


“I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with Golf Channel in re-launching Playing Lessons, as well as sharing my observations and analysis throughout the year during the most exciting moments in golf,” said Foley via the statement released by the network.  “I’m also looking forward to discussing my perspectives and teachings with millions of Golf Channel viewers and having in-depth conversations with some of the top personalities in the game.”


The 43-year-old Foley has worked with Woods, Justin Rose, Lee Westwood and Hunter Mahan. Most recently, he has worked with Danny Willett and Si Woo Kim among others.


With Foley in as a lead instructor for Golf Channel, this means that Michael Breed is out at the network after being the longtime host of the Golf Fix. However, the always fun top-ranked instructor will enjoy an expanded gig with Sirius/XM Radio, dishing out golf tips to many listeners.


Breed signed a multi-year deal with the radio network to host his “New Breed of Golf” show, after parting ways with Golf Channel according to All Access. He will also be teaming with Golf Digest to provide exclusive content on a “new platform” as he referenced on his Facebook Live video. He also mentioned that the departure from Golf Channel was on friendly terms, and all he wanted to do was to spend more time with his family.


The Facebook Live video is very interesting, so I’d highly recommend that you check out if you’re a fan of Breed.


The big moves don’t end there, as Golf Channel also added legendary writers Jaime Diaz and Tim Rosaforte to their digital team for providing online coverage. They too will continue to contribute to Golf Channel shows, bringing their written wisdom to our television screens.


Diaz and Rosaforte have been longtime writers for Golf Digest/Golf World, and now, have agreed to be on the Golf Channel team full-time to provide special content. So, overall, it was a win-win for everyone involved as NBC/GolfChannel made this overhaul with their team.


A smart move for all parties as well, as they all have started to go the digital route. This is especially smart for the writers, Diaz and Rosaforte.


In a world where old-school journalists are hesitant to step in the digital arena, Diaz and Rosaforte stepped to the plate and hit a home run apiece. Writing on the Golf Channel website? Contributing to the network on TV? Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty sweet gig for these gentlemen.


In the world of golf media, we can easily say that 2018 has already started off with a bang.


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Rory McIlroy owns Brandel Chamblee after weightlifting comments

Golf Channel broadcaster Brandel Chamblee made some comments about Rory McIlroy’s workout habits and the four-time major champion didn’t hesitate to strike back.

First, the comments from Chamblee:

On his way to the Northern Trust Open at legendary Riviera Country Club, McIlroy made his comeback:

And then there was the final blow:

Well played, @rorymcilroy. Well played. 🏋🏻💪🏻

A video posted by Golf Channel (@golfchannel) on

Chamblee, who is one of Golf Channel’s most popular analysts, has been known to draw controversy, mostly with negative reaction from fans. In this incident, from a superstar golfer.

Golf Channel ended up being a good sport about the whole thing with a “Well played Rory” caption on the above Instagram clip.

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David Feherty to work full-time for NBC/Golf Channel


In a not very surprising move, David Feherty has decided take his talents to NBC/Golf Channel. Feherty already had done some work with NBC/GC as that is the home of his popular interview show called “Feherty”.



“NBC Sports Group announced today that David Feherty will make NBCUniversal his exclusive media home, which will include adding Feherty to NBC’s golf tournament coverage team, including the Olympics; an extension of his award-winning series ‘Feherty’ on Golf Channel; and a slate of new ventures highlighted by a Universal Television development deal,” the network said on Tuesday according to Golf Digest.


Fox Sports was the other competitor for Feherty and to be biased as The GP Golf Report is a Fox Sports family blog, it would’ve been cool to see Feherty join Fox. However, it’s absolutely no shock he decided to join NBC/GC full-time.


He’s already familiar with the network, plus NBC does have “Golf” Channel after all. Plus, NBC gets a ton of golf coverage and they do a great job.


He’ll get a chance to cover the Olympics, President’s Cup, Ryder Cup, Players Championship, and the Open Championship in 2017. Not too shabby!


And since he’s at NBC/GC full-time, this means that the Feherty show will get heavier airtime, broadcasting across all NBC networks. There’s no info on the NBC deal but according to Golf Digest, Fehertwit (As he goes by on Twitter) was looking for a nice chunk of cash, much higher than the millions he was getting.


Can’t blame him! He was doing a little bit of everything and now his role is probably even bigger now than it was before since all of his energy will be dedicated to one network and as he continues to be in much higher demand.


It was a great run at CBS and it’s going to be fun seeing him break down some of the biggest tournaments around at his new/kinda old home.


“I’m really looking forward to this next step in my career‎, but I’ll miss a lot of people who have had my back for nearly 20 years,” Feherty said according to Golf Digest. “And to be honest, I’m on the verge of soiling myself.


Typical Feherty. Gotta love that guy.


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PICTURE: Golf Channel studio gets wrecked after storm

The PGA Championship at Whistling Straits got suspended on Friday after a “Whistling” storm went washing through the course. Play will continue on Saturday morning when the sheep come back out to play.


But Todd Lewis of Golf Channel tweeted this picture of the studio after the storm:

Thankfully, nobody was hurt. But doesn’t the picture have that look of an abandoned place?

Exactly what it looks like and with the famous Straits clubhouse in the background, makes it looks that much more eerie. At the same time, it looks like a really cool picture as well, kinda artistic in some ways (I know I’m weird like that).

Again, glad no one was hurt though.

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Report: Robert Allenby Allegedly Kidnapped, Robbed, Beaten



Wow, this is not good. Robert Allenby who has had a solid career as a player on the PGA Tour, was allegedly kidnapped and robbed according to Steve Sands of Golf Channel.


He was with his caddie Mick Middlemo and a friend at a bar in Hawaii when they noticed that Allenby went missing. According to Sands, Middlemo said that Allenby was six miles away from the bar when he was found.


He didn’t have his wallet, cell phone, credit cards or any money. He didn’t even remember where he was and how he got there.


This is the picture Allenby took of his beating and shared on Twitter:




Below is the video report from Steve Sands who broke the story:

Robert Allenby has won four times on the PGA Tour, four times on the European Tour and 13 times on the PGA of Australia.

Let’s hope Robert is OK and we all wish him a speedy recovery both mentally and physically.

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Dustin Johnson Suspended for Doing Cocaine, Had Sexual Affairs With PGA Wives

Hyundai Tournament of Champions - Final Round

Uh Ohhh! This is quite a series of events in a very short amount of time. First Dustin Johnson announced that he was taking a leave of absence from the PGA Tour to deal with “personal issues” and now it came out according to that he was leaving to seek help for a problem he had with cocaine. The PGA Tour ended up suspending him for six months for doing such substance. DJ has been in trouble before with drug use as he was suspended for marijuana use in 2009, cocaine in 2012, and once again in 2014.

In 2012 and 2014, the years he did the cocaine, he had his strongest major finishes as a pro, finishing tied for 9th at the Open Championship in 2012 and finishing tied for 4th at the U.S. Open this year in 2014 (Which was his best U.S. Open finish). Maybe Dustin needs to play “White Lines” by the Sugar Hill Gang which talks about cocaine and the troubles of it. Here’s his statement courtesy of

“I will use this time to seek professional help for personal challenges I have faced,” he said in a statement issued by his management company. “By committing the time and resources necessary to improve my mental health, physical well-being and emotional foundation, I am confident that I will be better equipped to fulfill my potential and become a consistent champion.”

Dustin’s agent David Winkle, when asked if Dustin would be suspended, texted a Sports Illustrated reporter saying “Don’t believe everything you hear”. Well, Mr. Winkle, I appreciate your efforts of defending your client and all but…he did just get suspended sooo what do you think about that? Dustin will miss the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup this year which are clearly the biggest events left on the schedule.

The PGA Tour made a short statement on the situation, courtesy of Golf Channel:

“We have nothing to add to Dustin’s statement. But wish him well and look forward to his return to the PGA Tour in the future.”

Thought that was enough? Well wait! There’s more! According to DeadSpin, Dj has been having sexual relationships with a couple of PGA Tour wives. Or “At least one”. Sounds like two or three to me! Here’s a small paragraph mentioning this in’s piece:

Johnson’s conduct has long been a topic of conversation among close observers of the Tour. He is often seen in bars near his home in Jupiter, Fla., and is also known to have had a sexual indiscretion with at least one wife of a PGA Tour player.

And Robert Lusetich verified that it was indeed two wives he was messing around with:

Kinda makes you wonder who the women were. Who were their husbands? Popular players? Not so popular? Caddy(HUH?!)? It’s anybody’s guess but this is quite an interesting series of events.

Robert Lusetich had some more to say via his Twitter:

Shane Bacon of Yahoo Sports threw some humor into the situation and I so happen to agree with him:

He also had some warm thoughts as well:

And so do I. I hope nothing but the best for DJ and I think he made a very smart move of leaving golf to deal with these problems because most would just continue doing it instead of getting help. It makes you wonder though, he’s a wealthy PGA Tour golfer (Net Worth of $20 million), he’s one of the longest hitters on Tour, a very popular player, he’s with a woman that most men would love to date and he gets free travel to tournaments. He’s living the dream. He’s living a life that most people could only dream of and he’s using substances that most people use when they’re stressed or depressed to get away from reality.

There’s absolutely no reason why Dustin should be doing this stuff. If he was in certain situations like unfortunately some are, his body would be full of cocaine due to depression. He’s doing this with a wonderful life. I’m glad he made the right decision to seek out help because who knows how far this problem could have went if he just played it off. Get it together DJ! Drugs and having affairs with married women is NOT what life is all about. Take as much time off as you want because this is much bigger than golf.

UPDATE: New statement from the PGA Tour says Dustin Johnson is NOT suspended:

“With regard to media reports that Dustin Johnson has been been suspended by the PGA TOUR, this is to clarify that Mr. Johnson has taken a voluntary leave of absence and is not under a suspension from the PGA TOUR,”

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Martin Kaymer Goes Wire to Wire-to-Win U.S. Open Championship


Martin Kaymer put up one of the most dominant displays in golf history, winning the 114th U.S. Open Championship by an impressive eight strokes. Rickie Fowler and Erik Compton were runner ups while Keegan Bradley, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, and Henrik Stenson all finished tied for fourth. Martin put on a fabulous display of power, accuracy, and putting on American golf’s biggest stage while breaking the U.S. Open 36 hole record going into the weekend. He and Bernhard Langer are the only Germans to win multiple majors in their careers and Martin is still only 29 years old. He’s also the seventh international player to win the U.S. Open in the last 10 years showing the world’s dominance on North America’s biggest stage.

He also joins Michael Campbell and the iconic Payne Stewart to win a U.S. Open at Pinehurst. He shot an eye-opening 65 on Thursday and Friday and was just four shots short of the all-time U.S. Open record while being just eight shots shy of the all-time record for ANY major. There were talks of him being the worst world no.1 in golf history but that is false as he now has a PGA Championship, Players Championship and U.S. Open under his belt and is taking his career to unbelievable heights. He’s already made a name for himself on the European Tour and now he’s quickly making a name for himself in the States. There’s no doubt, his late mother, who passed away from skin cancer is looking down on him everywhere he goes and Martin is making her very very proud. Here are the highlights of the U.S. Open including Martin’s tournament clinching putt.

Also, this was the last U.S. Open NBC would cover as they will hand the mics and tech equipment over to Fox Sports. Thank you for all of the memories NBC, you helped bring the Open to life and hope nothing but the best going forward. Also, a shout out to Mark Rolfing who I had the pleasure of meeting, he’s a terrific reporter, a great guy and is very under rated in this business. He also got a great quote out of Erik Compton who had suffer heart problems in the past and managed to overcome it all and finish runner-up at the U.S. Open and now earned an invite to The Masters in 2015: “I’ve never gotten this far along in my story. It really hasn’t sunk in yet.” said Compton courtesy of NBC will still cover big events such as the Ryder Cup and will still Golf Channel in their name. Looking forward to the Fox coverage. Should be very interesting that’s for sure.


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WATCH: Alabama Wins National Championship on Spectacular Putt

See, this is why I love college golf. The drama on each hole and team aspect of the sport. Alabama defeated Oklahoma State on Wednesday for its second straight NCAA Men’s Golf title after beating Illinois last year. The last time a team won back-to-back titles was the dangerous Augusta State Jaguars (Now the Georgia Regents Jaguars) who defeated Oklahoma State in 2010 and Georgia in 2011. This putt by Trey Mullinax of Alabama sealed the deal and it was an amazing one that was just off the green. Here’s the video courtesy of’s College Central.

Golf Channel did a great job with the coverage and this really helps grow the sport and shows how much fun college golf is to watch and Alabama is already on their way to becoming a college golf dynasty with three straight title appearances and two wins defeating a dangerous Illinois squad and beating an experienced Oklahoma State team. Can’t wait for next year’s NCAA Men’s Golf Championship! College golf is on the rise, there’s no doubt about it.

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MUST WATCH: Man Falls Through Roof of Golf Shop and Nobody Cares

OK, now this is quite the “WTF?!” moment. A man randomly just fell through the roof of a golf shop with no explanation whatsoever. Gary Williams of Golf Channel’s Morning Drive talked to one of my golf journalism inspirations, Geoff Shackelford about the situation which includes the clip of the man falling through. The craziest thing about the clip that’s also very funny is that there was a guy in the shop standing there and didn’t even bother to help the man up. Although this situation seems hilarious and weird, let’s hope that the man who fell through is doing OK ut my goodness what the heck is going on out there?! Enjoy the video my friends and don’t forget to tilt your heads in confusion and awkwardness.

UPDATE: Well, that escalated quickly. As soon as I posted the video of the man who randomly fell through the roof of a golf shop which featured an interview Golf Channel’s Gary Williams did with Geoff Shackelford of Golf Digest, the awesome folks over at did an exclusive interview with the man who fell through the roof. Enjoy the video and thanks a bunch to Dennis O’Neill and Right This Minute for sending me the exclusive video. Enjoy y’all and keep it real GP Nation.

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You’re Not Going to Believe What Tiger Woods Told Billy Horschel at the Driving Range


This is going to go down as one of the best “LMAO” moments in sports this year. A few days ago, it was reported by my main man Adam Fonseca (@chicagoduffer) that Tiger Woods said something odd for someone who acts the way he does. Billy Horschel did an interview with my other main man Jason Sobel (Who I had the privilege of speaking with some months ago during an interview) about his “buddy ol pal” relationship with Tiger Woods. Billy has played some great golf and in this video below, he is showing off his workout routine which includes 42-inch box jumps.

However, let’s just say Mr. Woods had a laugh with him at the driving range.

“I’m out there warming up and Tiger is on the range, and he comes over and he’s got this big, goofy-ass grin on his face,” Horschel told Jason Sobel of “I said, ‘What are you effing smiling at? What do you got that effing grin for?’ He’s like, ‘It’s true.’ I said, ‘What’s true?’ He said, ‘White men can’t jump.'”

*Long applause from an imaginary crowd*

Good job Tiger! Honestly, I would never have thought Tiger would say something like this! Quickly! Everyone must run into town and tell all the land! today is a glorious day my friends! We shall dine like Gods! Oh, and white men can jump but it’s rare, most white dudes are terrific shooters in basketball. It’s like football, you don’t see too many white mobile QB’s out there. DON’T WORRY, don’t feel offended, it’s all part of the joke my friends (I’m half white and black mind you) but I had to write this because Tiger seems like the very last person on earth to say that.

Probably the funniest thing about this was that I was thinking to myself “Sooo, what did he do? Tell Billy that white men can’t jump and just walk away?”. Totally funny. Way to go Tiger, way to go! Oh and I LOVE Billy’s response to the grin. Shows the kind of humor Billy has. Love a story like this. Shows that these guys have some great humor out on the course. Somebody start the slow clap!


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