WATCH: Girl twerks on moving golf cart, falls

Twerking has become one of the most popular “dances” in the country. Although it’s definitely not a new thing (It’s really called “booty clapping”), it has since gained popularity with the new name of twerking.

Well, one girl thought it was a cool to twerk on the back of a moving golf cart and the result and the reaction from her friend is simply priceless.

Check it out below!

When Chicago Bears head coach John Fox said that “It’s all a problem” when referring to the team’s injuries, I think you can insert that quote here as well. Rephrase the quote to “Twerking on a golf cart? It’s all a problem!”.

I wonder what course they were on (If they were on one)? Because if it was an expensive club, I’m waiting for the uptight club owner to come out and say “There goes the Country Club!” as he sips his expensive cup of coffee.

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Watch: This is the world’s fastest golf cart

Plum Quick Motors, a company that builds golf cart motors, made an engine that made this golf cart explode with speed! This blazing fast cart went for the test out at the Darlington Dragway track in South Carolina, a golf mecca in America.


This bad boy went nearly 120 mph! The crazy thing is that the guys over at Plum Quick Motors had previously had a speed of 103 mph which was a Guinness World Record at the time. Not only did that record get dusted, it got destroyed!


Here’s the video of this amazing golf ride below:





Fast right? The crazy thing is that there wouldn’t even be a “Fastest Golf Cart” category in the Guinness Book of World Record if it weren’t for the guys at Plum Quick. That’s awesome!


Golf carts are one of the funnest vehicles to drive, especially when they’re fast!


Now, how can I get one of those carts for Christmas? Maybe I’ll get two so I give one to you!


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Picture: 7-year old boy receives ticket for driving golf cart


“Woop! Woop! That’s the sound of da police!”, a wise man (KRS-One) once said. Well, a 7-year old boy, yes a 7-year old boy was ticketed by the police for driving a golf cart without a license. You’d think they’d be ticketing his parents. Apparently not. While on vacation in Texas, his mom let him drive the cart around the island they were on. The boy gets stopped by the police, and the boy was quite scared.

“He made me write my name on the ticket thing,” the boy said according to ABC News 13 in Texas. “I was scared.”

Now, if I’m the parent though, there’s no way I’m letting my 7-year old drive a golf cart by himself. There’s no doors and you can easily fall out of it, even if it isn’t that fast, it’s still a motorized vehicle.

If I let him drive, I’m in the cart with him. However, the police should be ticketing the mom, not the kid. In the end, the police claimed that they made a mistake and will get the situation straightened out if they haven’t done so already.

Here’s the video below.

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PHOTO: This Golf Cart Will Make You Eyes Widen in Amazement and Aweseomeness

My man Kyle Porter of CBS Sports posted a picture of this super awesome and sick golf cart. I’ve seen some pretty cool golf carts (On the internet anyway.) but this one is probably the best I’ve seen so far. The seats look great, the rims are nasty, the rear looks like a race car and the red fits so perfectly on this beauty. Feel free to look but try not to get blinded by all of the greatness! It also has a radio and CD player. How freaking cool is that?!

Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

Oh, and here’s the sexy rear.



If you want to buy this ride, then you have to throw down a ton of cheese. Don’t worry, it’s only $23,800! I tell you what, I know if I had the money, I’d be straight up cruising and dusting my competition with my max speed of 24 MPH!

As always, what do you think? Let’s get this discussion going! Amazing? Over rated? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW! Also, here’s a picture of a Mustang golf cart!


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Burglar Tries to Use a Golf Cart as his Getaway Vehicle, Bad Idea

Well then, this is an example of golf stupidity. On Wednesday in Australia, a 20-year old man was charged with aggravated burglary and stealing a motor vehicle. What does this have to do with golf you ask? Well, he busted into a storage shed at the Royal Fremantle Golf Club and stole one of the golf carts planning to make his escape. He was doing good for a while avoiding the 5-0 and thought he was on his way to freedom. Well boy was this idiot wrong because he ended up crashing into a bunker where eventually the dude was tracked down by a police dog and arrested according to Golf Digest. Let this be a lesson peeps. If you’re going to try to do something stupid, don’t take a vehicle that at best goes 35 mph or better yet don’t be an idiot at all unless you’re just an idiot to begin with but that’s all on you homie. Speaking of golf carts, I think you’ll all love the next story.

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PICTURE: One of the coolest golf carts ever made gets sold on Ebay and the price may surprise you

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What you’re about to see ladies and gentlemen is probably one of the coolest golf carts ever made. Now, I’m not a big comic book super hero kind of dude but I have mad respect for Batman and Robin. They are classic and unique heroes and do all of the amazing things they do without any real superpowers. Another thing they had were iconic vehicles and the Batman Tumbler is arguably the most iconic. See, where I’m going here? Below is a picture of a golf cart that looks very similar to the Tumbler itself.


Probably the most amazing thing about this cart is that it was sold on Ebay for nearly $20,000 at $17,500 after it cost $30,000 to create it. It even has tuned batteries making the cart reach nearly 40 mph so prepare yourselves golfers!


I can only imagine what it looks like on the course. I’d probably be kind of terrified I mean, look at it! All it needs a live radio so I jam to some hip hop and R&B or listen to sports talk radio! Sarcasm aside, this is a very cool cart and it’s definitely one that would make any die-hard Batman fan who’s a golfer very happy. So what do you guys think? How about the price it sold for? Good price or bad price? Do you think it’s worth much more than the $17,500? As always, you can let me know in the comments!

Credit for pictures:

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