WATCH: Golfer goes for his first eagle, gets ruined by friend


The nerve of some people! A golfer was going for his first eagle putt until his friend decided to kick the ball out of the way as the ball was about to roll into the cup.


Honestly, I think this video was totally a set up, but it’s still pretty funny to look it. It’s also slightly cringe-worthy. It’s exciting to get a par for most golfers, but with this dude going for eagle, it had to be exciting.


But again, since this was likely a set up, they probably reset, and homeboy probably drilled the eagle putt anyway (there are no marshals around, so he easily could reset the putt position). This was for an eagle putt, so I can only imagine if it was a potential hole-in-one.


Imagine, you strike your tee shot beautifully and you see the ball head straight for the flagstick. You watch, as the ball rolls towards the hole, just for some random jerk face to kick your ball out of the way….and then he mocks you with a silly dance.


Ohh, what savagery that would be. Anyway, next time you’re on the course, and you’re about to hit a big putt, watch yourself and check your surroundings before swinging.

You just never know who might be lurking around the corner to…..make things bad.


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You’ll laugh at this video starring Harold Varner III

Harold Varner III quietly had a nice rookie season in 2015-16 on the PGA Tour. He’s personally become a favorite of mine due to his style of play, the way he torched the 16th at TPC Scottsdale, and his swagger.

Well, in this video by the fun folks over at The Kicker, they produced a funny clip of a overly excited man as Varner III’s caddy. He also serves as his hype man. Take a look.

After looking at this clip, you can’t help but root for HVIII even more. After showing glimpses of great play in his rookie year, don’t be surprised if he cranks it up a notch in the 2016-17 season.

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WATCH: Guy hilariously fails at heroic recovery shot

It’ll be a memorable #memorialday for Mike Ferik…⛳️🏌🐠 (15th at Alta Vista CC. Thank you, @tmsgolfer.) #linksoul @gcmorningdrive @golfchannel #chiveon

A video posted by Matt Ginella (@matt_ginella) on

One makes golf one of the coolest and most difficult sports is the fact that you have to “hit it where it lies”. Many times, this leaves the golfer with the opportunity to do something epic like hit a recovery sot that lands on the green, just a few feet from the hole.

Unfortunately, for one fellow, his heroic shot ended in a splash landing. His ball was near the water so it forced him stand right on the edge where the water was.

While trying to keep his balance and execute his shot, he ended up losing control and fell into the drink. This is one time for the ball wasn’t the victim of water after all.

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Source: Golf Digest

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WATCH: This is one of the biggest golf fails ever

Whoops. Trick shot fail #trickshot #fail #golf

A video posted by Golf Punk (@golfpunkhq) on

Well this was a combination of hilarious, awkward, painful and just a plain epic fail. A guy decided to try his hand at one of the always challenging golf trick shots and this one involved switching clubs.

Well, when he switched clubs after using the wedge for bouncing the ball, the club ricochets off the ground bounces up and the guy accidentally hits his wedge. It snapped in two as it when flying into the water.

Ouch. No doubt that you or I would probably have the same result….or maybe even worse.

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Source: CLICKON Golf and Golf Punk

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WATCH: Fox steals man’s wallet from his golf bag

On many golf courses around the world, you can always expect an animal to be present. Most usually don’t bother you, but for a man and his friend,it was a different story as a fox nearly ran off with his wallet.

Fortunately for the golfer, he was able to retrieve his wallet from the sneaky, Sly Cooper like fox and the fox didn’t give them any more trouble.

I applaud the furry little thief for his stealthy skills. Way to go fox.

Maybe he should try to take something that isn’t as, you know “valuable”? That would be great.

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You have to see this golf swing to believe it

All of our worst and best moments in golf can be found at the good ol’ driving range but for this gentleman, it was different, as he had one of the worst misses ever.

He was on the top deck of the range, so there was no doubt he might of been licking his chops on that swing. I know I certainly would because of the extra hang time.

But, he missed horribly, causing him to crash to the ground. Fortunately, our friend here is OK, and if he ever takes another swing again, then I salute his efforts.

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WATCH: Woman does backlfip into bunker, falls on face

Not sure what this woman was trying to accomplish here but if I was the caddy, I’d be giving one of the most derpeiest faces ever like this one. She was attemtping to do a backflip into a sand bunker and failed which resulted in an awesome faceplant.


Luckily for her, the sand was soft so there was no damage done. But who doesn’t want a girl who tries to backflips into bunkers? C’mon!


Here’s the video for your amusement:

That was one of the most perfect faceplants you’ll see in a while. But let’s be real, even if she did nail it, she could’ve still slipped and fell thanks to snady sand (Yes, I said that).

And oh, how about that derpy face I was talking about?




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Source: Golf News Net

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